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Depression and Grief


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Are you overwhelmed with dark feelings of despair? Have you suffered a loss and are having a difficult time coping? If you or someone you love is suffering from depression or is grief-stricken, you know it can be a struggle, but you don’t need to suffer in silence. Share your story here.

If you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

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Replied By: yesyoucan on Nov 28, 2015, 8:36PM - In reply to demonchaser68
Eight days is good and cutting in half sounds good too.  It has been raining here so much flooding many places.  Cold yet maybe not as cold as where you are yet.  Brrr...  Used to mostly rain just lasted a day or two yet this year lasted until about June from January and cloudy since Wednesday here and raining since Thursday night.  Supposed to stop tomorrow by 6 p.m.  We'll all be glad including horses and rooster and chicken and collies.  

We've been just eating what's in the house since neither of us have felt like getting out in rain.  Beans and fried potatoes Friday, Beans and okra today and green bean casserole and corn bread tomorrow.  OMG(osh) just remembered that I discovered something:  Was out of milk and so used two Kozy Shack Kosher individual 4 ounce rice puddings to make cornbread with one of those one batch packages of cornbread.  The best I've ever had.  I'm going to try making cornbread with vanilla bean ice cream tomorrow since still out of milk.  

What'd you do for Thanksgiving?  

Update:  Good news!  Making corn bread substituting vanilla bean ice cream for milk very good too.  However, Kozy Shack rice pudding substitution even better.  One of those times I wish grandmother and mother here to call and share that.  Still raining. Changed from ending by 6 p.m. till 5 a.m. tomorrow/Monday.  G2G.  Off to exercise while listening to the oldies.
Replied By: yesyoucan on Nov 28, 2015, 8:10PM - In reply to nightlady
Hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving.  Lynn went to Dallas, and had a nice visit w/mother at her nursing home along with his two brothers, youngest brother's wife and one of their sons and his wife.  His youngest brother's wife invited him to Thanksgiving at their house yet he ate at nursing home with middle brother and his mother.  I had a cheese omelette with Lynn before he left.  Held down fort since Eddie and Lassie are older and need to go out more often.  Also, same nursing home my dad "was" in so a bit intense for me to go.  

I went to visit her in October and took her a plant.  Sent her some clothes this visit.  Clothes were on sale for 50 cents a piece at Thrift Store on Wednesday and I found some items with tags still on.  A new pair of Levi jeans that didn't fit Lynn that he took his mom so she could enjoy giving to someone at nursing home.

We've had over four inches of rain and pond is fullest its ever been.  Pumpkin the horse is having problem with back leg and we aren't sure why.  May have to call vet.  She's lying down and Patch is standing beside her protecting her.  What have y'all been up to?  Texas Sized Hugging prayers to you, Barb, and all...

Update:  Pumpkin walking again today so if anyone prayed.  Thank you.
Replied By: demonchaser68 on Nov 27, 2015, 11:11AM - In reply to yesyoucan

Nope, I made it 8 days . But I did cut my dosage in half. Which is a huge leap. I figured atleast its a step forward. And the weather is cold here. Much rather have Texas weather:-) Hope your well.
Replied By: nightlady on Nov 25, 2015, 9:49PM
I know the holidays aren't always good times for everyone but my wish is that no matter what your situation is you can still take a minute and find something you are thankful for.  I know it's not easy but I hope you'll try to find at least one thing to be thankful for. Life isn't all bad, we just sometimes find ourselves in bad situations.  Wishing you all a great day.
Replied By: yesyoucan on Nov 24, 2015, 12:52AM - In reply to nightlady
Hi Barb 

Forgot to turn off computer which reminded me I forgot to tell you what I heard on news today that might ease your mind some.  You are three times less likely than getting struck by lightning to find yourself in a terrorist type situation.  An expert said just be aware.  "If see something say something."  If by some remote possibility find self in a terrorist situation "run, hide or fight."  Hope you are feeling better.
Replied By: yesyoucan on Nov 21, 2015, 11:10AM - In reply to demonchaser68
Good for you.  Did you make it past ten days!  It's a beautiful day in Texas.  How's weather out there?  I'm about to make pizza for lunch.  What are you up to, round to and about to do today?  Just finished exercising before came on.  Just began again.  Got out of exercising habit after sick over two months after eating recalled Blue Bell icecream.  I "had" gotten into really good shape exercising while watching THE DOCTORS watching for word of day to win Lennar Healthy Home they gave away.  That was a LONG contest, about three months, yet even though disappointed I didn't win was very happy to get into better shape.  They gave out one word a week and never knew which day would give out.
Replied By: yesyoucan on Nov 21, 2015, 10:35AM - In reply to nightlady
Thank you Barb...  I'm glad you are still around too.  I haven't driven anywhere in months and need to, too.  So true that after get out of habit can feel daunting.  Life is mostly habit.  Since we live so far from things usually when we go out it is we, too, and Lynn prefers driving.  He too is always in a hurry.  I watch Joel Osteen on Sundays still and worry about what you worry about at his church.  Too, I worry about someone wandering up on farm especially since two of Syrians of hundreds that just went to New Orleans are missing.  One hazard of being secluded.  

The plus is that unless know farm here can't see from road.  As a joke we were going to put up an old metal sign at entrance with beach pointing this way then decided strangers might really think is.  Presently, we have a Barrell Racing sign with Horse Shoes I got at a yard sale for $2.  Someone stole our star I heard... before we moved here.  Front of our farmhouse looks like saloon front at Six Flags and Lynn said going to paint Saloon on then decided same thing if someone drove up this way by accident might think really is.  LOL

Too bad you aren't closer.  I was just thinking would be nice to have a running buddy to go to visit Estate and Garage Sales and Second Hand stores.  Although you may not like looking for hidden treasures like I do.  I watch Antique Roadshow and so many persons have found  items worth thousands to a million discarded curbside or at garage et al sales.  

Right now in Tyler theres a Sideboard with a full set of antique Scottish silverware for $200.  Owner said would trade for firewood which we have yet Lynn doesn't want to make two hour drive.  I'm allergic to fireplace smoke so a good way to get 100 or so cut logs off farm plus score an antique side board with full set of antique Scottish tableware.  There's a new place there Simon Sez that has amazing deals.  I enjoy looking even if I don't buy.  I prefer to barter as many in country do.  You can search for side board on Tyler East TX craigslist to see beautiful set of Scottish table ware that fits perfectly inside slots.  My grandmother's mother from Scotland.  Used to have similar side board buffet at her house.  Lynn's concerned after haul wood up there person might not like. Some prefer oak etc. woods.

Anyway, garage and Estate Sales are fun to go to just for the fellowship.  Auctions too if you like Storage Wars like we do.  OMG!  If I hadn't turned to tell a lady about to drop a glass dish she'd bought I could have got an entire table of antiques for $5.  First auctions sell by item then entire table.  Could have gotten Lynn's mother a $1,200 reclining wheelchair for $35 yet by the time I talked Lynn into getting it sold.  Plus, one Estate Sale gave me left over items recently.  I gave half to my friend who works at SMU when she came up for my birthday.  If go towards end of sale often items given away free.  A neighbor said some of storage facilities set items curbside in Cooper TX.  

As far as terror on American shores by copycats and the real McCoys... after incident in Oklahoma I was anxious going to store.  A woman crashed into grocery store front while I was there and a bunch of us ran to back wide eyed since thought terrorists.  Wasn't terrorists just a car accidentally drove through front of store.  So loud sounded like explosion.  Shattered front glass out and knocked bricks out.  Lynn was parked next to woman who drove into store and moved to park elsewhere since huge sheets of glass falling out like dominos.  She lived through it and was even helped out of car walking around yet I don't see how.  

We'll probably stock up on more items next trip to grocery store like we did during Ebola scare.  We just finished Ebola scare stock before expired.  Dogs even have emergency stock.  Part of why we moved to farm was to be self sufficient yet wish we had better pond w/bass etc instead of bottom feeder catfish, plus a healthy water well "and" a cast iron cooking stove.  I imagine our neighbors would share and they are more experienced career farmers.  Two farms produce for Pilgrim's pride and the dairy farms for nearby dairy plant.  If like pork we have wild hogs.  We have deer yet our farm is a sanctuary farm.  Person selling preferred someone who didn't hunt deer and we don't.  A regular zoo as night before last a wild pig running behind fence, coyotes across pasture to chase wild pigs.  My fave are deers who visit our pond.  Lassie and Eddie looked wide eyed as chased wild pig around chain link fenceline like "OMG what next?"
Replied By: demonchaser68 on Nov 15, 2015, 3:23PM - In reply to yesyoucan
That's a cool recipe. Ian again going on four days sober , but have till Friday to make the decision to struggle through or mentally cave in. Though if ud ask me today I
would cave. This is really hard... Take care. Will check in later Melissa
Replied By: nightlady on Nov 14, 2015, 9:02PM - In reply to yesyoucan
Hi!  I'm still around.  Check in on the board every now and then and it's always good to see you here trying to encourage and help people.  You've always been good at that.  I'm doing ok, I've had a cold and cough since Halloween and can't seem to shake it.  I haven't been up to to much.  Mom and I go out but she tires out quick so we never stay out to long.  I do get tired of sitting at home all the time but if I go out I want to spend money that I don't have to spend, so it's better that I just stay home.  Besides with everything going on in the world I find myself getting more and more afraid to go out.  To many crazy people out there.  I almost have a panic attack when I go to church on Sunday's fearing that someone will come in and start shooting everyone.  I sit in the back next to the door so I can get out quick.  Of course if something like that did happen I'd have to drag mom out with me so my escape wouldn't be all that quick.  It's no wonder I don't sleep at night thinking about all this stuff.  I have a hard time shutting it off.  Anyway, sounds like you have a busy life on the farm.  Take care of youself and I'll check in again soon.
Replied By: yesyoucan on Nov 12, 2015, 6:52PM - In reply to sezell
Hi. Hope everything works out.  It does sound like your grandson is at a crossroads where if gets really good help CAN make a turn around.  Here's two BE ON THE SHOW opportunities Dr. Phil mentioned this week.  Both look like could apply to your grandson so, perhaps, you could copy/paste what you wrote here to send in in your grandson's behalf.  Although, there is a 250 word limit.

From beginning to about Mill Creek in 3rd paragraph is 250 words so you'll need to condense main points in last 15 words of 3rd paragraph and words in fourth paragraph.  I know that's hard when everything you said important.  Just sort of read over and see what you can delete to fit 250 word limit on BE ON THE SHOW form. Best too to keep copy/write down so you can refer to if/when Dr. Phil Show calls because when Dr. Phil Show calls if aren't expecting your mind can go blank.  Or mine has when called by Dr. Phil Show and I lose my main point sometimes.  

Here's online contact info for Mill Creek though you may have link.  Noticed there is a number to call a counselor who may be able to contact PO and expedite your grandson to Mill Creek for you.  IDK. You may have called.  Last link to email should you want to if haven't yet or want to again.

talk to a counselor:855.832.1290

His PO likely is erring on side of caution.  These days what someone says that indicates may be a danger to self or others "is" taken VERY seriously.  Perhaps, always should have been and not always was with dire consequences.  Sadly, both possibilities of wanting revenge or doing self in often stem from being bullied to breaking point.  Add to that other factors that you mentioned in his family life with mother and father. Hope you hear back from Dr. Phil because whenever he helps he sees it through and whoever he helps gets best of the best help.  Your grandson deserves to be helped.  Hope you hear back.
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