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Single mother of octuplets Nadya Suleman faces an audience for the first time as she sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss the rampant rumors: the million-dollar offer to star in a pornographic video, her frantic 911 calls, the departure of her second spokesperson and the alleged sale of the octuplets’ birth video. Plus, hear about exciting new developments in the care of Nadya’s 14 children. Go inside Dr. Phil’s private meeting with the octuplets mom, attorney Gloria Allred and the founders of Angels in Waiting, a non-profit organization that has offered professional wrap-around care for all 14 of Nadya’s children. Will Nadya accept the help? And, Nadya has a new house, but this family’s needs are far from met. With the first of the octuplets ready to leave the hospital soon, will Nadya and her new home be ready in time? And, don’t miss the continuation of this two-part special on Wednesday, when Dr. Phil meets the octuplets and delivers a big surprise for Nadya. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: alphak555 on Aug 15, 2012, 6:45PM
I can not believe that this woman is allowed to keep her children! I have not seen one appearance of her where she seems sane! One question to ask is, would you like to be one of her children? I feel so sorry for those children and someone has to step in and give them a chance in life by placing them in loving stable homes! I am not an expert by any means but the evidence of Nadya being unstable is overwhelming! To start, her logic and decision to have so many children is irresponsible and selfish! She has no logical thought process! I must say that she is not stupid and seems intelligent but her emotional stability is evidently lacking not to mention her ability to make reasonable decisions! I think that all support should be taken away and a court order to place the children in loving homes before she does more damage to these children! My heart breaks when I have seen her older children say that they hate her and act out in frustration with what is happening! These children are suffering and they need a hero, as Dr Phil puts  it, to step in and make the hard desicion in providing them with a stable home if its not too late already! This woman really angers me and I wish that people would stop giving her a handout and more importantly stop giving her attention which is what this woman feeds on! JUST TAKE THE CHILDREN AWAY FROM THIS SITUATION!
Replied By: poikilotherm on May 15, 2012, 4:20AM
Well after Dr Fixit and the female judge got through telling each other how wonderful they were we got to see the new house the Octup mum had aquired.

As the camera panned around we got to see what Octup mum must regard as appropriate furnishings for her fourteen young kids (a fragile looking glass cabinet Queen Anne chairs etc) to play around.

Who's kidding who here? She doesn't want to burden the taxpayer? Really?

Well she's done great so far with her stupid moronic behaviour which I would fully expect to continue in one form or another. 
Replied By: observermom on Apr 30, 2009, 9:12AM - In reply to valkyre
Thank you for your information.  You are a kind & thoughtful person.  I will check out those sites in the hope that people are still as incensed as I am with this woman's antics!
Replied By: valkyre on Apr 29, 2009, 3:09PM - In reply to observermom
Most of the people these days are at octorazzi.com or nadyasuleman.com. If there are other nadya sites out there, list them. :)
Replied By: observermom on Apr 27, 2009, 8:57AM
OK, ladies.  Where are you?  I have missed the back & forth bantering about this Nadya person.  I have been following http://www.radaronline.com/ for my daily fix of happenings with the stars.  Nadya has made sure she is in there on average of twice a week, whether it's an "emergency" trip to the hospital for one of the babies, or wow!  she went to the grocery store & was asked out on a date!  Today is too much.  She got a tattoo & you get to see the whole thing!  I do know that these don't come cheap.  Granted, Radar Online probably paid for it to get the exclusive.  But who knows?  Anyway, come on back & let's get cracking.  You all had great opinions & I miss them!
Replied By: valkyre on Apr 10, 2009, 7:00AM
Honestly, Nadya needs a Handler - or a roll of duct tape.  She's doing more damage to herself every time she opens her mouth, than *any* other person could possibly do.  She just recently gave an interview stating she might try to get on WIC because the formula would cost almost $2000 a month...Something that 1) she should have thought of first 2) She's gotten HOW much for pics and interviews and 3) What makes her think she'll come close to qualifing.? Someone please help this poor woman from herself!  She's her own worst enemy.
Replied By: maybol556 on Mar 28, 2009, 3:02PM - In reply to observermom
Replied By: observermom on Mar 28, 2009, 8:50AM
The day has come where there is no mention of Miss Nadya on radaronline.com or tmz.com.  Hooray!  What happened?  Did radaronline finally drop her due to lack of interest?  If we all resume our lives & stop paying attention to her, maybe she will start behaving & quit looking for the photo ops.
Replied By: fulltimemother on Mar 27, 2009, 1:39PM
Nadya suleman is a big time scam artitist.  She is not crazy.  She planned this from the start.  She got her eyes done first, then her nose, cheeks, chin later on.  Botox and juvaderm injections are periodically to make her younthful look.   Yes, tax payor pays for all that. Do you really believe she has lower back pain and three of her kids has disabilities, therefore she is also collecting disability for them.   That explains why she can afford a nanny when the rest of us that work full-time cannot even afford a nanny............  She can afford numerous IVF treatments and plastic surgeries. and yes we the tax payors are paying for all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replied By: fulltimemother on Mar 27, 2009, 1:30PM - In reply to avaughan
I agree with exactly what you are saying.  I don't understand why we the taxpayor should be supporting 14 kids of hers. Can the rest of the people living in united states realize what will happen if there are more than Nayda Suleman around?  She recently admitted that she was counting on welfare if no other offers comes along.  Can you believe this woman???? SHe wants to free load for the rest of her life using her octulets....
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