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Teri says a few weeks after her husband, Ryan, was electrocuted while fixing his Christmas lights, she noticed the 27-year-old police sergeant started having panic attacks daily. Teri says Ryan has racked up $50,000 in doctors’ bills and spends his time lying on the floor wearing breathing strips and covered in essential oils because he’s convinced they will stop him from having the attacks – even though doctors say nothing is wrong. Teri says his behavior has consumed their life and it’s tearing their family apart. Then, Samantha says her loving husband Matthew’s behavior seemed to change overnight. Samantha claims that Matthew slept in a tent in a garage, hid under a bridge, spent $20,000 a month and further claims that he had “three psychic breaks in three days.” Samantha also claims that, after Matthew was voluntarily committed and released, Matthew “fled,” and she hasn’t seen him since. Both Matthew and Samantha were ready and excited to meet with Dr. Phil but after some very strange developments, they disappeared. Did they make it to the show? You won’t want to miss this shocking episode of Dr. Phil.

Find out what happened on the show.


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Replied By: chopington on Sep 8, 2017, 3:39PM - In reply to bostonbetty
I totally agree
Replied By: cara_c on Sep 8, 2017, 1:07AM
Ryan is clearly ill and suffering badly after being electrocuted, something known to often have long-term effects. Electric shocks can cause depression, anxiety, memory loss, and more. I hope Dr. Phil's medical team can help. I hope that team includes a doctor who specializes in serious electrical injuries. What is wrong with the doctors telling him there's nothing wrong with him? His heart may be working properly, but there's obvioiusly something very wrong with him that is ruining his quality of life.

I understand it's very hard for Teri when her husband is behaving bizarrely and spending a fortune on medical bills. But she needs to empathize with what he's experiencing and act as his advocate to get him the help he needs, something sick people are often not well enough to do on their own. His behavior is simply his way of trying to get relief from the horrible, painful, and frightening episodes that his doctors are dismissing. He was crying in relief that Dr. Phil took him seriously and promised him hope, when the people around him seem to be taking a "Snap out of it" approach, which clearly isn't working. I wish him a full recovery.
Replied By: bostonbetty on Sep 7, 2017, 12:43PM
THIS is the reason why 50% of marriages end in divorce.  Teri is a selfish woman.  Something traumatic happened to her husband and she makes everythin all about HER.  Not to mention, since he's a cop, he sees the worst of the worse.  He could have PTSD simply from responding to a call which involves an injured or dead child.

If they took traditional marriage vows - "For richer or poorer...in good times and in bad, IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH," then she's an embarassment and, quite frankly, a crayp wife.

Let's say the table were turned and something happened to her.  She was out with the girls and ran into the wrong guy and was raped.  What if she developed a panic disorder?  Would her husband say he is thinking about leaving?

Horrible woman.  Her husband is going through hell, but everything has to be all about HER.
Replied By: angeleve on Sep 6, 2017, 10:51AM
I am shocked at how insensitive some of the comments are directed towards the cop.  So because he is a cop he is not allowd to suffer from anxiety?  If anything, having your life on the line on a daily basis would be enough to cause any cop to have massive anxiety.  It is is very common in that line of work, as well as in the military.  What I do find horrible is his wife's cold, insensitive and unsupportive demeanor.  Instead of demeaning him, how about trying to learn and understand about what he is gong through.  My husband is a vet and has PTSD.  Never once have I gotten annoyed at him for having something he has not been able to control completely, but then again he has experienced a living hell, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan, seen his friends blown up in front of him and so on.  He has improved greatly, but never once have I been a cold, hearltess, unsupportive wife.  And I understand first hand all about anxiety and autonomic dysfunction, because after being sick for two decades from Lyme disease, and a host of autoimmune diseases, I, myself have suffereed from horrible anxiety the last few years, which escalated after my mom died.  Anyone going through this, be supportive of your loved one.  Learn about what they are going through.  Do not make them feel guilty or feel like they are a hypochondriac.  Autonomic dysfunction is a neurological condition, not something someone is forcing to happen to get attention, or because they are crwzy.  Some just don't understand the concept of, "for better or for worse."
Replied By: amazonparrot on Sep 5, 2017, 1:05PM
I encourage Ryan to find a physician who knows how to diagnose Bartonella. Besides the well known Cat Scratch Disease, there are a dozen other species that infect humans and for which there are no lab tests. Even the lab test for Cat Scratch Disease (Bartonella Henselae) can be false negative up to half the time. 

I am not a doctor, but I do suffer from Bartonella. It can cause anxiety, tingling, shortness of breath, and many other symptoms, such as swollen lymph nodes, stretch mark-like red streaks on the skin, joint pain, sore soles of the feet, brain fog, or fatigue. For some people, psychiatric manifestations (anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, mental confusion) are the only symptoms. 

With Bartonella induced anxiety, pharmaceuticals help only a little bit or not at all. If traditional treatment for anxiety isn't satisfactory, please explore the possibility of Bartonella, especially if you have a cat or dog or have experienced an insect bite.
Replied By: chopington on Sep 4, 2017, 7:12PM - In reply to lindabthompson
Would your comment be the same if he had cancer??  He has a mental condition which he has no control over.  Shame on you.
Replied By: chopington on Sep 4, 2017, 7:09PM
I completely understand that Teri must be frustrated with Ryan's health issues and how it must impact HER children.  I was shocked and disappointed when Dr Phil offered him a solution and told him it is one condition that can be treated.  He became emotional and Teri just sat there.  This man deserved a hug or a supportive gesture from his wife. Does "in sickness and Heath"  not sound familiar to her?  I imagine if the situation was reversed, she would want support.

Replied By: lindabthompson on Sep 4, 2017, 6:06PM
i have been begging and PLEADING with dr. phil to help our bipolar oldest son.  but he has not been stupid enough to make the rotten mistake to have kids, so dr. phil will not help us.  but he is so very ill and abusive toward us - the people who have been trying for so many years to help him the very most, in every way we know - but we are not professionals and we are in way over our heads.  we are so thankful he decided not to reproduce, like so many idiots out there who did.  at least we have that - but he really needs the PnP center in the worst way.  he is an adult, living in nyc now, and we keep trying to help him, and i will keep begging you for your help.  but i know the chances are practically nil cause he has no kids.   i kept watching THIS show cause i knew there were kids, and sure enough - right at the end - he has 3 step kids - cause his wife is older than him.  maybe if our son married someone with kids you would then help us.  maybe.
Replied By: bettyw2306 on Sep 4, 2017, 4:20PM
Good Evening,  I believe the law enforcement officers you're talking to are the good cops.  You all need to talk to the dirty cops, the ones who does the racial profiling!!!!!  

Betty Williams                 

Replied By: lindacob on Sep 4, 2017, 3:53PM
Thank you, thank you for bringing the subject of anxiety and panic attacks 'out of the closet'!   Every symptom this man has I have had - for 30 years!   I was not 'fluffed' off by doctors, like this man was.  I was given meds to keep me calm.    Now, at the age of 69, I am seeing a counselor to get to the root of my anxiety.   Finally, I am doing what I should have done many years ago.   Anxiety is very real, and so hard for people, including some doctors, to understand.   Even a psychiatrist would tell me to 'breathe', not knowing how hard that is for me.   So thank you again.   Love your shows!
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