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Dr. Phil continues his look at rage. When Isabella first appeared on the show, cameras installed in her home captured outrageous behavior . Has she changed? Find out how she reacts when she hears what DrPhil.com message board writers posted about her. Isabella's mom, Mary, joins the show and gives insight into Isabella's childhood. Why does she feel her daughter's anger is like a cancer that could destroy her? Then, find out why Isabella says she feels like she could actually hurt someone. Dr. Frank Lawlis, Chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and author of The Stress Answer, reveals the results of Isabella's evaluation, which he conducted at his PNP Center. Will the findings shed light on why Isabella loses control? And, Stuart says his rage is like a train on a collision course, and he's fearful for what might happen. He unleashes on everyone from his family members to strangers. How will he react when he sees what it's like to be on the receiving end of his out-of-control anger? What's at the root of Stuart's behavior? Plus, if you feel a fit of rage coming on, don't miss the exciting feature on DrPhil.com that will help mellow your mood! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: bluejaybelle on Jun 29, 2009, 7:40PM - In reply to suzannesar
Dr Phil,

I wonder since she had it since childhood. I was wondering if she had aspersers. She behaves a lot like my son when he was young. He had no empathy for others. He never remembers it afterwards. There are so many factors, listening to her talk, that even runs in our family. It took a child pediatrician, and a medication and counseling to control it. The factors of out side and social circles usually get blamed. Yet if you dig deeper there is so much more to it. A lot of children get misdiagnosed as ADD or ADDH. He is 9yo and diagnosed with aspersers and autism. Also the public do not understand it and treat them as naughty. I believe my brother also has it. Yet I can not tell him this or to get help. I believe at 34 it is to late for him. He has also now been involved with drugs and lost his 4 girls to the welfare department.
Replied By: solhealr on Feb 9, 2009, 8:42PM
Stuart's rage is very representative of how a child internalizes how the adults around him see him. From what he said about his father's reaction to him, you have to wonder how the father was treated when he was a child. Was he wanted or unwanted? Did he even have a father in his life? Stuart there is light at the end of the dark tunnel you now find yourself inside of, but you must be willing to do the work necessary to make it all the way to the end. It will not always be an easy journey, but it will be worth the trip. I can understand how you felt when you were given the sole responsibility of deciding your mother's fate. I imagine that your first reaction was one of "how could you do this to me Mother?", yet deep in your heart you knew the decision you made was the best one you could make for her. Find a counselor you feel comfortable with and be honest with him/her about what went on in your life. There will be tears and pain, but with those there will also be growth for the better. There is a loving caring human being deep within you who very much wants to be out in the world where he can know and receive unselfish love, and give it as well. I wish you success in your journey toward the new Stuart.
Replied By: kkeenmon on Feb 9, 2009, 6:33PM
I'm a 29 year old mother for the 1st time and Issabella's actions remind me of myself a few years ago. I used to go for the "shock value" when speaking to someone, anger was a comfortable emotion for me  as for many people. You hurt them before they hurt you. Anger is not fun and it ruins relationships. people who are that angry and full of rage need to examine themselves 1st and figure out the cause of the anger to learn to let go because it can eat away at you and destroy your life. You get back what you put out there and issabella can't possiably have healthy relationships with many people because in order to do so you have to like yourself 1st. People can't love others until they love themselves 1st. That rage will carry over and affect her child as well. it's a learned behavior;one that can be controlled once you realize that you don't want to live like that. I was angry because that was the only thing i could control in my life and it was comfortable.
Replied By: suzannesar on Feb 7, 2009, 11:26AM
I am a 51-year old mother with a 24-year old daughter who has the same problem with rage as Isabella.  This show made me realize that MAYBE, just MAYBE, this is not all about my relationship between my daughter and me.  She keeps saying "The day you die is the day my life ends.  I can't even think of me living without you in my life."  Unfortunately after these lovely words are said, my daughter can go into a rage about something really stupid and I can't stop her.  She screams, she treats me like a piece of garbage, she swears at me, etc.  She will even bring up stuff that happened like 10 years ago.  When she was younger she even hit me, more than once, and sometimes (especially one incident) she hit me in the face with a video cassette nicked my eyelid, and to this day she says that that never happened and I'm exaggerating.  My husband witnessed the whole incident and he does tell her that it did happen but she does not want to acknowledge it.  She too was the number one person for four years before my son was born, she too was the only grandchild/niece in my family of six brothers and sisters so she was spoiled and she was treated as a princess. 

Dr. Phil I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I would like to know if you by any chance knows of any organizations that can test my daughter for neurological deficiencies.  I don't think she has a hormone problem being only 24 but hey, if you think this could also be a cause, I need your help. 


Replied By: suswil1 on Feb 7, 2009, 7:03AM
Christian Bale is such a talented actor, but he appears to be self-destructing due to uncontrollabe rage.  He seems helpless to stop it, so it may be a biochemical imbalance that can be treated.  Is there any way to reach out to him and get him help? 
Replied By: ramair on Feb 6, 2009, 1:38PM - In reply to manofgoods
Be careful Isabella doesn't "flame" as a first year Psych student who doesn't hold a candle to Dr Lawliss with all of his degrees. She did that to another board-member who intimated that she might have NPD. Best leave her to Dr Lawliss. He's found some areas in her brain that flare up whenever anyone "crosses" her.
Replied By: supperone on Feb 5, 2009, 5:46AM - In reply to jn2me2
I so support Dr. Phill to have a show on disorders, I think because he truly believes in not labeling anyone, it stops some of us, to get the help we need. We need to hear were not the crazy ones, we lose ourselves , we get brainwashed and BPD needs more attention, because as we speak it affects millions.
I myself only found out on my own that my H fits the BPD a couple of years ago. So here I was for over 33 years, trying to fix my H, and it was all a waste of time, so I want it out there so their victums will have a shot of knowing it is not normal how they are treated in their relationion with a BPD partner. Most of us normal ones that are link to a partner of a dissorder are truly loving, caring people, and myself very emonial.
I had to make some changes to get healthy myself, my H is an UDBPD and I know he will live in denial "Forever", so you learn about Bpd, you go to T, and you stop making things worse. I'm not there yet, I know it was hard for me to except that my H is mentally ill. At work he excells, but the rages are just for me. I will always be the care-giver, or I would have to leave. It takes a strong person to do this Dr Phill, not weak.
I admire all those who realize something is wrong inside of them, and get the help they need to manage there life skills. I had to lose hope, that my H will never admit he has issuses, its eassier to say to me, that its all me.
It needs to get out there, more awareness for the ones that can save themselves, and more education for the ones willing to stay and improve there own life. My goal is to have peace in my life, but at times I do feel at what cost is it going to be if I stay. I'm still looking for answers myself, also waiting for a call for my T to start. To conclude, I can say I wish I knew all I do now 36 years ago. May you all find peace in your life....God Bess all who have to deal with anyone in there family/life with someone with any  disorders. And thank all who step-up and get the help they need.
Replied By: cblewis on Feb 4, 2009, 12:31PM
For many years I had terrible rages and would black out during the rages. The rages were fueled by my alcoholism. I have been diagnosed as being bipolar and am on medication for that. I also quit self-medicating with alcohol and that seemed to help tremedously.
Replied By: cblewis on Feb 4, 2009, 12:25PM
For many years I had terrible rages and would black out during the rages. The rages were fueled by my alcoholism. I have been diagnosed as being bipolar and am on medication for that. I also quit self-medicating with alcohol and that seemed to help tremedously.
Replied By: dusty905 on Feb 3, 2009, 11:18PM - In reply to isabella333
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