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A year ago, former guest Treva left Dr. Phil and the audience shocked when she walked on to the stage barefoot and drunk. Treva’s daughters, Morgan and Ashley, told Dr. Phil their mom had spent 170 days in jail for assaulting a police officer, disturbing the peace and arson for setting her own home on fire. Both said their mom’s drinking was out of control. Dr. Phil sent Treva to Origins Recovery Center where she spent 67 days and entered a sober living facility that ended up kicking her out for breaking the number 1 rule: no drinking. Since then, Treva has continued to drink and was arrested for two DUIs and made headline news when a judge ordered her to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet and a GPS tracker and placed her under house arrest, before sentencing her to 45 days in jail. Morgan and Ashley say they’re scared their mom will die or kill someone else while driving drunk, so they reached out to Dr. Phil once again for help.

Find out what happened on the show.


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Replied By: mcpskmbb76 on Sep 11, 2017, 10:40AM
This woman obviously does not want help, so stop wasting money, resources & the precious little space there is in rehab for her. She took nothing serious & even though she said she would take the help, for most of the episode she said she's fine & DOESN'T need help. I feel sorry for the innocent life she's going to take when she gets behind the wheel drunk
Replied By: ashleyb339 on Sep 9, 2017, 2:11AM - In reply to dandylionesss
Alcohol isn't pleasant to most alcoholics in the first place. 

It's very beautiful Treva's daughters continue to support her. 

Treva, we're all supporting you!
Replied By: ashleyb339 on Sep 9, 2017, 2:07AM
Did I hear right that Treva is a veteran? I think Dr. Phil missed the mark when it came to what is going wrong in her mind. She's been drinking so much for so long that she doesn't get sick anymore. She's going to get seizures when she quits drinking. It's very very sad. I feel for her family. I truly hope she gets better. 

his last segment was about pain medication, it is VERY easy to hide a prescription addiction. you heard it right on Dr. Phil. Everyone acts normal initially. It's hard to tell the difference between addiction and sickness/disease. 
Replied By: gailforce on Sep 8, 2017, 10:00PM
I was really surprised by Dr. Phil's attitude with the daughters early in the show when he stated that he would sit on the pouch with a shotgun to stop someone from bring alcohol into the house and asked about why no one was watching her.  You don't need to be in recovery, which I am, to know that no one can stop someone from drinking or using drugs...you can't watch them 24/7, hiding keys or bottles or drugs don't work, and trying to build a wall around them won't stop them.  If they want alcohol they will find a way, even if it's drinking something as vile as nail polish remover or rubbing alochol.  And it's certainly not her family's job to police her or stop her, only to provide her with healthy options, support her though rehab, and not feed the addiction. 

I've always been shocked by Dr. Phil's use of shame and guilt to get someone to commit to rehab, because those are the twin pillars of almost every addicts life and using is the one of the main ways to try and forget those feelings.  I've known  alot of people sent to rehab by courts, or shamed into it by family, and without exception they have gone back to using UNLESS they were ready to quit themselves.  It's really true, an addict (including alcoholic) must find the bottom and it's apparent this women's bottom may be death.  Hopefully she won't take anyone else with her.

Replied By: dandylionesss on Sep 8, 2017, 7:44PM
What if, instead of pouring out all the alcohol you find, you just make the alcohol intolerable and undesirable? In short, people drink because it becomes associated with a pleasurable feeling - they get too drunk to care or think about their problems. If we can make drinking associated with a personally negative result, maybe it can outweigh that pleasure. So, don't throw out the alcohol... Pour/mix something unpleasant/intolerable (but ultimately harmless) into the bottle, like hot sauce or exlax or pickle juice. Do it with every bottle of alcohol you find, so every time that person drinks they start to replace the "positive" drunken feeling with the taste of Tabasco or running to the toilet. I'm curious to know if this would be effective...
Replied By: lindabthompson on Sep 8, 2017, 6:26PM
and she is so nasty -- so awful - i think her daughters and hopefully soon to be ex husband should just walk away from her.  and i will not say   sorry, dr. phil --   cause i firmly believe a lot of horrible people like treva deserve to live alone with their nasty mouths.  dr. phil - how much abuse do people around such nasty peope have to take ?  ENDLESS ??  i for one, do not think so, and after almost 40 years of abuse from my severely abusive mother, i said enough -- and that was when she became abusive toward our sons.  with my mom, alcohol had nothing to do with it - she was mentally ill her entire life - and all the psych wards in mpls minn did not help.  being in talk therapy for years and years did not help - being on various meds - having countless shock treatments -- NOTHING CHANGED HER ONE IOTA.  still, i tried and tried.  she just continued to hate me, then, our sons.  this was cause of my bio dad.  so, i had to cut ties, and my entire family of origin sided with her -- which is just fine with us - with me especially.    she was mean and nasty to me my whole life but when she was that way to our sons that was IT FOR ME !!!!!    dr. phil - not all families should stay together.
Replied By: ldurliat on Sep 8, 2017, 5:46PM
As a recovering alcoholic, I might sugges, did not ask an alcoholic why they do what they do. They don't know at first and certainly can't answer when they drunk!!


Replied By: nnicholson on Sep 8, 2017, 5:07PM
Dear dr Phil I watch you since you where a guest on oprah show I am just cant believe how you treat the disease of alcoholism.  I am outraged about how you treated the guest  was drinking being a 20 year substance abuse therapist I can't believe you paraded women suffering from alcoholism  on you stage. You know better and you point out all the things she did from stealing alcohol to  hiding drinking alcohol out of a water bottle  and then demeaning her by pouring it on the floor.  Shame on you   Find a new topic to parade on your stage your not helping the person or the disease.  I work with people who struggle with addiction and never on my life would I treat a human being like that I think you should remove Dr from your name  no more a fan of your show looking for only ratings. Nicole
Replied By: zurretsky on Sep 8, 2017, 4:54PM
I feel so bad for those girls because I don't think she wants to get well and will just run away again. She will probably drink herself to death, which will be a tragedy, but at least her children will finally be free! Nothing would please me more than her grabbing hold of the help, but I am not optimistic.
Replied By: datadeb on Sep 8, 2017, 4:13PM
The portrayal of the 50+ age group as being a population vulnerable for disproportionate drug misuse/abuse was disturbing for one fact alone: clinicians are prescribing multiple medications and not being held accountable for the outcome.  While patients can be drug seekers if they are addicts, the average 50+ person who is ill reports drug prescriptions properly to all of their clinicians who do a med rec - and every clinician's office today does a med rec.  Treatment of episodic and chronic pain is poorly managed in the United States for all age groups.  Fortunately, insurers and pharmacies are being very proactive in governing what drug prescriptions will be paid for.  Additionally, a program like the one in Oregon where there is a state prescription registry accessible by all clinicians in the state would do more to combat drug seekers accessing multiple clinicians than any other program.

The episode's focus on the patient in this particular social problem without providing the audience full disclosure is like only telling a half truth.
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