The 20/20 Diet

Have you read The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision into Reality? Have you started the 20/20 Diet and are seeing results? What are your favorite meals using the 20/20 Foods?


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Replied By: kseks5 on Jan 31, 2015, 12:45AM
How come oranges, lemons and limes are allowed, but not grapefruit?? All citrus....

How come I can't find UNSALTED pistachios anywhere? 

I, too want to know about swapping out a veggie for a veggie, or fruit for fruit etc. 

My first weigh in is tomorrow morning, then starting Phase 2.....can't wait to meet up with a piece of chicken!! 
Replied By: soulangel on Jan 30, 2015, 9:00PM
So sat down and started reading the 20/20 Diet book today....

Decided after reading the first chapter that this is my opportunity to get rid of my weight and live a healthy active life afterall! I am not too late to be at a healthy weight and be happy with my body and have a postive self image.

So the decsion has been made and now to be accountable I am going to do a weekly update here on this section of the website - Anyone want to join me?

FYI: I am from Port Elgin Canada!  Age 54 years and single. A female working professional who doesn't want to be fat - fifty five - unhappy with her looks and knowing she is looking down the road of poor health - and singledom!

So my starting stats are as follows:

Weight: 214.7 lbs.
Bust 46" (measured fullest part of my bust)

Directly under the bust - 42"

Bra & Cup Size  46D

Upper Arm - 15 inches (I have arms like Virginia Hams)

Waist  - 44"

Hips - 54"

Thigh - 26"

Inseam - 25.75"

Calf: 16.5

I am a “Big” girl who is starving for style. I am a young 54! Please no more flour sacks with long belts with those oh so lovely acrylic scarves knotted at the neck. So done with big baggy clothes that are not fashionable and make me feel even more unattractive.

I am not comfortable in my own skin and I know my life is affected in all areas of my life by my unhealthy lifestyle - My health, financial success and earning potential, career, spirit, confidence, body image, self love, mental health, social life, and relationships and non-existent love life.

Change has got to happen.... today - right now - in this moment.


Dianne "Mini " Jacques

(yes I know irony when I see it - everyday in the mirror. Getting harder and harder to answer to this 49 year old nickname of "Mini")
Replied By: cattlequeen15 on Jan 30, 2015, 1:42PM
I have a ton of questions and I was hoping also that this was a place to get them all answered but then i was the only one in here??? I wasnt even sure i was in the right place??? I hope that as this goes along we get our questions answered as it is very frustrating..... I have lots.. I live 60 miles from town and dont go but maybe once a week and some times i run out of something and would like to know what i can sub for it!!! I have liked the diet for the most part and all my acid reflux and swallowing issues are gone and im feeling better and I haven't put a single processed thing in my mouth (except the few piece of skinny cow candy) since I started. I have gone to school functions and ballgames and have not eaten or bought a thing. I have been packing everything with me. I have a short trip coming up and I will nto be able to do that as well and there will be some eating out but i figure if I am careful I should at least not derail my whole program and will get right back on when i get home. I have lost 10.4lbs as of yesterday morning and started P3 yesterday. Anyway maybe after people find this link it will get better?

. #1 can we use any of the meals on P1 and P2 while in P3??? there are several that i like a lot and I like a couple of the breakfasts on those phases better then ones i have tried so far on P3

#2 are we limited to the amount of cinnamon and garlic ect.. that we can use in a recipe to season it ? I like to use more then what te recipe calls for.

#3 can we enter change veggies and fruit? For instance if a recipe calls for apples but I want a banana instead? Or grean beans for spinach things like that. Can one nut be exchanged for another

#4why on the first day of p3 did I gain a pound???

#5 does it matter that I put lemon and lime in my water to drink?

#6 I hate green bell peppers but they call for mostly green in most recipes and a few have red but can i use any yellow , orange, red???

#7 I can not stand the protein powder i have tried it several ways is it going to be a big deal if I NEVER use it. What Can I use to replace it for in a shake? If NOt I just wont do any shakes

#8nhow come there are no cucumbers and celery on the list ? they are some of my favorites. 
Replied By: cattlequeen15 on Jan 30, 2015, 10:53AM
ok i have a question... yesterday was my first day on P3 and I gained 1lb!!! WHY???
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