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Cindy admits she still loves her husband, Trever, despite their 16-year marriage being full of screaming, fights, calls to the police, bruises and a broken nose! Trever says Cindy loves to play the “martyr,” and is badgering, controlling and pushing his buttons by constantly snooping through his things, which he claims has caused many of their altercations. Cindy also claims she’s not the only victim of Trever’s “monster-like” behavior… so are their kids, including their oldest son, Joe, who she says has demonstrated violence after years of watching Trever. Hear about a violent incident that happened between Trever and Joe a day before the show that resulted in hotel security being called! Does Cindy and Trever’s marriage have any hope? What will Dr. Phil recommend for this family to heal? (OAD: 11-9-16)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: ohmylife on Mar 22, 2017, 7:28PM - In reply to shabani76
I am very happy for you and your children. I just wanted to suggest that you might want to be realistic in your thoughts and words. One can only give 100%, not any more than that. 100% is the top of the measurement. Any more than that is fantasy.
Replied By: ohmylife on Mar 22, 2017, 7:05PM - In reply to shabani76
I am very happy for you and your children. I just wanted to suggest that you might want to be realistic in your thoughts and words. One can only give 100%, not any more than that. 100% is the top of the measurement. Any more than that is fantasy.
Replied By: ohmylife on Mar 22, 2017, 6:58PM - In reply to hulumaude
You are correct in your description on all points regarding this family. I've had a difficult time replacing anger towards them both with prayers and positive thoughts.
Replied By: julia_m on Mar 22, 2017, 4:31PM
Really? Trever sits there and so quietly and meekly tells his monstrous story of abuse and plays the victim. "She pushes my buttons; she was nagging at me for 4 hours; i kept asking Joseph to stop", etc. And, "I know it's abuse but I don't know what to do about it."  Trever is a monstrous bully. Poor, poor thing. I'm so glad that Dr. Phil layed down the law to him. "You never, ever put your hands on a woman in anger!!!!"  Any man who thinks that he has the right to physically abuse his wife and children in additon to verbally abusing them is NOT a man. He is a scared, self righteous, arrogant, violent, and undisciplined child. And, Cindy's lack of follow through with domestic violence charges is a real problem. When does Trever face any consequences?  I realize that this show is a repeat and really, really hope that this family was offered intensive therapy and took it. Otherwise, they need to divorce and engage in intensive therapy to deal with the fallout from so many years of abuse and dysfunction.
Replied By: bacardired on Mar 22, 2017, 3:50PM
Omg, I honestly don't know who I'm more angry with, her or him...He's an absolute jerk and a ticking time bomb, and she has the nerve to sit on stage and cry and complain that she might be viewed as a "victim"while her son looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown...But she loves him so I guess that's supposed to make it ok...I can't deal with these people
Replied By: hulumaude on Mar 22, 2017, 3:19PM
My post is not excusing Trever and blaming the victim. It's just that Trever is not even worth wasting words on. He is simply one of a significant number of males of the type the prisons are full of, a vicious coward who bullies women and children. He belongs in prison, period.

Cindy, first of all, your point of view that you bring it on is delusional. I too am mouthy and have many other fault and have been married considerably longer than you have. I've even smacked my husband a few times He has NEVER hit me or threatened to hurt me. A real man walks away. When there's ANYTHING you need to change to avoid violence from a man or even the threat of it, he is a sub-human antisocial creep at the core and it has NOTHING to do with you.

Also, you need to stop flattering yourself that your children "are your life." You have seriously, repeatedly failed to protect them which is grounds for them to be removed from the home and for you to be sent to jail, which you do deserve. He abused your first child seriously before he was even born by deliberately pushing you OUT OF A CAR. Your response? Go back, WITH THE BABY, for another zillion rounds and bring TWO more children into it.

Your drama queen ways "are your life." You simply can't get enough of the rollercoaster ride and it comes first to you by a million miles over your kids. 

The solution: Trever belongs in prison, Cindy belongs in jail, and the true victims, those poor children, need to be sent to a safe place before their ape of a father kills them and their stupid mother sits there watching it.
Replied By: upsydasy on Nov 10, 2016, 9:44AM - In reply to julia_m
I remember hearing Dr. Phil caution couples who are on the verge of divorce to not leave when there is unfinished business left between them.  If any couple falls into that category it is Cindy and Trever.  Going to an intensive couple’s workshop for three days may diffuse a bit of tension so that they can continue with individual’s therapy when they return home. 

I agree with everyone who say that Trever is an abuser and that Cindy is a victim of domestic violence.   However, after 20 years of this, Cindy is not ready to leave her husband and raise her children on her own, nor would Trever allow it.  If anything leaving him now, without a professional intervention, would make him even more dangerous to Cindy and the children than he is already.

I think that Dr. Phil was being very smart by playing his cards close to his chest.  He was not ready to tip Trever off, at that very moment, that his wife along with her children will be leaving him just as soon as she gains a little perspective through therapy and professional support. 
Replied By: jennifer777 on Nov 10, 2016, 5:30AM
I was shocked, confused and disappointed when Dr. Phil offered Cindy a very brief counselling program, then counselling to the husband and some help to the son. After 16 years of marriage - 20 years together - most of it abusive - I can't imagine that all would be well after counselling. The ending of the show seemed rushed.There have been instances where Dr. Phil has identified that there was no hope for a marriage and recommended separation/divorce and this seems to be an example of that being the best solution for all concerned in my view. I think he failed in this one.
Replied By: shabani76 on Nov 9, 2016, 8:06PM
I feel so saddened by hearing what Cindy is going through by her husbands abuse. Especially the children. I can 110% totally relate to this situation.
I myself was in an 8 year abusive marriage. I gained my power, strength, and courage to get rid of him and divorce him. My kids suffered physical and emotional abuse too. They are currently in therapy. They've been in and out of Four Winds Hospital. Healing takes time and if there is anything I can do to help these women through due to my experience, I am more than happy to share and talk about what I endured. It is hard and scary but we need to take control of our lives
Replied By: angiem1002 on Nov 9, 2016, 7:32PM
Sounds like a recent ex i had , i couldn't do anything right in his eyes, he wasn't as physically violent as this guyf but verbally abusive, a liar(yes he was cheating but refused to acknowledge even when i had proof), later on through mutual friends and  therapy ifound it was not my fault for any of it.. He is what they call a phsycopathic liar...they are never at fault and seem to believe their lies and lash at you when you call them on their lies.. this guy on the show reminds me of this type of person. except more of a bully and yes we cna still be infatualted with them even though abused.. the calm times are great, just like walking on eggshells with them though..  I feel for her.. I got the same way, snooping through all his things to proove to myself what i thought since he never came out and admitted his cheating..a nd lying..    they don't realize they are doing wrong!!  okay i have said enough.
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