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Replied By: lmslarm on Sep 18, 2011, 12:14PM
i am 28 years old a mother of two boys, i use to weigh about 102 when i had my first child though i was 17 , i wish that i was at least 110 again.... i am not even sure about how to begin this weight loss , because i cook every night, i dont eat big portions, sometimes im not hungry at all....i do drink cokes, and sweet tea... i decided this morning i wanted to lose weight!! so if anyone can give me some tips please do!!! thanks Lillie
Replied By: anne50scot on Nov 28, 2009, 1:53PM - In reply to ihuerta
Sorry thought no one was posting and have not checked for a while.How are you doing?I thought I might offer some advice,I think the problem is that often the task seems too big.So maybe just try to lose 7 pounds,work out what you can do to do that?Maybe if you give yourself a few successful targets reached it will give you the incentive to reach your ultimate goal.When I wasnt doing well I read a bit of Dr Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution every day,it kept me on track and kept reminding me what I needed to do.Some days only did couple of pages but it really helped.
I will look out for your posts,
Good luck,Anne
Replied By: ihuerta on Oct 18, 2009, 12:32PM - In reply to anne50scot
I have been trying to lose weight and nothing seems to work, before i had my three gorgeous children, i weighed 118 and the last time i weighed myself, i was at 195. I do 11/2 hrs. a day of exercise, but i feel im not doin the right exercise for me. I need help, i feel desperate, depressed, tired,and worst of all. I think im even losing my husband,. Im 37yrs old and im running out of time. I need to lose weight and gain my husbands love. I thought i had a thyroid problem but i dont., Ivonne
Replied By: renee004 on Sep 19, 2009, 4:36PM
     JUst wanted to share that I've lost 85 lbs. since March 2009.  I tell everyone when they ask how I did it that it is God, me, Dr. Phil, and Curves.  Lately, though, I've been struggling just to maintain due to a health condition that has me dependent upon O2 at 4 ltrs.  I'm able to exercise in my home, but not to the intensity or duration that I've been used to.  I've begun to lose again, but it feels like such an uphill battle sometimes.
Replied By: anne50scot on Aug 10, 2009, 3:55PM
Still no one here I see.So last result-target=129,weight=129,I am finally here,63 pounds lost thanks to Dr Phil and a good friend I made through the message boards.
Good luck to you all and stick with it and you will reach your targets.
Replied By: anne50scot on Jul 1, 2009, 4:14PM
This site is very quiet.Where are all the posts telling everyone your progress or lack of it?If you are serious about weight loss then you need to be setting targets and working on the keys.Here is my June progress-was 192-am 133-will be 129,another 4 pounds gone.,26 pounds gone this year.I am not fast but I am exercising/dieting my way down.This month been targeting 10,000steps every day,30 mins exercise on the Wii ,a better diet and 2 litres of water.It works and I read THE book again to help me stick to it.
If I can do it anyone can.
All the best,Anne
Replied By: anne50scot on Jun 20, 2009, 5:11AM - In reply to andiepie15
You are so right ,there is no magic trick to this.Any of these miracle diets work in the short term but if you want to keep it off have to make lifestyle changes that you can maintain.It has to be a combination of diet and exercise.I spend ages doing the "its not my fault" or "I cant do that because" excuse dance.I think the best advice is Dr Phil's-"Get Real".If you fixate on all the reasons/problems why you cant do it,then you are right you never will. If you decide to do it and start out even with little baby steps and the idea that you will keep at it and do whatever it takes;then you will succeed.It took me 20 years to put it on and in just over a year I have nearly taken it off.It can be done.
Take care,Anne
Replied By: donna1944 on Jun 18, 2009, 3:41PM - In reply to andiepie15
I would like to be able to lose this weight as I have hight clostreol and I am a diabetic and I can not seem to stay focused.  We are going on a trip to Ohio and I have made a promise to my self that when I return in a week or by July 1 that I am going to do this and keep it off.  I am to walk at least 30 minutes a day and we have had so much rain that I am not able to be out.  Excuse #1.  I live to far from the mall to walk the mall with the gas price I hate to use the gas unless I needed to.  Just would like a few pointers to help me out.  Email me at

Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Jun 18, 2009, 6:15AM
Check out "Turning Point", Dr. Phil's new, official blog!
Replied By: andiepie15 on Jun 17, 2009, 11:25AM
and kept it off, but it wasn't just using the Dr Phil "Ultimate Weight Solution" book.  I also used somethings from Richard Simmons, and I also took a class in weight management several years ago.

I want you to know that I decided to lose weight in a healthy way.  I'd lost weight before in unhealthy ways--high protein-low carb, liquid protein, health bars, diet pills.  I never tried the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, or the lemonade diet because I'm not that crazy about grapefruit, cabbage, or liquids only.  And yes, I lost weight on those other diets.  The trouble is as soon as I went back to normal eating, the weight came back on.

Healthy eating, portion control, and  daily exercising:  sounds almost too good to be true, but that is how I finally lost weight and have kept it off for a few years now.  Friends, READ the book, use the book, and keep track of your weight.  Tell yourself to think of it NOT AS A DIET but as a life style.  Lose weight this time and make this the last time you have to lose weight by keeping the weight off!

I know this has worked for me,  It can work for you, too, and if it isn't working, see your doctor.  Dr. Phil has said that there can be other issues going on that might cause you to not be losing.

If you want to know more about my weight loss experience, just ask.  I'll be happy to share what's worked for me,

:)  Andiepie17
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