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(Original Air Date: 03/06/09) Parents: How do you sound an alarm when your out-of-control teenager thinks he or she is invincible? When 16-year-old Chris and 19-year-old Brett last appeared on the show they said they were just acting like normal teens — drinking, smoking marijuana and vandalizing property. They say jail is a joke, but they find out that life behind bars is no laughing matter. At Dr. Phil's request, they participate in San Quentin State Prison’s S.Q.U.I.R.E.S. program, which deters juvenile delinquency. Dr. Phil cameras follow the young men as they enter prison for the first time. How do they react when they face-off with convicted murderers? Then, Brett opens up to the prisoners about his life. Find out what happens when the men try to get him to address a childhood memory. And, what’s really behind Chris’ poor choices and his anger? The answer might surprise you. Speak out!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: prietosince78 on Aug 3, 2009, 7:12PM
I'm a 30 year old male,who has drank most of my life.  I too started when i was 19,and i thought is was o.k. to drink.  no one ever told me a thing about how to drink responsibly.  Eventually, i got my first D.U.I. and then the rest came flowing.  Now i 'm up to 5 D.U.I's and i've done some prison time for them and not proud, if i may add.  What i wanted to comment on is on that 19 year old man,i should say.  he's not going to change at least not yet.  He has a reputation to maintane.  Plus ,by what he said on the video on them D.U.I.'s.  no way!  i didn't spot no change.  Oh! and how he was talking to the prisoners he was lucky. you don't say those type of thing to felones.  he still has a lot of growing up to do.  i feel sorry not for him but for his mother.  shes going to watch her son drown in alcohol and there is nothing she'll be able to do. If he dosn't change now, he will end up in prison doing time for something that he could of stopped  a long time ago....  They say,"if you spot it, you got it."  and i spotted myself in that 19 year old.
Replied By: chrissullivan on Aug 3, 2009, 3:06PM
After watching the show of Chris and Brett,  I was disturbed at Brett's attitude.  Dr Phil repeated more than 2 times that he thought this kid was good inside.  I am no therapist, but through my experiences of life all I saw was a sociopath, and there is no way to reach this kid.  Kids today seem to oblivious to the reality of life and are entitled to anything they want.  Was this the same as the counterculture days or  are kids now a different breed?
Replied By: wishfulthinkin on Aug 3, 2009, 2:30PM
Hello. I have a friend whose 16 year old daughter has told her mother that she was going to bash her teeth in or tell the police that my friend beat her up. Children services has sided with my friends daughter. Her daughter also stays gone for days at a time and refuses to go to school. My friend also has two younger sons. She is at her wits end and I don't know what else to do to help her out. Does anyone have any suggestions I can give her?
Replied By: avilacorina on Aug 3, 2009, 2:22PM
Hi, I just want to comment on this particular show because I 've had two DUI's and I am a convicted felon. I hope and pray that Brett and Chris get it now,  not when they are in their forties like me. Dr. Phil you hit it right in the nail when you said that Brett has an ego. He seems to be a cute little jerk. We really dont know how he feels inside he doesn't know how to express himself any other way. Anyway's I just want to let you know that here in Phoenix, Az. they dont play with DUI's. They need to pass this law to all states. Everyone should go to prison for some time it will change their minds about drinking and driving again. I have a new respect for the law and I thank God for the Phoenix Police Department. They saved my life and saved someone else's life as well.  This was my second aggravated DUI. I did 20 months in prison.  I also feel that people with money should not get away without doing some time over here at Joe Arpaio's Hotel / Arizona State Prison or any state in America. They should not be able to pay a lawyer and get away from doing the time. If you do the crime do the time. It's a humbling and life changing experience.. I thank God I didn't kill anyone.
Replied By: heidishallow on Aug 3, 2009, 1:14PM
I just watched Dr.Phils episode with Chris and Brett for the second time. This time i watched it right to the very end, and during the final moments of the show they zoom in on  Brett's face. As much as everyone says that he doesnt feel remorse and he may very not have changed at all, but for that split second they showed him, I saw his remorse. I feel for him. I would love to send a letter to him to encourage his change. I feel like as a teen we all have choices and its so easy to make the wrong ones, i hope and pray he is starting to make the right ones.
How could I go about getting an address to write him?

Be blessed
Replied By: jrmass on Aug 2, 2009, 7:45PM
I just have a general comment for Dr. Phil. I receive the newsletter regularly. I find the newsletter is becoming  a sensational soap opera with all the crazy people and their crazy stories. I wonder why people in the US have lost control of themselves. It's actually dizzying to see how crazy things have turned for the worst. Someone needs to step in and establish normalcy, otherwise everything will socially spin out of control. It all starts with education. Basic childhood education, but more importantly, continuing education for adults. Too many adults in America have lost control of themselves because they have no education. What can we expect in such cases?Joining the military if you're a high school dropout does not give you a proper education. It just supplies soldiers for useless wars. I made a comment on a UK website about how men in the West are risking their lives to fight wars in the Middle East, which are essentially about introducing rights for women there. It's all on account of a crazy culture which subjugates women like they have no value as equal beings to men. Who needs to kill themselves for that if those characters in those countries refuse to change? It becomes a futile exercise in self-sacrifice for American military families. And no, Obama shouldn't be apologizing to crackpots in Middle Eastern countries where women have no rights!!
Replied By: ssandberg30 on Jul 31, 2009, 9:02PM
both boys wee just like brett always thought nothing could happen to them they were golden as they though but after a dui for my sons best friend and some other truck recks they both found out they werent so golden i now have to live with the fact my son was killed and his best friend in the whole world did it . on nov 1,2008 my son greg was killed after getting into the truck with roger and now my son dead and roger has to live with the fact he did it and will be spending time in jail for a long time . how would brett like to be him . if he keeps it up this just maybe.                     

                                                                            thank you ssm                                           
Replied By: mommybud on Jul 31, 2009, 4:39PM - In reply to webbillness
I believe a little more edumication!
Replied By: mommybud on Jul 31, 2009, 4:30PM
Dr Phil -

You made thie above statement while talking to the mother of one of the boys who killed a man.

I don't understand how a person in your position and stature can make reference to homeless people in that manner.   You should know better!!

As a single mother of three kids, because of some stupid decisions I made and a depression that got out of hand, I became homeless, dragging my three kids down with me when they were young teens. 

We are OK now, and have a place to live.  BUT when I was homeless, WE WERE STILL VIABLE HUMAN BEINGS.  They continued to attend school.  I made almost all of my appointments with social services, mental health professionals, doctors.  I even went to their open houses and talked to their teachers.   I did everything I could to get my life back on track; and to make my kids feel secure and loved.

Please... I found that the majority of homeless people where I was are either single mothers with kids or people with mental health issues that need a great deal of assistance.  Nobody WANTS to be homeless.  Some people had drug and/or alcohol problems.  A lot of us did not.   Whatever the process was that made us homeless, we were still PEOPLE.

- Annette M. Morris
Replied By: webbillness on Jul 31, 2009, 2:55PM
I think at the tender age of 19 and the attitude the person had on the show he will change he does care it was all a front the other kid was just flat out petrified,  Dr Phil you see this all the time or at least I did when growing up they will drink and drive again back when I was younger they would just give you a ride home now it cost money alot and also the fact he put himself out there for you to help he will do it again can't say your not good but, people always tell you what you want to hear.  My psychologist would have recommended him being locked up now we discussed it cause I got into a car accident  from someone not  paying attention not a drunk driver vehicles should be considered weapons when it comes to laws.  We laugh at some of your show your subject matter is less than helpful in these troubled economic times you need to relate your efforts to the times not crazy people who do repetitive stupid things and family quarrels you can't fix I know you aren't that good I can that better than you.
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