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Caitlin wrote to Dr. Phil in hopes of saving her seven-year marriage to Robert, who she claims has been abusive since they were teens. Robert admits he has anger problems but claims Caitlin can be just as violent and vindictive. To make matters worse, Caitlin says she is at war with her mother-in-law, Susan. She claims Susan enabled Robert to carry on an affair while he lived with her in another state when he was supposed to be going to school – even moving his mistress into the house with them! Robert says he is also at odds with his mother-in-law, Dale, whom he, Caitlin and their two children have lived with for the past three years. He claims that Dale and Caitlin team up to antagonize him. Can Dr. Phil bring peace to this four-way family feud?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: ivana123 on Mar 13, 2017, 9:46PM
Dr Phil used to offer insightful and helpful advice to his guests but lately some of the episodes have become boring and same old same old with Dr Phil  spending the episode simply pointing out their behaviours and using the board/huge iPad screen to relay their text messages etc and then chastising them that what they are doing is wrong.

This is boring to viewers and often guests do already come there knowing that what they are doing is wrong but are seeking advice on how to break out of their cycle or how to be able to have better emotional regulation etc.

Dr Phil now sometimes seems angry instead of the "down to earth southern charm" that he originally had.

Ironically though,he doesn't become angry at the guests that really really do deserve anger such as that Danielle girl and her mother.

Replied By: wondersn on Mar 13, 2017, 5:46PM
If they are so mean and miserable why are they still together.  Leave each other so the kids can be safe and the parents maybe grow up and get a happy life away.  I also think couples need to keep their parents out of their marriage.  And the parents need to say you were old enough to get married and have a family you are old enough to do the right thing.  It just sickens me to see these relationships.  I spent 11 years in a similar relationship other then our parents weren't involved.  I've bee a million times happ even on my bad days then I was there.
Replied By: boredwithtv on Mar 13, 2017, 5:38PM
I don't usually watch this show however. WOW.. this woman needs to run. This guy is a ticking time bomb. It will only be a matter of time before someone dies!!.. she needs to get help. No woman in their right mind should put herself or the children in this situation. This is a disfunctional family on all aspects. Just looking at this man on TV. Is like looking at the devil. She is just as crazy.. Very sad for those kids....
Replied By: julietrainor87 on Mar 13, 2017, 4:37PM - In reply to hulumaude
Amen!!!! Her mom needs to kick him out though! Now!!!! Those children are in danger :physically and mentally!!!! His words must be terrifying to those poor innocent children!
Replied By: hulumaude on Mar 13, 2017, 3:40PM
First of all, how dare these two bring two children into a crazy, abusive relationship- especially when they can't even support themselves. 

Second, Caitlin needs to first get excellent document of everything he has done and take it to divorce court to make sure he has no unsupervised visits with the children. Also, go to therapy and simply get rid of him.

This guy is defective from the molecules up. He is the type of guy who the prisons are full of, for good reason. There is nothing to save here. Send him back to his creepy mommy where he belongs. Caitlin needs to wake up. When she can't even take care of her kids herself and he is a threat to him, she has absolutely no business wasting any energy on some demented guy.

Otherwise, Caitlin's mother, the only person there who seems to have any sense, should go for custody.
Replied By: dlangley66 on Mar 13, 2017, 3:33PM
 They need to get their act together, and his mother is completely disgusting, She condones the abuse. 

She needs to take those kids and get away from him. This is a domestic violence case for sure. She is trying to stand up for herself, not in a good way, she needs to have the tools and learn them.

But he does not deserve to be around those kids at all trying to tell them they would be better off if their mother was gone, Then tells her he is going to take a pick ax to her head.

He is a abuser abuser abuser...   he will not change this lady needs to get away from him and  get counseling for herself and the kids.
Replied By: jbrown6876 on Mar 13, 2017, 1:47PM
neither of these two should have custody of the kids.  they are both too immature.

he looks like he is really going to hurt someone.  how old was he when they met- she was 13.  she is probably still 13 years old maturity wise and has not grown up.

they need to divorce and both take parenting and anger classes.  sheesh
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