Depression and Grief


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Are you overwhelmed with dark feelings of despair? Have you suffered a loss and are having a difficult time coping? If you or someone you love is suffering from depression or is grief-stricken, you know it can be a struggle, but you don’t need to suffer in silence. Share your story here.

If you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

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Replied By: daryner on Apr 26, 2017, 8:04PM
What is the best way to cope with depression?
Replied By: daryner on Apr 26, 2017, 8:01PM - In reply to yesyoucan
Hoping for your happiness. :)
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 5:36PM - In reply to hebrews412
Sigmund Freud had a substance abuse problem.  People are people and nobody is perfect including psychologists and ministers and teachers etc. in prominent positions as we have heard even in news stories on TV.

I have a cousin, Stephenie Colston, who worked under George H. Bush 1 Administration in White House Drug Program in Washington D. C. in 1992.  She now has her own clinic in Florida, two degrees.  This cousin and her sister,  Karen Victor, who played Oboe in Symphony Orchestra in San Diego, filed an affidavit where my dad has mineral interest that I'm no longer alive, an oil landman told me.  I sent a letter to Stephenie Colston and she never claimed so returned.  Hung up on me when I called so she could have my address saying "She didn't know if I was who I said I was."   My Dallas address was on my dad's death certificate. When I saw mineral interest of my dad's c/o Stephenie Colston I'd called to give her my address to correct any mineral interest of my dad's being sent c/o her.  Ironically, my 100% disabled veteran dad had said that his sisters stole from him.  I thought surely not until I saw that apples truly don't fall far from the tree.  I've met both these cousins once and they never visited dad or attended his funeral although I paid their mother's airfare to attend and she stayed with Stephenie since she worked for White House and  my dad's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.  

Evidence: Orders/2008/July/393-2008-07.pdf (page 3)

I LOVE the book of Hebrews and wrote a Pixiku poem about one of my faves Hebrews 13:2  "Treat strangers with hospitatlity for many have greeted angels unawares."   I know I've had many pesons come out of nowhere to help me like the angel who drove 200 miles to meet me in Gainesville, TX, to bring me a Rough Collie puppy January 2017.  April, a nurse, met me since she was so moved that my collie Eddie passed November 2016, of nasal cancer then Lassie passed away from grief nine days later (same month).  Combining Eddie and Lassie's name I named puppy "Laddie" aka RT Laddie King Arthur aka Sir BB.

Joel Osteen told a joke once about even the Bible says who should brew coffee in the a.m. in HEBREWS:) 

Hope/pray that things are going better for you, now.  I wrote below 3 line PIXIKU since often persons i know or don't know have been so helpful to me or others I learn about... like earth angels.  Dr. Phil and his son's show THE DOCTORS are like earth angels helping lots of people.  So I often say when I pray  blessings everyone's ways here to keep your eyes open so you don't miss a single blessing.  So often I was so busy praying I forgot to look up and see my prayers being answered and only saw in 20/20 hindsight.  I pray you and us all always see our prayers answered in real time for often:  Believing is Seeing.

(Hebrews 13:2) 

Due to volume of prayers 
Can't guarantee personal reply 
So treat strangers with hospitality
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 5:05PM - In reply to wndyeliza
Watching Joel Osteen and reading positive quotes like Dr. Schuller's helps to point my thoughts in a positive direction.  I think Dr. Phil says it well, "Life isn't cured.  It is managed."  That's what all of us are doing.  Managing the best we can or, if not and are proactive, we are looking for ways to manage better. 

"What appears to be the end of the road may simply be a bend in the road.

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future."

Read more at:

Life is mostly habit and it takes practice, practice, practice to think more positively.  DR. PHIL QUOTE:  "You are the one who talks to you all day every day.  Characterize messages you send yourself with a rational, productive optimism."
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 4:42PM - In reply to marybb2
Did you email DR. ON DEMAND to let them know?  Usually get a very quick response on Twitter, if tweet:  @drondemand ...  You should let them know so they can remedy if possible.  Yours is the first complaint that I've heard.  So sorry didn't work out for you as you'd hoped.  Also, sometimes they will tweet a code so first visit free.  They did to me anyway...
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 4:36PM - In reply to jromani
That's more than too much to go through.  I'm speechless.  Stick around because YOU have a life to live and you can celebrate the memories of those you've lost by living.  I have a friend who's daughter passed away of Cystic Fibrosis at 18 (after a failed lung transplant) then three years later, the same month she lost her daughter... lightning struck her house and burned it down.  Insurance not enough to repair so now house being foreclosed on.  I've been suggesting her to TV programs that build homes for people.  Hopefully, she'll be chosen.  Can enter to be on programs yourself, too.  Just keep checking (Googling) FOX Home Free casting, NBC casting etc. casting...  Home Free may not be going to be on anymore yet seems like when one show ends another begins.  Keep the faith... In YOU.  Someone was just praying for you and everyone here as many others here do too.
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 4:34PM - In reply to marybb2
What you told hebrews412 reminds me of what my grandmother and mother used to say.  My grandmother would say, "Things have a way of working out."  My mother would retort, "God helps she who helps herself."  They were both right.  Often the only reason we don't see how things will work out isn't since won't and only means hasn't yet but will...  I wrote a short Pixiku Poem about that.  Speaking of revenue outlets.  Many, including antique stores, go to thrift stores, garage sales etc. and buy items for pennies on the dollar then sell for WAY more online on eBay etc. ads or own sales.  Have a blessed every moment...


prayed to God with eyes closed and hands clasped together...

"Lord, please help me." 

Opened my eyes and saw help in my own two hands...
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 4:15PM - In reply to lindamw77
How are things?  I was so impressed when I read about your promise and your plans to keep that promise.  I Googled Dr. Phil Quotes yet so many good ones it was hard to choose just one...
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 4:13PM
Be the first to care about you every day, every night, every moment.  

DR. PHIL QUOTE:   "You are never alone if you are there for you."  BE THERE  


You are You

I am Me

We are WE
Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 10, 2017, 3:43PM - In reply to littledolphin
Thank you for sharing your life with us.  I'm glad that you haven't turned to the bottle and instead have turned to your inner strength that far exceeds that of the average person.  Stay strong...
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