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Vicki accuses her daughter Shawna of abusing her granddaughter, after she says she found 15 bruises on her and witnessing Shawna tell her she is “worthless” and “stupid.” Shawna admits to having “smack[ed] the crap” out of her daughter and telling her she was the biggest mistake of her life, but claims it was discipline. Shawna’s husband, James, says he generally agrees with his wife’s discipline and says it’s their daughter who is out of control. (OAD 11-8-16)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: rammstein1 on Mar 16, 2017, 9:28PM
I really did love it when Dr. Phil championed this young girl because she has been sorely lacking anyone going to bat for her. Not the one, her dad most certainly not, her mother is the main abuser and granny may mean well but she also did not do what needed to be done IMO.

I hope this girl and her family get the help they need and I loved it when Dr. Phil said that if she changed her mind he was going to call the police and have her arrested, just loved that part of the show. Good for you Dr. Phil, good for you.
Replied By: patsy7303 on Mar 16, 2017, 9:12PM
I loved the look on the mom's face when Dr. Phil explained what mandated court reporter meant!  Priceless.  My problem lies with the grandmother who is a mandated court reporter.  Why is she not being held accountable.  Who knows what secrets she is keeping.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DR> PHIL!

Been in social services for many years.  Recovering addict who understands, mandated court reporting.  
Replied By: julia_m on Mar 15, 2017, 9:09PM - In reply to crazypancake
For all of those who want to pardon the grandmother for not calling CPS, the fact is that she is a "mandated" reporter. She MUST report even the suspicion of child abuse. She has no choice. Once involved, CPS should oversee the parents' work with Onsite and continued therapy, They will monitor the home and the situation there, They will speak with the children without the parents' presence and will monitor the children closely. What wasn't mentioned is how the 12 yo is doing in school. How aware is the school of the situation and is the school counselor involved? That person can also monitor the 12 yo and make sure that she is safe.And, as someone mentioned, the grandmother can make an anonymous CPS report. The parents might suspect she called, but would not be able to prove it. Finally, Dr. Phil was clearly furious himself. I have no doubt that he and his staff will remain involved in this situation and will monitor it closely.
Replied By: nunyabiznaz on Mar 15, 2017, 6:08PM
Your show today was possibly the most impactful one I have ever watched.  This mother and father are not alone in their failure to recognize the long-term devastating effects child abuse has on an individual.  I am convinced that up until the final minutes of the show this mother thought she was there to discuss her willful daughter.  I know that there were viewers today who recognized themselves in the face of that mother and father when they finally figured out that the problem was them and not the child.  I watched this with my adult son and every commercial break was filled with conversation about this tragedy.  Our final two cents?  Why wait?  Report her to CPS and get the 3 year old checked out too.
Replied By: lorrainejoyce on Mar 15, 2017, 5:18PM - In reply to transcriber45
All the comments from the viewers today were right on.  There is nothing more I can say, except this is the worst Mother ever shown on Dr. Phils show.  I hope the help that is offered her by Dr. Phil helps, but she seems to be hopeless at this point.   Lorraine.
Replied By: julia_m on Mar 15, 2017, 4:54PM
I too was absolutely furious with this so called "mom" and her absentee husband. Her behavior towards her daughter is extremely abusive, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The fact that she sat there and denied that most of what she is doing is abusive and did so with such arrogance was disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. No wonder the child is acting out against her. I once had a young girl as a client whose "mother" layed around the house while this 10 year old child took care of three younger siblings, including, getting them ready for school, preparing them meals,getting them their baths, getting them to bed, etc. Additionally, she had lost her father. My client was chronically depressed and suicidal. It took CPS 2 years to remove her from the home and then only after the mother refused to respond when the child was hospitalized for suidicality. Mom was required to take parenting classes. and failed to do so. The child ended up with an aunt and uncle. 

In this case, this so called mother's continued denials re: her abusive behaviior and her flat out arrogance should land her in jail. She actually said that she wants her daugher to be fixed since her daugter is the real problem and holds all of the power.. She learned absolutely NOTHING from Dr. Phil. NOTHING. I hope she is charged with child abuse and serves some really hard time in jail.The so called 'dad's" attitude and lack of responsiblity were also appalling. He has done nothing to intervene in the daily abuse. He needs to move home and make absolutely certain that his daughter is safe from her disgusting "mother". 

Finally, the grandmother's refusal to call CPS is criminal. She is also a mandated reporter and had the responsibility to notify CPS of the abuse that she witnessed. Mandated reporters are required to report even if they only 'suspect' abuse. This grandmother absolutely knew it was going on. Shame on her. Her actions enabled the abuse and the abusers.
Replied By: julietrainor87 on Mar 15, 2017, 4:53PM
If this 12 yo child is so abusive, why allow her to take care of 3yo? She's probably afraid you idiots will abuse the baby!!!!
Replied By: serenity0795 on Mar 15, 2017, 4:36PM
I was raised by a very anbusive step father. I went thru the mental,emotional,physical,sexual i was beat with bull whips cattle prods bailing wire any thing he could get his hand on. I turned him in was toldi deserved it. There is not to much I havent done jails stripper prostitution addict alkie etc.Group Homes etc. When I got clean an sober I swore I would never abuse my children. My mom couldnt do any thing. With all the younger kids there I did not expect her to leave as she would be on the streets. I hope this 12 yr old girl gets the help she needs. I have turned in an got 9 kids taken away from family members over them abusing their kids an they never got them back. I do not care who anyone is children are our to raise for 18yr then god steps in we have them on loan an they should be respected. prayers for the girl.parents should be in jail. Simple
Replied By: welder21 on Mar 15, 2017, 4:29PM
When I was a child this happened to me!!! My parents got divorced when I was 14 and this was the happiest day of my life, I stayed and lived with my father and did not talk to my mother for over 3 years.  My mother didn't treat my older sister that way so my sister lived with my mother and I stayed with my father.  My father did not know this was going on because my mother did not act this way when he was around.  My dad worked long days as a foreman at a sewer and water company!!  Any way Dr. Phil is right,  I had problems learning growing up, I self medicated with alchohol, I am now on medication for depression.  I still do not have the best relationship with my mother or even my sister because of this.  I feel for this little girl and if her mother and father cannot handle her she can live with me!! Nobody deserves to be treated this way ever!! Also if you can could you please send me the list of things your susceptible of when this happens to you! I did not get all of it!
Replied By: jammac on Mar 15, 2017, 4:01PM
I was infuriated watching today's show.  The mother, Shawna, was completely oblivious to what she was doing and what her actions were doing to her daughter.  She showed absolutely no emotion.  I found her to be arragant and obnoxious.  I have to wonder when the abuse will start with her other daughter.  She should be ashamed of herself.  Instead, she is blaming it all on Jade.  I hope and pray that Dr. Phil calls CPS, and the child is removed from both of these abusive parents, and can live with her grandmother.
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