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Marcia is worried because she believes her 19-year old daughter, Cheyenne, is living in a motel with a pimp and a prostitute, who she says have taken her under their wing. But Cheyenne says if it weren’t for Chris and Brooke, she would have been homeless after her mom kicked her out for the fourth time. Chris says he isn’t a pimp, and Brooke and Cheyenne aren’t prostitutes. So why are men paying $200 an hour for a “special massage?” Dr. Phil gives his opinion about where they are headed. (OAD: 9/23/16)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: hulumaude on Mar 23, 2017, 3:38PM
These children seem spoiled and lazy. They think they've found an easy way out of getting an education and doing skiled work and run their mouths non-stop trying to make it into something other than that. Why would they think anyone is interested in their teen-town opinions or personal re-definitions of terms like "prostitute" and "pimp."

These middle class little kids better quit playing gangsta or they will learn the hard way how tough they are not. Horrible to say, but it would be rather satisfying to see their know-it-all little mouths shut for them.

Replied By: robertfromohio on Jan 11, 2017, 1:59AM
Has anyone here ever seen the movie "The Other Guys?" at the end there's a song called "pimps don't cry" about a naive girl who doesn't know she's being pimped because, well, pimps don't cry. This is basically Chris' theme song.

What a creep. And that manipulative voice he was using the whole time was just the worst.
Replied By: babygiraffe on Sep 23, 2016, 11:12PM
Chris and Brooke had the audacity to say ppl on the show treated them poorly. All Chris did was run his mouth and try to take over in order to manipulate. I would've told him to put a sock in it. No clue how Dr.P was able to put up with that. And the poor parents too! Brooke is so sucked in by this creepy loser...she was willing to accept all responsibility for what he was doing. They totally disgusted me. No one made you "feel small" dummy...you're simply a product of your actions. Ugh. They made my skin crawl. The last part about him "hating the situation they're in that he cries himself to sleep??? Gimme a break! He's living the good life!! He's not the one that has to give the happy endings to strangers 4 times his age. Just disgusted.
Replied By: wccles on Sep 23, 2016, 6:08PM
Wow, I wish you were around when I was young! That pimp saying they all weren't doing  anything wrong is disgusting!!  When young girls find themselves in these situations we need the kind of help this girl was given today. I pray she follows through because I know she will have a lifetime of pain, inability to make good decisions, and poor self esteem!! I can tell you getting help now with your family will make a huge difference for the rest of your life!
Replied By: spiritual7365 on Sep 23, 2016, 5:48PM
It appears that what this young girl has not developed is her self-respect. Not knowing the law, and now seeing that she could be arrested, is the important turning point for her future. But, as a young girl matures she develops an inner picture of who she is. Being loved and cherished and taught that she is important in her world is of utmost importance. She lacks this insight and now has a chance to regain her balance and move forward on a new path. Hopefully she will learn that she is worth respect and make positive choices in the future. Cheyenne, you can make good choices and loving your self is vital. You can claim all the best in your life  because you deserve the best. Spiritual
Replied By: imperatrice on Sep 23, 2016, 5:32PM - In reply to fenwaypark9
Just because she is a girl does not absolve her of her equal participation in both recruiting and training Cheyenne in the skills required for the rub&tug.  As she said at the end, she too was pimping Cheyenne, she is more than ready to absolve him of responsibility.  They are a team of equals and share equally in criminality.  Her gender should not fool you.  Women are as capable as men in exploiting others.  

Replied By: drakcots on Sep 23, 2016, 4:19PM
What a loathsome excuse for a human being. I'm sure his parents are proud they raised a pimp. I just wish Dr P had asked him what he did for a living if he's not a pimp. What are the odds this tape will be used as evidence when he goes to trial? If he goes to prison he will find out what it means to be a prostitute only he won't have any choice about his partners. I am so sick of people blaming bad behavior on poor parenting. No one comes through childhood like the Beaver. We all have traumas, times our parents aren't fair or make mistakes. Many people go through horrors and come out the other side determined not to let that rule the rest of their lives. This little creep uses it as an excuse to sit on his butt and take money from working girls.
Replied By: jodycicc on Sep 23, 2016, 3:50PM
I hope that after that show Dr. Phil and his associates also reached out to Chris and Brooke.  We don't know what their stories are but obviously they took a wrong turn not too long ago.  All three seemed intelligent and had the compentency to turn their lives around.  Just might need some direction and guidance.
Replied By: fenwaypark9 on Sep 23, 2016, 2:54PM - In reply to imperatrice
The other girl is in equally as much danger as Cheyenne. She is young and stupid and probably honestly believes she and this pimp are a "team". She probably (as most if not all prostitutes) suffers from very low self esteem and abuse. She needs as much help as the girl who had her family show up. The only true criminal on the stage was the dweeby pimp.
Replied By: fenwaypark9 on Sep 23, 2016, 2:51PM
I hope by the end of the show Dr. Phil offers serious help to the other girl! What, she doesn't count because her family isn't there? I could care less about the pimp but that other girl is in as much danger as anyone.
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