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Taylor says her mom, Michelle, dresses and acts inappropriately, posts “half-naked” pictures on social media and is obsessed with looking “on fleek.” She claims her mom is an obsessive narcissist who never matured past the age of 17 and cares more about being her "bestie" and looking like her than being a parent Taylor can look up to and admire. Taylor also claims that her mom is a recovering alcoholic who ruined her childhood and is to blame for her having no life skills. Michelle says she looks good for her age and is proud of it. She says her daughter is a spoiled brat and that she gave her the tools she needs to be independent, but Taylor refuses to use them. Can Dr. Phil help save this mother-daughter relationship?

Find out what happened on the show.


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Replied By: mollyo66 on Sep 14, 2017, 1:23AM
Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you!

I thought I might have been the only person who thought Dr. Phil got this one all wrong. I've watched hundreds of episodes and this is the first time I thought he really blew it.

Yes the mother was an achoholic. Yes she was a terrible parent while her daughter was young. Yes she is parenting out of guilt because she knows she's made mistakes, but yes she's been sober for 8-years, works 17-hours a day and is doing the best she can to parent her miserable daughter.

I was absolutley sickend by the daughter. She was entitled, smug and disrespectful. She didn't want to mend the relationship with her mother she wanted to go on national televsion to embarass and blame her for ALL of the problems in her life.

I know of many, many children who grew up under much worse circumstances and became fully funtional and successful adults. So the mother likes to work out and wear sports bras and cut-off jean shorts in the privacy of her own home. I see no problem with this. I do however see a probelm with Dr. Phil spending 7 minutes insinuating this makes her a bad parent. Especially when he spent less than 2 minutes chastizing the daughter who openly admitted to chocking and punching her mother. I do not understand how he dedicated 90% of a show to berating a mother for the things she when she as an alcoholic mother 8-12 years prior. The daughter said she cannot funtion because her mother didn't teach her to boil water or do laundry. Let's not forget her mother is awful for making her bed and cleaning her room. I agree it's clearly a bad idea for a parent do do these things for a 23-year old but on the other hand this daughter is so entitled she wrote to Dr. Phil to complain about her miserable life and blame her mother for not living up to her potential because her mother does too much for her. Really? I simply cannot believe he couldn't see the daughter was acting. I didn't see pain in her eyes I saw a spoiled rottent brat who wanted her 15 minutes of fame at the expense of a mother who got sober and spent 8-years trying to make amends for the misktakes she made as an unresponsible alcoholic parent. He needed to give the mother some credit for getting sober, and raising a daughter as a single parent and give the daughter a severe dose of reality and lessons on respect, taking responsibility for ones actions and a perhaps a swift kick in the ass.
Replied By: stephwilcox on Sep 14, 2017, 12:08AM
This is a comment to the mother. No matter what anyone may have told you in an attempt to flatter you, you CLEARLY do not look like you are in your late 20s or early 30s. NO WAY. Alcohol and cigarettes have certainly taken their toll on your face and you look WAY north of 40, if not 50. Adorning your body with clothes a 15-year old, who has not been taught to dress with class and dignity, may wear, while bobbling the head of a mature, sagging and aging face, does not make you look sexy, but rather desperate for attention and validation. 

I am a fit and healthy mom as well. I work out and take pride in setting a healthy example for my children. However, when I go out to a restuarant, show, baseball game, etc. I realize that the people around me are not there to worship 'ME' but rather to enjoy a nice experience with their family or friends. When you dress in such an outlandish and ridiculous way and then go prance around public venues, you are clearly screaming to everyone around you that you want all eyes and attention on YOU, a stranger they did not come out to see. Dr. Phil asked you a couple times what your purpose was in posting the picture with the bikini top cover-up and your mole, and you did not provide a decent answer. I wish he had pushed a bit harder for an answer, because it is clearly that you are desperate for attention. There are millions of women out there with beautiful, fit, bodies, but we don't need to shove them in the face of everyone we meet for self-glorification. You are mistaking self-confidence with insecurity and a desperate need for attention and validation. 
Replied By: gladdyss on Sep 8, 2017, 1:13PM - In reply to jabner
I have to say I was rather shocked at the $25,000 too. With all the money the show has, and Dr. Phil personally must be worth millions. $25, 000 to your home state seems small in the face of such tragedy. .
Replied By: soaper54 on Sep 8, 2017, 1:09PM - In reply to cijaym
Her mother had the respondsibility to teach/show her daughter... respondsibility. Kids need to be taught. However her mom was to busy drinking on her "down" time. Her mom wanted be be the young, hip mom. You do not provide a party to 14 yr olds with alchol! The daughter hasn't been around "typical respondsible" behavor. Hope they both learn with the help from Dr Phil.
Replied By: dmross on Sep 8, 2017, 9:22AM - In reply to lifesails
This show was one of the worst I have ever seen and I follow you religiously. Bashing this Mother was not the answer while the entitled  23 year old sat and smirked. Taylor needs to grow-up!  Our daughter is very similiar in that she is disrespectfull to us, however she did graduate college and has become somewhat successful. We insisted she complete college. That was not an option. However now we are not entitled to an opinion on her upcoming nuptials. We are simply allowed to give her money. Taylor was quick to blame but give her Mother no credit for the positve changes she has made. You called her a "dry drunk". All she is doing is trying to replace bad choices with good choices. You yourself have said you must find a good behaviour to relace a bad behaviour. Kudos to her,,,,,she is trying. My husband could barely watch you bash her and leave the little brat alone for almost the enire show. He thought for a moment you stroked out! Lastly using your form as an infomercial for you wife's products is wrong. It takes up valuable time that could have been spent on your guests who needed help. Her products are not what makes her look young. It is her facelifts and it is offensive to me. I will contiune to watch your show however if this is the new trend it won't be for long.

Replied By: gailgrace on Sep 7, 2017, 11:07PM
The daughter is blaming all of her life problems on her mother.  I had the same thing with mine.  I think it is because they don't have a father figure in the home.  

My daughter had everything and help and interference from her grandmother.  she also had a mental problem. she and i had counseling from day one. She came very abusive wouldn't go to school The counselors at that time in the 80's blamed the parents.  they tjold her not to clean her room or do dishes if she didn't want to do them.  When dshs got involved and saw her mental disability they said they thought we needed to be seperated.  I was working and they told me I should quit working and take care of her.  I couldn't do anything with her anyway.  She was too out of control.  her grandmother also worked against me it was a mess.  It was a night mare.  It wasn't until her 30's that she finally grew up and was nice to me and more balanced.  She continues.  She found out what it is like to work and have to do responsible things.l
Replied By: jabner on Sep 7, 2017, 9:15PM
Yes, I am sure it was an unhappy household for the daughter but she is using her mother's alcoholism as an excuse for everything.  It is easy to blame others when you do not really want to be responsible.  No one is perfect and it seems like the mother wants to try to make amends.

On another note, I am disappointed that Dr. Phil is only contributing $25,000 to the Hurrican Harvey charity.  I would be embarrassed if I was him to announce that small amount on TV.  I usually always agree with Dr. Phil and think that he is good-hearted, but I am sure he can afford more than that.  I am sure I will receive repercussions to this statement.
Replied By: cijaym on Sep 7, 2017, 8:17PM
(First off, mama, "doing a 360" is not an admirable thing...just saying). You ARE fooking yourself that you think you look late 20s early 30s. People who tell you that are just being nice. You look your age. No more, no less. You look like someone your age who shares clothing tips with highschool girls.

Taylor, my mother didn't teach me how to boil water either, likewise with most of my friends. We watched we learned, we made mistakes. Why did you use the mop last week for the first time? Why did your mother make your bed? Why did your mother wash your clothes? When I started doing my own laundry, I had to climb on a chair to put things in there. (Couldn't empty it.) It's just a matter of sorting, putting clothes in, soap and turning the dial. Are you under the impression that anyone you see who is running their own household/life actually tumbled out of their parents' house like that? We all burned things, wrecked things, missed that one red sock that went into our load of whites, slept in, lost jobs and ruined things by trying to fix them. It's not our parents 'fault' for all of that but we all thank them for letting us do it. I've never lived with an alcoholic so I don't know what you went through there but don't use this as an excuse for your lazy ways. Get out on your own and learn the hard way - like all of us. Big girl panties now. Move out of mommy's house and get on with your life.
Replied By: cierrablue on Sep 7, 2017, 5:31PM
I just saw the trailer for the Sinead O'Connor show.  Bless your heart for offering her help.  I hope that she see's some long-term relief from her dark clouds.  She's an amazing artist and precious soul.  I, like many of her fans, have been so worried about her.  Maybe you'll be able to help make a real difference.
Replied By: dhm713 on Sep 7, 2017, 3:55PM
Being a parent is a hard job, we all have made mistakes; done things we're not proud of. However, as long as I know I took care of my children, proved them with love, support and all the necessities. I don't think a parent needs to apologize. In this Mother/Daughter show today, 9/7 the person that needs to apologize is the daughter  Get over yourself girl!!! It's called growing up. You are lazy and that's your problem. Get off your butt stop worrying about what Mom is doing and get a life girl.. The problem in the family is the daughter. She needs a good kick in the butt.

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