Families Who Have Been Helped By Dr. Phil

Have you or has your child or spouse been helped by Dr. Phil? If you want to talk with others who may have been in a similar situation as you, share your story here.
Replied By: sharbelmar on Apr 7, 2017, 6:15AM - In reply to jessica1313
Hi there! ,  To me this seems like something that you should have gone to the police about at that time.  Any type of abuse is a crime.  I don't see how  Dr. Phil & his staff could help you. Perhaps this is why you haven't received the  response you were hoping for.  This sounds like a criminal investigation may be in order. Good luck with your situation.
Replied By: mzchuthee on Mar 21, 2017, 7:56PM - In reply to mollymall
So sorry to hear of your hardships & struggles. I see it's been a while since your post & was wondering how are things with you & your daughter.  I do hope better! I really do! Also, if I may ask, was that Computer Generates email reply to your post the only response you've received from the show? I wish & pray you well! May God Bless You & Yours! 
Replied By: godkin on Mar 18, 2017, 6:54PM
I think he should do a week series on the people you have helped that haven't come on your show. I record your shows and like most everyone else I can relate to almost all your topics. You've helped me to understand what it means to "NEVER SURRENDER TO THE DISEASE"! Thank you.  I am living proof that through shear repetition of watching your shows,  the Drs, Dr Oz, Oprah, Ellen for laughter best medicine when hospitalized. Thank you. Mainly Dr. Phil n Robin, you need to hear from the people you don't realize you have helped that have never been oñ your show. I used to drink. I've been sober 7 yrs this year. Thank you.  My husband n I will be married 17 years this year, Thank you for helping me understand him better and myself so that we do now have the best relationship ever, we feel like we just met for the first time, Thank you. I was so depressed when first diagnosed but was having a pitty party and blamed everyone else. I did find out who my real support system was and still is. My husband. Everyone else even my family and some friends have given up on me and were just waiting for my funeral. When diagnosed I was given 6 months to live by my primary care doctor and now CEO of the hospital, he also gave up on me, shame on him. PLEASE DO A SHOW SO THAT WE CAN SAY THANK YOU DR. PHIL AND ROBIN FOR MAKING LIFE A BETTER ONE TO LIVE. PLEASE.
Replied By: godkin on Mar 18, 2017, 6:32PM - In reply to jessica1313
Same problem. I'll make it short. I have cirrhosis of the liver n was diagnosed at my local hospital.  Going on 7 yrs this yr. Spent just about one week averaged per month in hospital pas5 6 yrs. Overcame it lost 80 lbs doing good for an a recovering alcoholic. Had foot surgery in December n my liver reacted to anesthesia sending me to ER. Normal for me but when we got to ER the ER DR refused to treat me he came n left n. Came back n left n came n said there is nothing wrong with you. Go follow up with primary care doctor. He left along with nurse n noone came back. I waited n finally calledy husband to come back n get me. I normally send him home we live 2 blocks away. Bad mistake no witnesses. I didn't want commotion I just needed help my belly was distended, couldn't use bathrm going on 24 hrs. He REFUSED TO TREAT ME!  I went home n had to wait 24 hrs to go back so that I did not have to see him again. I figured he wax having a bad night in ER understandable but don't take it out on me. Went back 24 hrs later twice as bad. Couldn't touch my stomach. I looked about 7 months pregnant n guess who walks in the same ER dr from 24 hrs ago who wouldn't treat me. He came into my RM again 24 hrs later n saw it was me asked me what my problem was I explained again n he walked out never said a word n I never saw him again. I had to wait for the next ER dr to come on to get treatment n I finally did over 48 hrs later. IF U HAVE CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER ITS A PAIN U CANT EXPLAIN. I got a call from chief of ER apologizing g for that drs incompetence as well as my follow up with primary care she apologized n said I should not have been traumatized like that. He continues to practice. No lawyer will touch this case around here. They feel the Dr did no wrong. I COULD HAVE DIED. I wanted blood work done, my Ammonia level checked, etc. That's all I was there for besides the pain but refused pain pills. My liver cannot handle RX pain pills u throw up.  I can't take anything for pain. I still can't get over it n don't know how again. He sete back but I will not let this consume me.
Replied By: godkin on Mar 18, 2017, 6:02PM - In reply to jessica1313
Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gone through it.  I am diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver at my local hospital. Struggling past 6 yrs with it. After repeated watching of Dr Phil's shows, I record them, I was able to "NOT SURRENDER TO THE DISEASE!". WENT FROM 180 TO 115 lbs in one year. Got off at least 5 different meds. Drs kept giving them to me whenever I moaned or complained about aches n pains. Long story short I end up in the ER on Xmas morning due to my cirrhosis, distended belly obvious, nausea, etc. Due to having foot surgery n reacted to anesthesia. THE ER DR REFUSED TO TREAT ME. HE WOULDN'T LOOK AT MY BELLY NOR TOUCH IT. HE SENT ME HOME N SAID NOTHING IS WRONG WITH U. I had to go home in tremendous pain from foot surgery n cirrhosis.  I waited 24 hrs to go back to ER, now twice bad so had to call an ambulance n I live 2 blocks away. I couldn't walk. Got to ER n he was still there. That same ER dr who refused to treat me 24 hrs earlier.  He came into the Stahl saw it was me n left again n never came back. I had to wait til next Dr came on duty.  Chief of ER heard about it n my primary care heard about it before I even told anyone what happened. Chief of ER called me n apologized for him n said that it was unfortunate I had to go through such trauma. My PC said the same thing. End of story. No lawyer around my city will touch this because he's a Dr. Now I had to relive my past all over again. Went into depression again but I will not let this consume me. I can't do anything about it. I know exact how u feel. I was in pain for 48 hrs before my local hospital would see me in ER unfortunately for me. This Dr was new I've never ever seen him before in my life n  still trying to figure out why he wouldn't treat me. I had to send my husband out of the RM because I didn't want commotion. Bad mistake no witnesses except nurse n she won't speak.....
Replied By: alyshal2 on Dec 9, 2016, 7:11PM
My family and I no longer speak. When I was 18 I got pregnant my parents were very upset with me and constantly pressured me into having an abortion which I did not want. everyday they would tell me that's what has to happen and so on and so forth. They would show up at my job and tell me that they would say it when I saw them. (I was not living at home at the time)they called my cousin who I never really spoke to and had her talk to me about getting one. i felt as I had no one really alone, my boyfriend at the time was no good so my support system was no one. My cousin took me to the clinic once and I just wanted advice I wanted some help from someone but the clinic could not talk to me at the time unless I was sure I was going through with it. So I left eventually all the pressure came crashing down on me and my mom brought me down. I was a mess through it all and after everything my parents said i did the right thing and I have never been the same since. I turned to alchol and used drugs and I drowned my whole life in it. I became really depressed and now 9 years later I cannot even speak to my family because my younger sibling had a child and they are supporting her with her child. i felt as they let me down and I live with this regret everyday of my life and I would never subject myself to going there to see them with her child when they did not want mine. I may be all over the place here but it's such a long and hard story I hope someone will be able to help me through this.
Replied By: jessica1313 on Nov 19, 2016, 3:30AM
i need help figuring out how to get dr phils attentions on my emails, i seriously need his help. i have been a abused victim of my local hospital and i have done everything i can do and i recieved a letter on thursday stating to sum it up in a nut shell i deserved what happened to me, i was in the wrong. no one aka drs or anyone will be punished... but i live in fear every single day i live with flash backs of what they did. 

i feel very helpless in mysituation and am starting to think i really did deveser what happened.. 

please help with advice, cause i will do what i have to until i have no engery left.

thank you.
Replied By: mollymall on Nov 5, 2016, 6:26AM - In reply to momhelpingmoms
I'd like to connect with you.. I am dealing with this tough situation with my child and I don't know how to make it bette.
Replied By: mollymall on Nov 5, 2016, 6:23AM

I have a story to tell especially for young black women. I suffered depression and it was the hardest thing I ever had to under go. I had a broken foot, lost my job, broken heart and was kicked out of place of residence with my child in the midst of the winter March this year. I don't understand how could people be so cruel ever. I was looking for a job and 30 job interviews turned me down, including Bob Mendez's office when I reached out to him. None said why and what I had to improve. My depression got worst and worst . There were days I was worried about a home, a job and my child's safety.How can someone treat someone who was sick so badly?? Why the color of my skin be part Of my depression? What did I do to deserve this? I often asked myself. felt like giving up mentally. My brain couldn't take it anymore. I loss every memory in my head.couldn't think, write or put sentences together. I was a mess!!!! Finally I began praying a lot and began seeing changes. I reached out to people for help, few helped me with food, or paid my cellphone so I could have a way for jobs to call me. Most turned their backs on me and then I knew who my friends were. I am staying with someone but my time is near. My welcome is over and it's getting cold again. The thought of being homeless in the cold again is killing me. The thought of depression is driving me crazy. I have been to several apts and it's very costly or bad areas. I finally got a job but it doesn't pay much and I have to be on this tight budget. I want to be able to live in a good neighborhood with my child. I have tried to rent a room, no one wants to rent a room to me with a child. It's like going on these 30 interviews over again and all 30 of them turning me down.. It has been the hardest trial I had to go through in life. Where I'm staying I have to go out to give space for the owner of the house to be alone with his girlfriend. It's been tough and I need help. I've tried to reach out to you, Tim Cook Oprah, Tyler perry, Kelly clarkson for help but I just can't seem to get anyone. Kelly clarkson her songs kept me going and prayers. Peace by peace and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Tim Cook's office called me and said they don't help in that department. It's getting cold and I just can't be homeless again with my child. I can't sleep in my car or feed her in my car again. Please help us!!!!!! Help our story to be told. It's not easy being turned down 30 times for all types of jobs. Some jobs I would just burst into tears. Please find it in your heart to reach out to me. The only person who reached out back with prayers was Delilah on 106.7 Litefm. She prayed for me to get out of my depression. I'm still seeing a therapist. It's just amazing how someone can ruin another's life especially when taking drugs and the other is unknown of it. My life was very good and it turned sore so fast when my foot broke. After my foot broke my life fell apart, I became a nobody because I had no income. I was called a slave, I was told black people don't get depressed. My self esteem went down to the lowest. I couldn't drive due to my brain wasn't functioning well. I'd forget where I was going so I had to take uber. My daughter watched me cried night and day. My daughter wasn't allow to do well in school because she is a black child and the white child wasn't doing well. A house, a floor was more important than me. I wasn't allowed to lean my crutches on the model because I would scratch the wall paper. I couldn't walk too hard with my crutches because I'd scratch the floor. This is when my depression began. I saw how greed can consume someone's life and make another sick. I couldn't believe how a floor was more important than me. Being black I was told you shouldn't do better than me or make more money. I was in a very confusing situation. It made me dark and mentally ill. Being kicked out in the cold got me more sick. I need your help please find it in your heart to reach out to me. I need my story to be told about depression and how my mind stay with me. My brain was 2 seconds from leaving me on my birthday. God was my answer. please find it in you heart to reach out to my child and I Please. Life is amazing and I will keep smiling no matter how bad my situation is now. Glad to be breathing and I learnt a lot through this. Cherish others and don't put materialistic things before a life. Life is more important. Being homeless is no fun especially with a child.  If you can't help me please direct me to someone who can or please have them contact me. I am a real person looking for real help. No one seem to care. I wrote a letter to the president and his office emailed me to call a suicidal hotline. I'm not suicidal, I need help with a home. Please finding it your heart to reach out. Never knew the color of my skin would have ever got me in this state. I am a real mom and I'm looking for help with a warm home to stay with my child by or before thanksgiving. I've reached out to everyone I could think of and it's like no one seem to care enough to help us. Please sir us!!! Help me speak to the world about this life changing experience that I under go still. Please help us even if it's just to hear me out and let my story to be told. Someone of power can hear it or see and help my child and I. No fun sleeping in a car at times!!!!

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Replied By: monkeyman07 on Sep 27, 2016, 5:53PM
Those two need to stop being so selfish and put those children first grow up once and for all
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