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Amie says she lives in fear of her 7-year-old son, Jayden, who has violent outbursts in which he punches, kicks, spits and throws things, prompting her to call the police at least 15 times this year. Desperate for help, Amie says she began posting videos of Jayden’s tantrums online, one of which has received more than 2.5 million views. But Jayden’s father, Chad, says Amie is just looking for attention and blames her for their son’s bad behavior, claiming she sometimes triggers his outbursts. Dr. Phil brings the exes together in search of answers. How does Chad respond to Amie’s allegations that he is an absentee father? Plus, don’t miss Dr. Phil’s revealing one-on-one talk with Jayden. How can Amie and Chad learn to co-parent peacefully and get Jayden back on track? (OAD: 9-29-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: brianna1066 on Dec 31, 2014, 3:25PM
Amie, I have been in the same situation for the last 5 yrs with my daughter and it continues. I am just barely coming into her teenage years along with puberty. I would really like to reach out to you and offer you some advice and skills that I have been taught. I have a lot of experience under my belt when it comes to a child with a disability. I can help you get your life back on track and help curve the chaos in your home.
Replied By: ashlymills on Dec 29, 2014, 4:07PM
Sorry to post again,  but it hurts my heart to see sommany ppl blame the parents automatically. Yes  lot of times they have something to do with it, but thisbis not NORMAL acting out behaviorm as I said my son does this too at 8. I have a masters in psych, and numerous letters BEGGING anyone from the local mayor, senators, to world famous therapists for help. Consistency does not workm reqar systems, consequences, it does not matter to my son.  This is an eight year old who recently started pooping on himself if he was mad at you and so many outside people looking in automatically blame us, say we are excagerating, etc. If you dont live in it you have no idea how horrible it is to liveeveryday in terror of your eight year old son and a most mothers would do anything she could to stop it.
Replied By: ashlymills on Dec 29, 2014, 4:01PM
I am in the same boat, with an eight year old. At four he was ripping doors off their hinges. He hits, punches, bangs his heads on walls, and thereatens to kill himself and others. For over four years we have been BEGGING for help and we have been ignored, judged, and completely lied aboutm weve now had social services involved and are going to have to somehiw find a different school because (yes I have proof) his teacher and principle flat out lied to social services. UNTIL we had video, no I ne wld even listen to usm unfortunately I live in a small town in nc and there seems to be no services or anyone who knows what tondo. He completely lacks empathy, threatens people, and for simple going to the principles office threatensto kill everyone in it.   His diagnosis has ranged from adhd, oppositional defiance diaorder, bipolar, and has tried most medications up to the adult level. He is currently in therapeutic foster care because of hisbharm to his 18 month old sister.  When he is in the home I ammhonestly scared he will kill her, do great damage to himself, and may have harmed our dog already.   The current process does not seem to be working because they all seem to think we are not consistent with our son, which we most definitely are.   I even understand why she smiles, because honestly when this isbyou life every hour everyday...you really have no idea what else to do but smile, cry, scream.  There seems to be no help for children his age whichbis sooo sad.
Replied By: christina79 on Dec 26, 2014, 5:14PM
I just wanted to take a moment and say that i have a 7 yr old boy who also has been diagnosed with, at age 3)ADHD, Aspergers, OCD, oppostional defiance disorder, disruptive mood disorder, DMDD (disruptive mood dysregulation disorder)a possiblility og gender dysmorphia he is in a special school b/c the school district said he could not function in a reg school. he is super smart, can be loving, nice and social. when HE wants to, but what i saw on those videos is what happens in my home everyday and at school.  we have met with childrens Pysc hosp. he is on meds and has been thru a lot of different meds, different docs therapist. b/c his case like this childs is so complex each pdr goes as far as they can then they say sorry nothing else we can do and refer you to the next.  Mom and dad are here, we ahve 2 other kids that are "normal" but yes people will look at you and say your a bad parent, but they do not know what you go thru on a daily basis.  As far as this lady smiling at the camara, when my child is acting up in the store, you smile at people, kids with ODD want a fight they want you to engage and start yelling  they feed off of that, so you can do that you have to stay calm as hard as that is at times.....your smiling on the outside but your slowly dying on the inside.  My hubby and I can not go out on a date hire a sitter cause no one can handle him when hes having a melt down.  To comment on her making money off the videos, I am not against that, for a few reasons i feel alone like its only happening in my house, I am pleased to see I amnot alone, i know that i get called away from work all the time, my job has been on the line, if i could make money on the side i would, i have FMLA (still work, but to protect my job)  b/c my child has constant dr appts, therapy, med cks.  So to the mom of Jaden if  you read this, I am w/ you, 110%.  For others i only ask you to be educated before judging someone when you really have no idea. HUG DON't JUDGE...i must say i am dissappointed in Dr Phil i watched the show with taht glimmer of hope in my eye, the same one i get when we meet with a NEW dr or a NEW thereapist but quikly fades when you relaize that they are not helping you or your child, Dr phil offered no real advise or solutions he blamed the parents, so unfar, does that mean my hubby and i are to blame..NO WAY our child has a chemical make up that is not "right".  Thank you for reading...
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Dec 26, 2014, 2:06PM - In reply to kcbell1953
I think I wrote a post saying the same thing the lasttime this show aired. Mom loves the drama.
Replied By: labosch on Dec 25, 2014, 11:48AM - In reply to bethany42
So sorry to hear of your struggles and feelings of disconnect. I posted already on this site just below your post and wrote down the title of a book I recently published about children who are impulsive and violent. It is only on Kindle and if you are able to read it, I hope it is helpful and provides hope for your situation.

Best wishes!


"Change The Way You Look At Children, And The Children You Look At Change"

Replied By: bethany42 on Dec 24, 2014, 10:58PM
i watched this show with interest this is my sister -but there is  no solution  with the city and church so corrupt where you cant get help       i wish someone could help me and my brother  with this and other things- sister tantrums are so bad at times and unnessary    but she gets really mad because we dont  pay attention to her  when she is full tantrum even when she attacks us -dont come down on mom so much unless you live it
Replied By: labosch on Dec 24, 2014, 7:22PM
This child's story brings so much emotion, cries for help, sympathy and outrage from members of society. Programs like this bring much needed attention to sensitive and volatile children demonstrating pervasive antisocial behavior. Problems arise and roadblocks are hit for parents because of a lack of consensus in the true origin of persistent, impulsive and violent conduct in youth.

As a professional working successfully with children whose behavior is aggressive, violent and a threat to society, I promise that the true cause of antisocial behavior in children is simple to comprehend and does not necessarily require a PhD to solve,

I recently published a book only available on Kindle that answers all of the questions, parents, teachers, mental health providers and all members of society seek. 

"Change The Way You Look At Children, And The Children You Look At Change"

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Lori Abosch

Replied By: petermr1 on Dec 24, 2014, 4:53PM - In reply to brandella1978
I disagree...Dr. Phil will help this situation and the truth about the parents will come out! The child is acting out through his parents behaviors. As on every video, the mother is smiling as she is dragging her son while he is screaming....she is creating a monster in him!
Replied By: petermr1 on Dec 24, 2014, 4:49PM - In reply to brandella1978
Seriously, the mother isn't taping for $$$$ and that is why she has been accepting $$$ for ads? The mother and father need intervention and this child needs to be removed from them immediately so that he can have a better life! A smile on a face while the child is having a tantrum?? Mother has serious issues!
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