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It all began with an email from a woman named Brittany who wrote to Dr. Phil saying she was devastated after she says that she found out her boyfriend, whose baby she says she’s carrying, was leading a double life. But as Dr. Phil began digging deeper into her story, he learned that Brittany wasn’t telling him the whole story. Instead, Dr. Phil uncovered information suggesting Brittany had a history of harassing men and fabricating pregnancies, births and infant deaths. Dr. Phil spoke to her former friends Randi and Haley, who gave an in-depth look into the web of lies they claimed Brittany was weaving. Today, Dr. Phil sits down with Brittany and reveals what he has learned, and even asks her whether she wants to take a pregnancy test. Plus, see what happened that led to Brittany leaving the stage, resulting in an emotional backstage conversation with Dr.Phil. (OAD: 2-17-17)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: joeysta on Jun 20, 2017, 7:13PM
I believe Brittany has likely thought through what would happen on the show.  She is very smart, devoid of emotion.  Brittany was boxed in with two warrants facing jail and only then contacted the show.  What better way than to have Dr Phil remove the "box" and allow her to get help rather than ever face any consequence.  Her current alleged pregnancy is another "rabbit in the hat" to find ways to keep out of jail as it gives another reason for others to help her not go to jail.  She is using the opportunity Dr Phil provides to escape.  I am a fond supporter of Dr Phil as he has taught me how important it is to help without judging.  But in this one case, I say beware.  She is extremely calculating, cold and logical.  She initiated coming on the show and could easily guess what would be uncovered.  It is her plan to not face legal consequence but get help . . . Which I believe will not have an effect.  I hope I am wrong.
Replied By: lanna89 on Feb 24, 2017, 10:54AM
There has got to be some very serious personality disorder going on with this woman for her to keep trying to get self esteem,atention and love by lying and manipulation. She needs to realize this and take the treatment offered to her as if her life depends on succeeding at it. Because it literally does. If she refuses to do this and will not stop victimizing others over and over than she should be forced into mandatory psychiatric treatment by the courts. If she refuses she needs to go back to jail and stay there until she does agree to cooperate fully. Our court systems are strained to the limit now dealing with real dangerous criminals that need dealing with. They do not need to constantly have to put up with Brittany's nonsense and lies.Contnued intensive psychiatric treatment or go to jail and stay there!
Replied By: springchix on Feb 20, 2017, 4:11PM
I applaud Dr. Phil for managing to remain so calm with Brittany.  Obviously she was lying to herself but he was finally able to cut through her crap and get her to admit to some lies.  It is too bad that she did not go directly to t he rehab centre as offered because the "After the Show" piece outlined that she was arrested.  Love the crap she is still trying to lie about.  If she gave birth, where is a record of the birth and who has the child?  This woman needs serious in patient treatment.
Replied By: ashleyb339 on Feb 19, 2017, 4:43PM
she said she would never do something so stupid referring to jumping out of a cop car (why was she not handcuffed). Except she literally has done something more stupid to eight men if not more. She is conning these men for money. She belongs in jail. And I don't understand why Dr. Phil thinks these warrants are just going to go away if she completes Creative Care. She just needs to stop and get outpatient therapy. These men should sue her. When she knew where Dr. Phil was heading with the conversation, her entire body sank. She's not pregnant.
Replied By: blgspc on Feb 19, 2017, 4:23PM
I considered not commenting but here I am. For me, this is a matter of someone who chronically engages in FRAUD, further loss of friends, involvement with the law and courts have had NO impact on this woman or her choices!

This woman is absolutely dedicated to FRAUD. This is a way of life for her. She has invested extensive time and enormous efforts into MAINTAINING this maladaptive lifestyle! Clearly, there are payoffs: Monetary (of course), the thrill of ‘can I pull this off’, the thrill of the chase, the construction of an elaborate web of lies, even all of the negative attention. Like it or not this woman finds this lifestyle gratifying!

Is Brittany disordered? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, for sure! So are millions of others who consciously involve themselves in scamming, extorting, harassing etc…There is NO special treatment for this, period. It HAS NOT ever been shown that folks like Brittany benefit one iota from in-patient treatment, EVER! They don’t even benefit from outpatient therapy.

We do know that Brittany doesn’t care for jail, however, jail is her only opportunity for change AND even stents in jail are not going to promote real change unless and until she wants something different for herself.

This is a criminal case and ‘pathologizing’ crime helps no one. People like Brittany rarely change, bottom line. My two cents.
Replied By: imperatrice on Feb 19, 2017, 2:14PM
But, imo, no matter.  She has warrants out for her arrest, she should be arrested.  Her level of insight is "nil", maybe a stint in the slammer will change her mind.  She's very similar to what we see every night on TV, falsehoods, deflection, projection, self-agrandissment, on and on and on.  Malignant narcissism, Anti-social personality disorder, .. I cannot imagine living that kind of harassment.  Reminds me of Fatal Attraction back in the day, if nothing scared men from having one-night stands, that did it.  A cautionary tale.  

Replied By: upsydasy on Feb 18, 2017, 9:14AM
It’s difficult to tell whether this woman deserves to be behind bars or in treatment.  However, I’m certain that her victims would prefer both.  When Dr. Phil asked her what her goals were for appearing on the show and more specifically "what causes someone to lie like this", I immediately thought uh-oh that’s a trap!  Now Brittany’s going to tell him exactly why she stalked, harassed and manipulated all those men by ascribing her own crimes onto her victims and she did not disappoint.  She said:

1.       It’s a learned pattern,
2.       It’s a mental health issue, or,
3.       It’s an addiction.

I’d say all three fit perfectly, which means she knew exactly what she was doing and deserves time in prison in order to prevent reoffending.  Although I’m sure that Dr. Phil would disagree, I don’t believe that treatment alone can achieve that.   Otherwise, how will she learn that her crimes have consequences that go beyond wrecking people’s lives and she must pay for them? 
Replied By: bnsf2015 on Feb 17, 2017, 7:28PM
Brittany is clearly Looney Tunes folks.  She admitted just about everything to Dr. Phil who then graciously offered her a very expensive treatment facility program for free, which she seems to have accepted and then she lied yet again (I guarantee it) about giving birth.  I truly want to see this nut case get what's coming to her after she conned at least eight men (possibly more) and some women as well.
Replied By: mintjulep on Feb 17, 2017, 5:20PM
But not quite to the degree this woman has taken manipulation!  She really was trapped by Dr. Phil or she would  never have admitted anything.  Blaming drug use, etc.  I hope she can be counseled into cleaning up her life patterns, because some man, somewhere along the way, is going to violently give her a lesson in how people resent being stalked and harassed.  With any luck, every eligible man in the town will see her and run if they ever see her coming again.  Oh but with her "resourceful" mind, she'll simply change her appearance and go looking,,,unless she makes it to Creative Care and listens instead of trying to con.

Replied By: laneyd on Feb 17, 2017, 5:15PM
I didn't comment on the first part, where the two ex-friends were on stage.   Haley bothered me the way she laughed and seemed to be enjoying talking about Brittany.  The other lady was different and didn't appear to take glee in the situation the way Haley did.  Brittany definately has a lot of problems and I didn't believe her reasons for doing what she did.  She knew exactly what she did to others and I hope she spends time in jail
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