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(Original Air Date: 01/27/09) From sending sexual text messages to taking a punch to the face for fun, today’s teens are engaging in outrageous trends. First up, 13-year-old Reina made headlines when she racked up 14,528 texts in one month! Her father, Greg, wrote an article about her excessive texting but says she's just being a teenager. What does Dr. Phil think? His observations may surprise you. Then, Gwen and Mike say they’re worried about their 12-year-old daughter, who has sent risqué text messages, otherwise known as sexting, since she first owned a cell phone. When Dr. Phil meets with the preteen backstage, what does she say drives her behavior? Could she be headed down a dangerous path? Plus, 16-year-old J.R. says he allows his friends and family to sock him in the head and then posts the videos on YouTube. His mother, Tammy, says his videos are hilarious, and she supports his dream of training for the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. Dr. Travis Stork, host of the hit show The Doctors, warns about the dangers of J.R.’s hobby. Plus, meet a teen who played the punch-out game with tragic consequences. Join the discussion.

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Replied By: jobeyg on Jun 18, 2009, 4:41PM
Dr. Phil made a bad call in his comments about the two teen's excessive and obsessive text messaging.
He said that it was "no big deal" and "nothing to worry about."
The one boy sent more than 125,000 text messages in a three month period. This is dangerous obsessive behavior that should have been addressed in a more serious manner than pretty much just laughing it off. Dr. Phil... you did both of these teens a disservice by condoning their obsessive behavior. They are creating a "virtual reality" for themselves and are not living in the moment or experiencing the world around them. I guarantee that they will have problems later in life if these behavior patterns are not addressed now.
Replied By: marianparoo on Jun 18, 2009, 1:26AM - In reply to debbi3560
Because (and I am assuming this is world wide, and not just in the two countries I have lived in and hold citizenship in) of just that.

Militaries want to mold and manipulate their soldiers, so they gotta get the boys and girls when their brains are still "soft" and pliable.

Before they can think, "Hey, wait a minute! Hey this is wrong! Hey, this is insane!"

As they say on the Eurovision Song Festival -- 12 points!!! (Top Grade)
Replied By: debbi3560 on Jun 17, 2009, 4:13PM
I have a question. If our brains do not finish forming until we are 25ish (everyone develops at differently) then why do we allow young adults go into the military at age 18? Why do we allow them to continue to be subject to extrem combat conditions with IED's at young ages? Then why do we deny there us any sustainable "damage" to what they have been through, seen, experienced? What is happening to our young people's brains when they are in combat?
Replied By: pathologist on Jun 17, 2009, 3:25PM - In reply to trena1978
I loved reading what you wrote!  I am happy to see there are good parents out there, parents who still have 'common sense'.  Texting is a problem that is very simple to solve, but it seems most parents aren't as smart as they should be.  Hats off to you!
Replied By: pathologist on Jun 17, 2009, 3:23PM
I look at kids today and think how grateful I am from my era.  My biggest question, how do they complete English?  Kids today seem to only communicate through text and phone.  I look at kids and worry about how our world is going to last.  Parents, if you don't like what your kids are doing with the phone, WHY DO YOU LET THEM HAVE ONE?  It is your fault, just take the phone!  For billions of years we have lived quite well without texting and phoning people.  Hey, I even remember when I HAND WROTE letters.  I have not produced children and if I ever do, which I don't think so, I am not going to give them a cell phone.  I prefer my to be raised with knowing how look at others and speak through their mouths.  I want my kid to have a good life!
Replied By: ljrhodes on Jun 17, 2009, 2:31PM
I feel as though I don't even have grandkids...they are lost in the text messaging, cel phone world. There is no communication. The cel phone is glued to my 13 yr old grandson, as well as 18 yr. old grand daughter whom I made sit down and watch the show about the texting and driving, however, I don't think it caused her any concern.
They do not leave a room without that cel phone. They are getting "buzzed" while I am trying to visit with them.
I see other teens and pre teens in public places including church with cel phones. Parents insist they need them in case of emergency. I have not been in a public place yet that does not have telephones somewhere for the public to use.
Cel phones have robbed me of having grandkids.
Teens today are like robots. There is a sickening commercial to be heard on the radio that makes the kids sound like robots. I guess it is supposed to be funny, but it isn't.
Parents are lazy and don't care. This is their way of communication also.
Which means there is no communication.
To see these parents on the Dr. Phil show looking so helpless that their 12 yr old is sending nude pictures....or obscene messages...well take the phone away!! Your tears are sickening. You are the one who purchased the phone and gave it to them, and now you are crying over it. I hope you watch your own show and see what I see. Poor parenting skills. Lazy, Poor judgement isn't the kids fault. It is yours. If all those cel phones would be thrown in the same lake they would make a man made dam. Think of it.
Replied By: trena1978 on Jun 17, 2009, 2:23PM
I am so tired of all the whining about kids and texting....If and I mean IF a kid needs a cell phone, it is extremely easy to get the phone WITHOUT texting!   Come on people, do what I did....when my daughter couldn't be responsible with the texting, simply have the texting turned off!  They do not need texting!  They really don't need a phone until they are 16 and driving.....and then only for emergency reasons.  All of these teens (and adults!) who are out there texting and driving, just turn the texting off with your provider. 
Replied By: joanmda on Jun 17, 2009, 1:39PM
This is absolutely ridiculous!!! A 13 year old girl sending pictures of herself by cell phone??? Ok her parents SEEM concerned about their daughters behavior. BUT!!! That this crosses the line!!! The worst part to me is that this happen more than once… I’m sorry but my child would have no longer had a phone as of the first time… lose it and there is no second chance….. This is coming from a mother of 3 children ages 14, 12, 11.  I was upset at the segment with the excessive texting. My kid would have lost his cell phone just for that.  I agree that this little girl needs help but I think the parents are in need of some help themselves… How does a parent LET their child get into a situation like that……and then enable it to continue…

Replied By: lolaaah on Jun 17, 2009, 1:34PM - In reply to chappy96
I am so glad I read these comments--I was beginning to think either Dr. Phil was nuts or I was, so it is nice to see so many people who have a similar perspectives to mine.  THE DOWN-SIDE: The seriousness of what is happening with Reina is not in what she is doing (just communicating with her friends) but in what she is NOT doing while she is texting.  In the critical teen years when a child is being prepared to move into adulthood, is this the best way to use her time to accomplish the vital tasks of adolescence?   How close is her relationship with God, is she doing enough homework to get into the college of her choice, is she learning real people skills, is she getting enough physical exercise to keep her strong and healthy, is she spending enough time with her parents to learn to become one, how many books has she read lately, does she do enough volunteer work to empthize with the less-fortunate, is she doing enough chores to learn work ethic and home management, is her life well-rounded enough to make her a well-rounded adult? Clearly if you figure out how much growth time is lost to texting, the answer to all these questions is NO.  THE UP-SIDE:  Reina will be competing in life with our kids who have been learning their life-skills, which means our kids will get the good jobs and responsible mates while Reina gets the leftovers.
Replied By: bang70 on Jun 17, 2009, 1:33PM - In reply to nonnaof2
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