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Rhea and her mother Debbi say they are deeply concerned for Rhea’s 22-year-old son, Matthew. They say they believe Matthew has been brainwashed by his much older girlfriend, Kaden, into thinking he had been abused throughout his childhood. But Kaden says she is the only one helping Matthew and claims she “knows” Matthew was abused. Matthew says he has not been brainwashed by Kaden and believes Debbi and Rhea should have seen the signs of his abuse. Is Matthew being conned by an older woman, do Rhea and Debbi need to accept Matthew’s traumatic past, or is something else going on? Find out what happens when they all sit down with Dr. Phil. (OAD: 3-20-17)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: nativecutie on Jul 19, 2017, 6:48AM
As a medical professional myself, I am appalled at the fact that nothing was said to this woman about impersonating medical and educational professionals. People are in danger if she is out there selling snake oil and pushing fabricated theories on the public.  This is a punishable offense if she is claiming credentials that do not exist.  I have worked my behind off for many many years for my degrees and credentials. She has no right to pretend that imagination and experience take the place of hard work.  I would suspect he suffers from deficits in cognition, mental illness, or other delays.  I am sure his Mom and Grandmother have raised him to have some awareness of the world.  Being so naive and bewildered that she is not legit is a red flag to illness. How could he let her say such horrible things to his family? What respectable adult talks like that (much less on national tv) to your significant others Mother/Grandmother? He appears to be functioning on a very low level and she is taking advantage and being the creepy old woman. She seems to be manipulating and abusing him on a sick and twisted level.  She needs to be admitted to an in-patient psychiatric facility immediately. That should have been arranged before she left that stage. As soon as she was away from him, he needed to run as fast and far away as possible. He needs just as much psychiatric help and its a shame that some sort of protective services do not exist for situations like this. If she refused help, I would look into her cons and threaten action. She is clearly a danger to all.

Replied By: kimberly6869 on Mar 30, 2017, 6:21AM - In reply to bnsf2015
I don't know how anyone that watched the show could miss that Dr. Phil was going to offer her help. In my opinion Dr. Phil handled this approriatly and did not explode her in anyway. She clearly has mental illness but it did not appear the audience laughing at her affected her in anyway other than her liking the reaction she appeared to thrive off of it, which again clearly she needs help which Dr Phil was offering to her. In all fairness the show was primarily to help Matthew and part if that was trying to get him to see Kayden's issues and how unrealistic she is behaving so he would in fact accept the help which again Dr Phil assured him he would offer her help as well. Great job Dr Phil I hope we get to see a follow up to see his progress. I wish him nothing but the best of luck to all parties involve.
Replied By: hydrangea123 on Mar 21, 2017, 11:35PM
I thought it was great that Dr. Phil just talked man to man to Matthew and with the woman off the stage at the end.  You could see Matthew relax and it sure calmed things down.  I also found everything Kaden said so cringeworthy, I think because I tend to lean to the new age/wholistic stuff and it really made me see that there's a fine line with some of this stuff between mental illness and just legitimate curiosity about mysticism or personal growth and the unknowns of life.  She's comes across as mentally ill or just projecting her own traumas onto Matthew.  I'm not sure it's necessarily that she's conning him, as she seems way too "off" to not take into account her mental state.  But sounds dysfunctional and it's a toxic soup.  I hope Kaden gets help too, though I imagine she'd need very long term help.

I like how Dr. Phil handled this.  Very professional.
Replied By: cijaym on Mar 21, 2017, 10:18PM
Okay - this may sound 'conspiracy theorist'-ish but... she's boasting fake degrees and credentials, assigning herself titles that she doesn't have. She has given herself the position of 'messenger of God' and claimed supernatual powers. She has got one man convinced of (possibly... I don't know) skewed views of his past. She has assigned illnesses to him so that she can be the 'savior' and cure/treat him. She has isolated him from who he knows and she has bought land in the middle of the desert. I wouldn't be surprised if she starts sending Matthew out to recruit others.

But - also she said  "you can't just receive and authorship without proper credentials". I published a book and I'm just a fat little redhead on my laptop! You DO just send stuff to "the people that give you an authorship". You have to pay them, of course, not something you can do when you're showering every 4 weeks and living in a van though. You kind of need a job. She can publish whatever she wants but without credentials it would be a matter of just being 'her experiences' and not a reference book. She's going to look foolish though because, the back pedaling she was doing on the show is NOT possible once it's on paper.

I was sorry to hear that Dr Phil offered her help, too because if you can afford to buy real estate you can afford to get yourself help. I don't want to see a follow up with her but I would like to see how Matthew comes out of it.

Replied By: bnsf2015 on Mar 21, 2017, 12:53PM - In reply to booboob22
I distinctly heard Dr. Phil say to Matthew that he (Dr. Phil) knew Kayden needed help and was willing to arrange for that, so don't feel so sorry for Kayden the sicko opportunist.
Replied By: bnsf2015 on Mar 21, 2017, 12:51PM - In reply to upsydasy
I think this young man may very well be a bit "slow" and he is certainly extremely immature, so don't blame him so much for falling for Kayden's line of BS.
Replied By: booboob22 on Mar 21, 2017, 10:34AM
The woman on this show was obviously mentally ill. She sat there and was laughed at, then left with no support or "onsite" invitation. At least Matthew has a loving family. What does this woman have? Disgraceful to use a person like this.
Replied By: upsydasy on Mar 21, 2017, 10:15AM - In reply to portiajlee
Oh c’mon!  There’s no doubt in my mind that Mathew knew that he was caught between a rock and a hard place and in desperate need of a lifeline.  Just because you once felt manipulated by someone, doesn’t mean that we all would have reacted in the same way.  Your comment makes little sense since you accuse others of doing exactly what you are, which is to judge people solely based on your own experiences.  Unless Mathew is as unbalanced as Kayden, he knew very well that there’s no such thing as fairies and unicorns, but his pride got in the way of asking for help from the very people who kept telling him Kayden was bad news.  There are just so many “I told you so's” a young man of his age can take especially from women who possibly dominated him his entire life.  Kayden desperately tried to drag Mathew into her madness with her because she needed him and Mathew willingly and knowingly went along for his own reasons. 
Replied By: bnsf2015 on Mar 21, 2017, 9:47AM
Kaden is a very mentally disturbed and deficient person who needs to be institutionalized for long term treatment for both her own good and that of others.  She's a really, really bad liar to boot which illustraates she is either mentally ill or just a stupid con artist (or a bit of both).  I would have liked to hear more about the "problems" the mother had during her youth that caused the grandmother to need to raise this young man but that was quickly glossed over.
Replied By: portiajlee on Mar 20, 2017, 11:07PM - In reply to hulumaude
Do you really know so many people that you can justify your judgement?  I have kids in my 20's and I have been a kid in my 20's that was very manipulated by someone I dated. There are several kinds of manipulation and being that she is 24 years older & mentally ill, she could have done several things to initailly have him believing her.

Every individual is just that, individual.  Thinking and believing that you "know" how people would react to any given situation, is actually very naive`.  Naivete` comes in all forms.  Some people are street smart, some are book smart, etc.  Never assume anyone would react to something the way you think they would.  I can cause a lot of disappointment and anger.

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