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Angie and Hunter say they have given up on forcing their son, Rivers, to go to school. He’s now officially truant, and they are waiting for the courts to step in because they say the only way to get Rivers to school is with police escort. Rivers only wants to play music and video games, and he won’t follow any rules, according to his family. The parents say Rivers lashes out violently and verbally not only toward them, but his younger brothers as well. His Aunt Cindy wrote into the show saying she is concerned for the safety of her sister and the rest of the family. Both parents say they cannot enforce consequences on their son because of his fits of rage. They come together as a family to see how to regain control of Rivers and their lives.


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Replied By: shirley77536 on Oct 12, 2017, 5:04PM
I was hoping you'd say TAR. And I hope these parents followed through. If they need encouragement, I'm volunteering. Before I knew you endorsed TAR, it took me a year to find this facility for my daughter and they hooked me up with the Red Zone for intervention to transport her. My goal was to save her from herself. I had no Support from my ex and no ins. To reimburse me, and she is now 26, married but she will be the first to tell you, when she came back home,vshe had to earn everything back. It wasn't easy. But I did what I had to do for her as well as myself. The mother may give in because it's about enabling and feeling guilty, but she too can be reprogrammed.

Elva Ewell
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