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If you're suffering through the difficult economic times and looking for ways to save money, get out your pen and paper and start taking notes! Dr. Phil's guests offer real tips to help you save money on clothes, utilities and vacations. Plus, learn how to cut your grocery bill in half and how to entertain your family on the cheap. The Economides family has mastered the art of spending less. They say they have the secret to living on $44,000 a year, even with five children. You might be surprised how easy it is to implement their frugal ways of living. See how far they can stretch $100 at the grocery store and how they expand their family wardrobe on just $75. Then, Daniel and Mandy say they keep blowing their budget and need help reining in their spending. They've separated twice because of money issues and have even filed for bankruptcy. How should they realign their lifestyle? And, Ashley is a stay-at-home mom who says she's been able to slash her grocery bills by more than half. Learn how she does it and how you can too! Plus, find out how you can win a $1,000 Shell gas card. Don't miss these amazing tips and tricks to live on less that will put money in your pocket! Join the discussion. Join the discussion.

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Replied By: maddybe on Feb 2, 2011, 7:27AM
Dear Dr. Phil,

1st comment: CouponsI'm no dummy, have a college degree + 30 towards masters, but I spent 2 hours trying to find and print coupons after seeing the frugal coupon mom on your show, to no avail. I finally got the printer download completed, but every time I selected a coupon to print, it took me to the manufacturer's web site and wanted all of my personal information again. Surely there's a simpler way to get coupons.
2nd Comment:  OWN.  You don't have the shows airing on OWN on your website, not even a link to OWN.  It was difficult to get to this message board.  I had to go to the frugal mom web site to get to the shows on OWN. I love your shows.  I watch you at 8AM on OWN and at 9 AM on CBS affiliate in Asheville, NC  You sure are a busy guy!!! Thanks for all you do! Maddy Edwards
Replied By: jenwright71 on Mar 9, 2009, 9:24PM
I agree with everyone who says that most of the coupons suck!  None of the coupons are for healthy/organic food.  There is no such thing in my town as double coupons either.  I try to save as much as I can and use some coupons here and there...but where are all the healthy coupons?
Replied By: friend95 on Mar 9, 2009, 4:48PM
I have always lived frugally.  I use coupons, shop sales and stock up, get free internet service, etc.  My children will tell you that if it is not on sale Mom won't buy it.  ;/There are many of us who have had to live like this even before the recession.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to afford familly vacations, a bigger home, and new vehicles.  We have four children in one bedroom.  Tell me something I don't know!  I am so tired of these shows being for the spoiled, rich people.

....and milk on sale for $1.50 a gallon!  How many decades ago was that?  Milk around here just recently dropped from $4 to $3 a gallon on sale.
Replied By: redpuppy99 on Mar 9, 2009, 2:35PM
In this economic hard time I think anyone who don't use coupons don't understand what they are losing. I am known among my friends and family jokingly as the Coupon Natzi! I live with my mom and we both have limited income. But I make sure that we can afford all the things we need. I am lucky that I work for the Arizona republic and usually can get a hold of several copies of the Sunday paper. I also make use of several on-line sites to get a hold of coupons, samples and free offers all the time.  My mom jokes that we haven't had to pay for toilet paper for three months because of me. Also, usually if my mom sees something on a commercial that she would like to try I can usually find a coupon or free sample first before the next time we go to the store.

There are many times that we have save 50 to 60% on our grocery store bill.  If we save less then that I am usually a little disappointed that I didn't do better. But because of this we manage to do many other things as well. I can usually also find coupons for restaurants, fast food, clothing stores and many other places so that We can still go out and do other things without feeling guilty about spending. If people do things right they can save themselves a lot of money every year. It is not a waste of time if this is done right.
Replied By: redhatterb on Mar 8, 2009, 2:18PM - In reply to teddybear55
Anytime I have bought hand/body lotion, shower gels, and shampoo at a dollar store, all they have for a closure is a screw on cap, that comes loose in the bag, and when they don't have a paper sealer on the inside you end up with a mess by the time you get home.  This has happened to me any time that I have shopped in any dollar store.  It might be different if you have your own car, etc.  But I ride cabs and/or the paratransit buses, and one way or the other you can have a lengthy wait while waiting for your ride or to get home after being picked up.  This is the reason I have quit going to dollar stores, the transportation is just too expensive for the mess that you end up with, because of products that aren't sealed on the inside.  I spend more for some of the products at a regular store, but for some reason their caps don't become loose, and therefore even if the product doesn't have a paper sealer inside, you don't have a mess.
Replied By: redhatterb on Mar 8, 2009, 2:09PM - In reply to ozilla1
The thing that I have found with any of the dollar stores that I have been in is that you can buy cleaning products there that you really like, but when you need more of the stuff, they don't have it.  The whole problem is that most of what they stock is things that are discontinued from regular stores, and when they run out of the product, they are out for good. 
Replied By: trigreen on Mar 6, 2009, 3:21PM - In reply to tina08
We careful of student loan payoff scams.  You can however usually request a plan to repay your student loans out over a longer period of time, or you can may less now more later although given how our government is stealing from all of us and ruining the economy I probably wouldn't recommend choosing to pay more later.    If the rates go low you can also lock in a rate.  If you make all your payments on time after a certain amount of time your rates will drop 1 point.
Replied By: vanessafromtx on Mar 5, 2009, 12:20PM
Most of my meals consist of cheap but delicious ingredients, and i throw in some meat but not alot. I will make beans (add water salt and garlic cook covered on med for 2.5hrs), and mexican rice( add water salt and Knorr tomato cubes)  plus meat of your choice CUBED. Also potatoes( fried or mashed) and pasta are pretty cheap too.
I like asking women what they are making for dinner that night to get ideas. then i google it.

other ideas:
home made tostadas w/mashed beans, lettuce tomato and cheese
boiled potatoes w/sour cream cheese and salt
fried potatoes diced and fried (salt & pep) add some eggs and scrammble it.
scrambled turkey sausage and eggs
hope you got some helpful hints  
Replied By: obiboo on Mar 4, 2009, 7:47AM
Bravo! Bravo!  Great show.   It's about time people put a really positive note on being frugal. What a good feeling it is to know you are consciously making the best choices financially.  It really puts your mind at ease.  It can get very addicting and fun!  Several talk shows need to showcase this type of program more! Good job Dr. Phil!
Replied By: prettynpinkk on Mar 3, 2009, 6:56PM - In reply to stephhassler
The show was about a FEW ways to save money. If you can not do it that way than do it in other ways. Shut your water off when your brushing teeth, doing dishs, etc. Put your thermostat lower when at work and at night, stock up on food when on sale, buy a whole chicken , or cow and stock up on meat. There is so many ways to save . Not eveything fits everybody and people really need to get that out of their vocab. Not saying you , but i see alot of people thinking " well if i cant save this way than screw saving anywhere else" or with any life stuggle to that matter
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