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Grammy Award winning Singer Sinead O’Connor is best known for her shaved head and her haunting rendition of the Prince song “Nothing Compares 2 U.” A recent Facebook video posted by the Irish songstress revealed she was depressed and desperate for help, living alone in a modest motel room in New Jersey. Sinead asks Dr. Phil for help placing her in a long-term treatment facility, and for a platform to tell her story to destigmatize mental illness.

Find out what happened on the show.


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Replied By: ladyspiker on Sep 19, 2017, 8:01PM
i have yet to forgive my abusers.  Sinead is an extremely strong person. When she said she confronted her mother and she said she didn't do anything, I burst out in tears for my father said the exact same thing to me and I was so angry.   She is better than me.  My abuser is dead and gone but I still harbor these feelings of hatred and guilt.  My brain has conditioned itself to give only pieces of the memory.  It has incorporated that in my life at different stages.  I find notes I have written that I do not remember not only writing the note but the incident I have written down.  I can't remember most of my childhood.  I remember spirts of abuse, little pieces, then nothing.  I went to catholic school and back then they were allowed to beat you so the abuse was in every aspect of my life.  My sisters friends abused me as well.  At 14 I was an alcoholic, i turned to drugs to further bury those memories.  Thankfully I am a strong person and I quickly overcame those demons in my life. Now I am just a 47 year old working mom but yet I still battle those demons.  My hats off to Sinead.  Stay strong.
Replied By: junerain on Sep 15, 2017, 8:00AM
Ms. Davitt,

(as you have stated you prefer to be called henceforth),

Thank  you.

Just, simply, thank you.

I've been a fan all along, although those were the days before the internet, and so it was from a respectful distance. I remember many of the 'events' shown in flashback video clips, occurring in real time, although I did not see the SNL photo rip because I did not always watch SNL.

I tried to defend you verbally at the time, because I felt others weren't seeing that your face and voice showed you felt a valid grievance. No one yet knew about the abuses within the church, but I could see it was not a frivolous or spiteful gesture on your part. Now, we have all heard about the abuses, and the Magdalene laundries, and so on. You showed real courage.

You have shown courage throughout your lifetime, and your ability to forgive is also amazing, but I hope that you never put yourself second in order to do so. Your life is also a valuable and valued gift.

Thank you for the gift you've shared with us all in your music as well.

I too feel that 'there should be a monument' for what you and your siblings endured. It could serve also as a monument for all who suffer abuse. Not everyone makes it out. I also wonder if your own parents hadn't suffered abuse in their childhoods, although nothing excuses what happened. It could lend insight into one partial reason it happened. It is hard not to attempt to understand why people do what they do. But it was up to your parents to seek help to be better parents, or at least not be neglectful or abusive ones, especially as it continued for years.

I feel, Ms. Davitt, that you are a very spiritual person, a kind and empathetic person, keeping in mind we are all human, and being human does not negate those qualities or the behavior you've chosen in expressing those qualities -- that you try to help others through your own pain is commendable.

Please continue to put your own healing first. 

Sending all best wishes,

A supporter.

Replied By: raquelbrinson on Sep 15, 2017, 4:30AM
Thank you Dr Phil for helping Sinead O'Connor!! I love her so much! Please let her know that her fans will always love her and we will be waiting for her new music to come out, because...


So many people suffer from some sort of mental illiness. We have to remove the stigmata surrounding it!!

Love you Dr Phil!


One of your biggest fans!! (I go thru withdrawals if I don't see an episode for over 36 hours! I'm addicted to your show!!)

Raquel Brinson
Replied By: imperatrice on Sep 13, 2017, 4:23PM
She was back in the day and continues to be.  

I loved it when she spoke of mental illness and how difficult, irritating, annoying, exasperating, etc etc that people who suffer from it are - it's the face of mental illness and that makes it so much more challenging for people to "get it", to empathize, to be kind, to be compassionate, etc etc towards those who suffer from it.  

And to suicide, well, a topic that breaks me every time.  Her note on her guitar resonated - understand more than I ever thought I would.  

Sinead if you read these comments, keep it up - you are much too precious and needed on this planet - you have much to do before you leave us.  Gutsy chicks like you are the best.  

Replied By: catrodgers on Sep 13, 2017, 2:58PM
Thanks for helping Sinead when others let her down.  She was my feminist icon in the 70's.  That was a great decade for women, we were telling the world how to treat us and Sinead was on the forefront.  I loved it when she ripped up the picture of the pope, I knew exactly why and I was sorry I couldn't tell her I loved it.  My mom told me that she would like to trade me in for 2 boys so I can relate with having a mom who did not know how to show love and I fantasize about having a loving mom too but she still is the same way at 94!  Music of the 70's was great and women rockers were the best!!!!  Sinead helped me be who I am today.  Thanks and love to you Sinead!
Replied By: jbthejw on Sep 13, 2017, 12:53PM
Heartbreakng, incredibly moving show.  Poor Sinead!

I will never leave you, and I will never abandon you.” Hebrews13:5  Its a promise from God, our Creator! 


what a sad life shes had.  I hope she finds peace, happiness, love. 
Replied By: upsydasy on Sep 13, 2017, 10:19AM - In reply to gregra
The first thing that struck me was Sinead’s higher than average intelligence.  She often appeared a few steps ahead of Dr. Phil, although in reality she wasn’t, only to fall back moments later.  She’s also been in the public eye her entire adult life and is aware of the cameras. She wouldn’t have made it this far had she not learned a modicum of self-control or at least give the appearance of normality when necessary just to be taken seriously as an artist and a person.  For example, I’m certain that her family, who have known her at her worst, would paint a very different picture of her.  We also saw Sinead in utter despair and physical pain in that hotel room only a few weeks before she met Dr. Phil and entered the facility, which gave her hope and enabled her to regain some form of composure.  Most people learn how to behave in society when all eyes are on them, which often belies their innermost thoughts at least for a time.  Nevertheless, her honesty, bravery and readiness to receive help were inspiring to countless others who experience similar issues. In many dysfunctional families there is often that “one squeaky wheel”, as Dr. Phil would say, that refuses to be silent, comply and maintain status quo.  Sinead is that wheel.  She reminds me of Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Lincoln Park, who recently lost his own battle.  For some reason, I never really paid attention to their music before.  When I finally did, all I kept asking myself is why wasn’t anybody listening to his words.  Please avoid making the mistake of judging Sinead solely based on your own experiences.  We don’t all heal or deal with our issues in the same manner.  This is not the kind of battle that journeys in only one direction.
Replied By: gregra on Sep 13, 2017, 12:52AM
Im sorry, but this seems like an attempt to restart a career more then a cry for help. She does everything with her guitar next to her. I was beaten and abused all my childhood and I would not want my laundry aired. She seems very calculating, very stable, and very calm considering. Call me cynical but for someone as metally destroyed as she claims she is too much in control over her emotions. I cant talk of my abuse without losing my control and I doubt that her wound is as bad as claimed.

Good luck to her and all but come on, Dr Phill uses her for ratings and she uses him for a restart career. 
Replied By: mellinprincess on Sep 12, 2017, 7:21PM
I am not the biggest fan of Dr. Phil but his interview with Sinead O'Conner was very well done. The level of compassion he showed her, his patience, his lack of judgement and the empathy he showed is to be respected.

Sinead is my new hero for being transparent, unashamed and vulnerable. And for that I have an entirely different feeling about her artistry, talent and behavior.

Just goes to show you that we can't judge another human being as we are all struggling with baggage and dealing with it the best way we know how. I am just glad that she is getting the help she deserves. Celebrities are human beings also and they are in no way exempt from the scars that affect us all. 

I believe this interview today touched a lot of people. 
Replied By: samonde on Sep 12, 2017, 6:42PM
Dear Sinead, I so, so understand your relationship or non-relationship with your mother.  When you spoke your words mirrored the one I spoke years ago. My upbrining was so similar. I grew up hating my own mother and living with the shame of it. My mother was more verbally violent than physical, and she allowed her friends to verbally abuse me and my sister too. I never got a hug or any kind words from my mother, I actually heard her say she wished I was dead. My mother's only love was her alcohol or herself.  I spent years and tears dealing with having a mother that didn't love me. Why at 12 I tried to take my own life.  With all dysfunction I grew up with it's only by God's grace I'm still here.  Like you I wanted to just hug my mother back and give her the love she must have lacked. God did allow me the opportunity to have closure and gave me 30 days after I found her before she passed so I could pray with her and finally hug her.

I am so glad that you got treatment.  You are strong and brave to talk with Dr. Phil.  I pray you continued strength, peace, love and all the good that God has for you. Much love, many prayers~
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