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Single mother of six, Nadya Suleman, shocked the country by giving birth to the second-only set of octuplets recorded in the U.S. Speculation and wonderment turned to outrage and even death threats as the unemployed mom’s story developed. Now, the discussion continues, with shocking new accusations in the octuplets controversy. A former patient of Nadya’s fertility doctor speaks out! Did he ignore symptoms that could have killed her? And, should he still be practicing? Plus, exclusive video of the octuplets mom from her childhood friend. What does she have to say about the Nadya she knew in high school? And, the octo-mom’s spokesperson reveals the real reason why she had to quit! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dw5406 on Apr 29, 2009, 5:15PM - In reply to chiqua74
Yes and I have very little and the chances of getting more is slim to none. I figure at this point just knowing her SSN I should be able to find her unless she was able to get another. As my health is poor I was hoping that Dr. Phil would use the resources available to him and if he finds her he can take all the credit for helping out a disadvantaged and disabled man reunite with his daugthter. If I could get every]one to send one short letter asking to help me possibly he may change his mind!  Thanks for your comment. Don
Replied By: lilysong2525 on Mar 29, 2009, 10:19AM - In reply to milady
How do you get jeolousy from this mother's post?
Replied By: mybiz5239 on Mar 25, 2009, 3:00PM
Tsk, tsk, tsk Dr. Phil. This woman  isn't operating with a full deck and she can't think very far ahead. It was obvious from the start. WHY are you still involved?

Let's help some deserving folks and quit giving her the attention she craves.
Replied By: mcsabau on Mar 25, 2009, 1:18PM - In reply to milady
You may also be interested to know that my husband and I have raised 9 children, all of them planned and cared for without the assistance of the government or the taxpayers.  And that includes 9 sets of braces and 9 college educations.

I am a school teacher and he is a manager of a small business, so our resources were limited.  Our choices were based upon what we could afford and where we chose to place our priorities.

We are not particularly religious, but have a heightened sense of social responsibility that has been passed on to our children.

None of our children presented us with teen-age or out-of-wedlock pregnancies.  They are raising our 11 grandchildren with love and responsibility.  We are not necessarily "lucky";  but rather blessed with the good sense to live by clear values and a willingness to nurture our children and grandchildren intelligently.
Replied By: mcsabau on Mar 25, 2009, 1:02PM - In reply to milady
You assume that I am Pro-Choice and , therefore, automatically Pro-Abortion.  Your arguments against my comments proceed from this tenet.

I am Pro-Choice, tempered with the word "Responsible" Choice.  I do not believe that abortion is a good outcome for anyone.  I also do not believe that every  pregnancy is a good outcome. Too many babies are concieved based on immaturity and selfish motives, or just plain carelessness.

My position is that we all have to be accountable for our actions and decisions.  I believe that answer lies in education, preparation, and planning.  Imagine a world where every child was planned for, cared for , and cherished for his/her special place on this planet.

You accuse me of contradictory statements because you immediately jumped on the abortion debate. 
If I say that women should not have babies they cannot take care of, it doesn't mean that I promote abortion.  It means that I promote NOT GETTING PREGNANT  in the first place so that the abortion issue becomes moot.

But if a pregnancy does occur, it is the parents who must assume the repercussions of that dilemma. And some of those consequences are sadly severe.
Replied By: greygreen on Mar 22, 2009, 3:15PM - In reply to greygreen
Replied By: greygreen on Mar 22, 2009, 1:09PM
Dear Dr. Phil, Most of the time I agree with you, but I question the unintended consequences of what you have done for Nadya. Two of your favorite comments are: "How's that working for you?" and "Previous behavior predict future behavior". Yet you appear to have become Nadya's "sugar daddy" and prime facilitator for finding her enablers who will rescue her from her bad choices until the octuplets are 1 1/2 years old. After the optuplets are 1 1/2, what will she do? She'll probably sign up for every option available for unwed mothers and welfare queens, and she'll be the poster girl for unwed mothers and welfare queens. In the meantime she'll influence other women, as unstable as her, to follow her totally unresponsible behavior. And if previous behavior predicts future behavior, Nadya will make a lot more bad decisions, and the children will eventually be taken from her.

What do I wish you'd done, or perhaps do now? I wish you'd have a lot of shows emphasizing that NO ONE has the "RIGHT" to have a child unless they are capable of caring for it. Nadya didn't need to use the eggs that created the octuplets, she could have donated the eggs to couples who wanted and could care for the resulting babies.

After Nadya had the octuplets, I wish you would have told her to immediately have her tubes tied before you'd do anything for her. I'm sure she'll have more kids otherwise. Then I wish you would have recommended that she put the optuplets up for adoption, since she couldn't even care for the six kids she already had. She probably would have refused, but at least you would have told her what is best for the children. Then I wish you'd spend as much time encouraging other women to not have children they can't care for, as you are spending on helping rescue Nadya from her bad decisions.

Nadya reminds me of the mother (I'll call her "Sue"), of a two-year old boy our son and his wife are in the process of adopting. "Sue" has had 5 children by a variety of men and social services has had to take all 5 children from Sue because of severe neglect. Sue has the "right" to continue having children, but apparently doesn't feel responsible or perhaps is not capable of caring for them. Like "Sue", I don't believe Nadia feels personally responsible for caring for her children, or she would not have had more than she could care for. Nadya could have had two kids and kept the rest of the eggs frozen until she had the funds to do something with them, but Nadya is typical of so many welfare types because she expects the rest of society to pay for her bad decisions.

I am very disappointed that you support Nadya in her financial exploitation of people who are already having troubles caring for their own children. If Nadya had put the optuplets up for adoption, they might have had a chance, but I predict that most of them will end up in foster care homes eventually. It is unlikely that Nadya will begin making good decisions and eventually people who are busy picking up after her bad decisions will give up and figure that foster care homes would be an improvement over Nadya.

Replied By: sutton123 on Mar 14, 2009, 5:41AM - In reply to alea426
you need to get real too. NO job, no child support and expecting taxpayers to pay. we try with the other too. Not in our control
Replied By: ramsisi68 on Mar 13, 2009, 12:32AM
dr,phil,,,I am  the mother of 8 children and they are beetween 1 year to 11 month apart from each other.I was 15 when I moved in with my husband and 16 when I had my 1st child.and I am proud to tell you that I've worked to take care of all of them.right now they range from 11 to 24.and only one is married and has a daughter,and i have told her go to school I made sure she fiished school and right now shes is going to be a nurse,my older daughter she is 24 shes on her 7th year of colloge to become a lawyer and she works she's a paralegal,my son is in hes 4th year in political science.the other one graduated to be come a police officer.the other daughter is in her 1 year to be an arquitect,and my 16 year old gets letters from every college and she want to be a jornalist.Im 30 years old and married to my kids father for 25 years, he's a welder, and i can proudly tell you that I lived far from my family adn I raised all 8 kids by myself, and I wishes I could have had 8 or 10 more, becuase this world need more parents like me and my husband and not like nadya, she is using her kids to becamoe rich and famous ans shes sick, she should have a lipo in her nasty lips, and with all the money she makes she should pay for her kids hospital bill, and donate money to your foundation,im so mad I can smack that lady a couple of times,and make sure that she gets a freaking histerectomy
Replied By: krigare99 on Mar 11, 2009, 3:31PM - In reply to billdlynn
AHA......scammed the system......what is the scam?

I hope you never did anything wrong in your life and never have to ask for help or to hope

for a good neighbor that would support you in the time of need.

This woman had invetro, frozen embryos that she could not sleep knowing

there were her babies frozen.  yes, perhaps a bad idea from the get go but once the doctor did

the procedure and froze the embryos it was too late.  I believe she had love as she said for those

embryos, I know I would.  She wanted to give life to as many as she could and never counted

on eight more to the six.  Yes, hard decision for her not having a husband but a decision to

devote herself to her kids and be a good mom.   Which of the 8 would you have killed so they would

not be a burden on the kid mom or society.  All those stating it is costing us taxpayers money.....what

about the pork spending hidden in bills such as golf carts for senators and millions to study a mouse in
California and all those crazy  things we taxpayers are paying for.  I'd rather it go for diapers

then that. Please with you knowledge sort out all those crazy things we taxpayers are paying for

and highlight them to save us some money.
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