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Teachers Candi and Lyndsey say their friendship began when they met at a table of decadent treats at their school -- and they’ve been packing on the pounds together ever since. Then, Kate says she doesn’t deserve the fairytale wedding she has been dreaming of -- or the love of her husband -- until she loses weight. And, former fitness model Nicole says she has gone from one extreme to another in the weight spectrum and hates what she looks like now. How can these guests finally get off the weight loss rollercoaster and find a return to health? Are you motivated to turn your weight loss vision into a reality? (OAD: 12-2-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: r_match on Jan 14, 2015, 2:23PM - In reply to tobinr
I was just wondering did you get the book? I am almost finished with it and am looking for people on here that can encourage eachother, talk and basically have the same goal in mind. 

Thanks, Rebecca M. 
Replied By: r_match on Jan 14, 2015, 2:21PM - In reply to sherry1399
I am almost finished with the 20/20 book and was wondering did you buy it or read it? I am looking for buddies on here that can encourage, talk and just have the same goal in mind. 

Thanks, Rebecca M. 
Replied By: r_match on Jan 14, 2015, 2:16PM - In reply to knousecr
I seen your post and was just wondering how you're doing? I am finishing up the book right now and am looking for people to tallk to or share information etc.
Replied By: glammy on Jan 11, 2015, 1:27PM - In reply to abergahstie
It pays to have friends in high places.  It would appear "Candi" has an Oprah history.

Just watched a recent "Where are they Now"  Oprah had a segment on Miss Candi, then going by Candace.

She was a huge Barry Manilow fan and was on Oprah as a super Fan. 

Looks like our struggling...Candi  likes to write in and being featured on Friends talk shows.

Just more proof thes shows are completly casted and written....

Caught You, Candi or Candace.

Replied By: mer262 on Dec 31, 2014, 10:00PM
What was the model of ninja blender was the one dr Phil gave away to the audience on Tuesday
Replied By: yesgirlrox on Dec 30, 2014, 10:04PM - In reply to elijah2000
This is not a recommended diet especially from the mayo clinic. 

Replied By: yesgirlrox on Dec 30, 2014, 9:50PM - In reply to chazsgal
I feel very bad for you. My heart aches to hear that a husband would say you're not desirable because of your weight.there are so many other things in life to be concerned about. I hope you know you're importance is not determined by your weight

Replied By: mariestevenson on Dec 30, 2014, 9:33PM - In reply to shirleymizell
id like to try the 20/20 diet but have no income so cant get the book
Replied By: mariestevenson on Dec 30, 2014, 9:31PM
for over a year ive been trying to lose 35 pounds tryed everything increase carbs decrease them same with calories its so sad i did lose 30 pounds with in 3 months then stoped i excercise daily so i understand NO i dont eat sweets never really have no chips either
Replied By: shelleychad on Dec 30, 2014, 7:02PM
Dr. Phil

You mentioned someone that may have made a comment in a former life.  When I was maybe 4-5 my dad (whom I adored) had me on our front street after taking off the training wheels on my little two-wheel bike.  I was doing well until my dad stopped me and said "wait we are missing something".  I asked "what".  He replied "you need a sign that says "wide-load"!!  He had a weird sense of humour.

It was then, I think, that I became painfully aware that my butt was different/bigger/wider/rounder than most.  My mom even told me that when I was born (in hospital, October 23, 1958) all the nurses commented on the lovely shape of my bum.  I have lived my life afraid of turning my back to anyone and, at parties, I keep my back to the wall for fear of someone ridiculing my enormous behind!! 

I married my first husband in 1992 and was a perfect 120lb then had my only child in 1994.  I am now I'm 56 and happily re-married but I'm 187lb. I can't do all the things I did 20 years ago but, so what?  My 2nd husband loves me for what and who I am.  Yes I sometimes wish I could be 120lb again but, I also sometimes wish I was 16 again and it just ain't gonna happen.

Please pass on my love to the girls on your show.  
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