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(Original Air Date: 03/05/09) Truancy, vandalism and drinking alcohol may seem exciting to some kids, but these actions can have severe consequences. Warren Messner found out the hard way, and his shocking story made headlines. In 2005, 15-year-old Warren and his friends were smoking marijuana and drinking in the woods when they happened upon an unsuspecting homeless man. What happened next was unthinkable and landed the teen in jail for 22 years. Dr. Phil cameras go inside a maximum security prison for the first televised sit-down interview with Warren, now 18. Learn what he says motivated him to commit a heinous crime. Then, his mom, Lori, joins Dr. Phil to talk about the warning signs she missed. What does she say she regrets the most? Next, 16-year-old Chris felt high school was a waste of his time, so he dropped out. His mother, Kerry, and stepmother, Lisa, say they're at their wits' end trying to cope with his aggressive ways. They say he assaulted them and stole their money, and they just discovered that he smokes marijuana. Is it too late for the teen to change? And, Janene says her 19-year-old son, Brett, has a bright future, but she fears that his drinking and driving could ruin his life -- or someone else’s. Brett already has two DUIs and crashed three cars but says he’s just being a normal teen. Dr. Phil urges these two young men to spend a day at San Quentin, one of the country’s oldest and most notorious prisons, as part of a program to deter them from a life of crime. Will Chris and Brett accept the challenge? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: tetnie on Nov 29, 2009, 4:58AM - In reply to slbuck
Not so sure what you are talking about. When someone gets their license taken away after their second  DUI wreck you think that is a repercussion? Seriously, he should have been in jail the first time. I said that he should never get his license back. If you consider and offender losing their license for a short period of time a repercussion than something is totally off base there. You can still get behind the wheel of a car without licensepeople do it everyday. People kill people doing it everyday. So to think that just because they have no license they want do it anyways is being very naive.  If you are trying to defend anything related to Bret or any other DUI offender to me you are barking up the wrong tree. Maybe if there were stiffer punishments for idiots the crime rate would be down much more than it is now.
Replied By: billbatson on Aug 1, 2009, 8:22AM
The young boy that has two dui's and continues to drive and drink is a menace to all of us. Should  I or any member of my family become a victim of his irresponsibility I will sue his family to the edge of bankruptcy. Where is the police in this manner. Would you allow a gun toting drunk run free on the streets? From his surliness on your show he appears to be incorrigible. I have zero sympathy for this individual but I do wish he was off the streets if just for the safety of the other drivers.
Replied By: armynavymom on Jul 28, 2009, 2:53AM
I have been there where that mom was.  My oldest son went through a very rough spot during his teens.  He had run ins with the law.  He would go out and not come home until the next day.  One night he was walking home in the wee hours of the morning and the police brought him home.  He would lie to us about where he was going and who he was going to be with.  He did get arrested for arson of a garage.  The story that I got  was that the boys were in the garage talking and he was dared to set an old dried plant on fire.  He stomped it out and they left.  The next thing was the fire department there putting out a fire.  I went with him to a scared straight program at the local prison - not a local jail - a prison.  We ended up with a child on house arrest, a probation officer coming to our house.  When he continued to not follow the rules we had him placed in foster care.  It was the hardest thing that his dad and I ever had to do.  It was hard on his younger brothers.  He did turn his life around. He had dropped out of high school and went back and got his GED.  He is attending college to get his Engineering license. Today he is a great son.  He is 31 years old, married for 6 years and works as a land surveyor.   There is hope.  He knows that 2 of the guys that he hung out with weren't so lucky.  One is dead from a drug overdose and another is in jail for murder.  I do not believe that we were bad parents.  We had him involved in Boy Scouts, Community football and baseball, he had a stable family with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all close and who love him very much.  I think a lot of it was who he chose as friends.  Were there things his dad and I probably could have done...absolutely.  Do I regret not doing those things....absolutely.   When you have a child you do not get in instruction manuel.  There are many bumps in the road...many mistakes that are made.  I am not making excuses.  I know that we are lucky that my son turned his life around.  I just hope the two boys on Dr. Phil are able to do the same thing.
Replied By: griffinwolf on Jul 27, 2009, 12:59PM
saw the repeat today .......did the "UNEMOTIONAL" Brett wake up? is he in jail? or perhaps deceased?
the latter 2 unfortunately not surpise me..........
Replied By: buickfan on Jul 27, 2009, 8:23AM - In reply to mommy3act
All I can say to you is that may God help your students if you think that mental disorders are just a cop-out for bad parenting.  As a teacher, you REALLY should be ashamed of yourself as well as know better!  Your kind of thinking is what causes people to fall into deep depressions & become suicidal, because of people like you who believe in this dangerously old-fashioned thinking that children really do not have mental disorders such as ADD, Bipolar, PDD, etc., they just need a good kick in the ass & they will straighten out like THAT!  I have got news for you, lady, life does not work that way & it is absolutely disgusting & sickening that you, as a teacher, would force your students to live lies because you do not  have the maturity to appropriately deal with something that is beyond your control!  I hope you never work near me as I would get every school system in Massachusetts to fire your ass so fast your head would spin!  Dr. Phil always says that home should always be a child's soft place to fall & to that, I have a very serious question that I would like for you to ponder.  What if you were dealing with a child that had ADD & it turned out that he he was getting physically or emotionally abused by his parents every time he came home with a less than stellar grade on a test, quiz, or report card?  Woul it ot seem like SCHOOL should be this particular child's soft place to fall as he is being ridiculed, shamed, & embarrassed on a daily basis by parents who have the same ignorant attitude that you have.  ESPECIALLY in an educationally based setting in which his teachers are REQUIRED to give him whatever help he needs if he is struggling.  GOOD GOD, all I can say is that you may be a teacher, but you sadly have A LOT of learning to do about mental/learning disorders!
Replied By: jimbomcb3 on Jul 27, 2009, 2:09AM
I just could not let this one roll by. First there should be no finger pointing from either side. Both Mom & Dad  and the troublesome teen are responsible for this changeable mistake. I see Mom & Dad following the ways of the world and the Son being raised by the worldly influence through the parent. This didn't start as a teen, it started as a five year old, a young mind. This is where the parent started to lose control of the Son. I see a spoiled child, not having parents not knowing how to love. The parents losing their way what Love is really about. Its not just having a child and showering him or her with the ways of the world such as, material things, letting the child have his own way ( agents unto them selves) to soon in life. So we don"t have parent raising a child we have a child raising himself, with all the influences that he wants not the influences he needs.
Replied By: mommy3act on Jul 26, 2009, 5:10PM - In reply to mamamarchand
I am a teacher and I am SO sick of people blaming ADHD for everything. ADHD is a code word for bad parenting. No one medicated children even as recently as 20-30 years ago... now every other kid has "ADHD" and needs to be medicated. It is bullshit. PARENT and there will be no ADHD! Every teacher and principal in this country is so tired of hearing it and every parent that claims it as an excuse is looked upon as a parent who does not take the time to parent correctly. No one buys this crap, not even the psychologists that diagnose it because it is a HUGE moneymaker for the doctors and the drug companies.
Replied By: mommy3act on Jul 26, 2009, 5:02PM - In reply to pclemsc
Single mothers are not the problem... it is single mothers, single fathers, and married couples who do not make their children their first priority that are a problem! If a child grows up in a single parent home that is loving, attentive, disciplined, caring, etc... they will be fine. I have two children and my ex-husband has ZERO interest in these children. None. Period. I am a teacher, and both of my kids are straight A students, the older one, who is 11, is in the student council, and was one of only two kids in the entire 5th grade last year to be chosen to participate in a bully prevention program in the school as an ambassador... because of his positive attitude, good behavior, kindness for others, and leadership skills. The younger child, who is nine, also gets straight A's, has tons of great friends, etc. He is caring, compassionate and always helps others.  They are also both talented soccer players. So don't tell me single mothers are the problem!
Replied By: cadescove99 on Jul 25, 2009, 10:35AM - In reply to forensic_girl
I agree with you. Friendship is what other children are for. It isn't what parents of  not-yet-adult children are for. And, these parents should also guide their children in selecting friends of the right kind. Those who will not be a bad influence on their children. I think Warren's mother was remiss not only in ignoring Dr Phil's "Five Warning Signs" but also in not monitoring his friendships more closely. Had she done so, maybe he would not be in prison for "falling in" with the wrong crowd. I consider Warren's mother partially at fault for his crime. For doing such a piss-poor job of raising him.
Replied By: deputy_fidj on Jul 24, 2009, 9:47PM
As a Deputy Sheriff I have arrested a lot of teens in Northern California, but the probation departments keep the kids from facing their crimes and the consequences so the Judges just go along with it.  It is time to change our tactics.
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