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Joy and Jerry say their 24-year-old daughter, Jessi, has a severe addiction to alcohol and suffers from bulimia, and her self-destructive choices are destroying their family. Joy says Jessi lies, manipulates and steals to get alcohol and was recently arrested for assaulting her father in a drunken rage. Jessi’s father, Jerry, says they’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to help her, but nothing has worked. Jessi admits she drinks a gallon of vodka a day to function and says she keeps a lot of secrets about her behavior from her family. Is she ready to come clean -- and get clean for good? Plus, Jessi opens up about a painful childhood experience -- could this explain her behavior? When Dr. Phil throws her a lifeline, will she grab ahold? (OAD: 5-20-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: gmato13 on Jun 18, 2015, 11:25PM
I heard Jessi give her "Lead" at an AA meeting tonight and was simply blown away by the shear transformation of this young woman. Listening to her recount her childhood and adolescense brought tears to almost every eye in the room. I had not seen her episode on the Dr. Phil Show, but googled it when I got home. She is NOT the same person who appeared on that show and I am so thankful to Dr. Phil for his caring and throwing her a lifeline! I am a recovering alcoholic who could relate to quite a bit of her story...I went through Shepherd Hill in Newark, OH and I am 4 1/2 months sober now. Jessi's lead kept me sober for one more day. Each day is a struggle, but with God's help...I will make it! Thank you Jessi for having the Honesty, Openness and Willingness (HOW) to share with us tonight, and thank you Dr. Phil for being the instrument that she so desperately needed.
Replied By: maryo4 on Aug 28, 2014, 12:19PM
She needs to speak to my son. He killed someone from drinking and driving and his life has changed forever.
Replied By: brad102 on Aug 28, 2014, 9:49AM
I know how Jesse feels, I also have epilepsy, I was born with it. When my mom gave birth to me, I wish I could get to know Jesse. She's a very pretty lady.
Replied By: vaslero on Aug 28, 2014, 1:10AM
Dear Jessi,

It was the first doctor phil show I watched where it made me cry.  I wanted so much for you to be helped.  But I know it will not be an easy road for you.  I use to be a counselor and also, an alcoholic....  When the show first started I wondered when you were abused.  Then sure enough, the truth came out.  I am a lot older than you but you shared everything I have felt and still feel at times.  I don't know you, but I pray that you will do the right thing and be the wonderful mother you can be.  I messed up and now paying the consequences.  Your son needs you.  I didn't have the skills to be the perfect parent.  I was sober 11 years, and went back to drinking and have not stopped.  I maintain my life but you nailed it, I look for the  alcohol to be waiting for me.  It makes everything numb.  At my age, I guess that is ok.  Getting away from the subject, I pray for you and wish you to know just how beautiful you are.  I too thought I was ugly and overweight.  Which I never was.  The only thing that helped me with that was spirituality, but I don't have that anymore.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse took that from me as an adult.  You are awesome and someday I hope you know how precious you are and that your son has a wonderful mother.  You are beautiful!!!!!!!  Don't ever give up.  Stay strong, I can tell you are a stubborn woman, get away with having a wonderful life... You so deserve it....  From my heart, many blessings to you.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Aug 27, 2014, 8:11PM
Show her the door! If she is, as she claims, the smartest person in the room, she'll do just fine in the real world.
Replied By: dondon30 on Aug 27, 2014, 7:02PM
Hi Dr Phil, Jesse sounds like me when I was young.... Could it be she has Borderline Personality Disorder? If so, I hope she gets better soon 💗
Replied By: marblejrman44 on Aug 27, 2014, 5:33PM
dont punnish that girl anymore she has sufferd enough wow i cant belive you done her  like that you are to help people not punnish them
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Aug 27, 2014, 5:28PM - In reply to lostsister
I think you're onto something. Just as it used to be de rigeur for a fading celebrity to have a "stolen" sex tape surface, today's trendy sympathy card is admitting to being molested or abused as a child. When it's real, it's horrific but when somebody like Pamela Anderson, whose star went dim ages ago, now joins the ranks of the abused, it's a little suspicious.
Replied By: kemito on Aug 27, 2014, 3:52PM - In reply to grammy1776
You are so right. I am sick of Dr. Phil allowing these people to make excuses for their behaviour because they were "abused". Abused? Jusr because a man felt her up just once when she was 5 is NO EXCUSE.
Replied By: freelandsm on Aug 27, 2014, 3:46PM - In reply to lostsister
Good for you.  You deserve a medal.  You must be more special in God's mind than the rest of us who have suffered at the hands of abusers.  What's your secret?  It must be the grace of God.......
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