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Shara claims her husband of one year, Luke, is a “mean, insecure know-it-all” who controls her every move -- and she feels like a prisoner in their marriage. Shara claims Luke refuses to let her own a cell phone, hold a job or leave the house alone for more than five minutes, and she says he also dictates how she should dress and wear her makeup -- allegations he denies. Shara also claims Luke is verbally abusive, constantly telling her she is lazy, ugly, worthless and stupid. Luke admits he can be abrasive when speaking to Shara but insists he is simply trying to help “guide” her, because he says she lacks motivation and street smarts. He also claims his wife is “no angel” and has a vicious temper, which he says landed her behind bars for assaulting him during a recent argument. Shara denies putting her hands on Luke, so how does she explain her arrest? Dr. Phil sorts through the accusations on both sides and uncovers a source of pain in the couple’s past. How can Luke and Shara get their marriage back on track? (OAD: 5-19-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: upsydasy on Aug 31, 2014, 11:18AM - In reply to strine
It always makes me chuckle when people preface an opinion by stating they’re “not the only ones”.  There’s a lot more value in having an original thought and for being able to think for yourself.  Yes I saw humour in the way Dr. Phil decided to approach this matter.  By the way, the show is called The Dr. Phil Show, not Pander to the Masses’ Opinion Show. She threw a paper plate at her over the top controlling husband - call the National Guard!  He was probably trying to instruct her about how to chew her food.  There are way more serious cases of domestic abuse that truly deserve to be addressed and to use this situation as an example diminishes them.  The husband is grasping at straws in an effort to shed blame on his wife for his appalling behavior and so are you.  If his wife appears angry, then I’d say that she comes by it honestly.  What gives any man the right to patronize, insult, lecture and stalk his wife at work to the point of causing her dismissal?  How humiliating it must have been for her.  Where’s his accountability?  Oh right, wait a minute, he’s a man so that makes him never wrong or run the risk of being accused of penis envy.  God forbid she ever gets another job and is able to pay for her own cell phone.  I’m sure he’ll find a way to sabotage that too and drag her back to his lair by the hair.  I don’t have issues with all men, just the jealous, misogynistic and insecure ones.  In fact, if I have any issues at all it would be with this woman for sticking by a man who doesn't value or respect her in any way, shape or form.

Replied By: strine on Aug 29, 2014, 12:57AM - In reply to upsydasy
Really you found it humorous that Dr Phil used his position again to make fun of a man who kept his hands to himself despite her acting like an animal. Seems you have an issue with men if you can't see that woman has an anger issue and then cries victim later. Such a shame Dr Phil has gone downhill.
Replied By: oceanentity on Aug 28, 2014, 9:55AM
either this man has botox in his face which makes his affect appear numbed out or something isnt right with him.
Replied By: shivara on Aug 27, 2014, 12:56PM - In reply to bambipurple77
If the kids don't want to see him, and he sexually abused your daughter, why would the court allow him to see them? Are these visits within your company? Go to the court and request them to change it due to the mental stress of the the kids, especially the daughter. I hope you get that help you need. Email Dr. Phil who may be able to help.
Replied By: shivara on Aug 27, 2014, 12:51PM - In reply to loyalalways
I agree her depression can cause some of the problems in their marriage, but it takes two. He needs to be more supportive. Shara also was sexually abused and so was Luke. They both are damaged because of it. Luke uses control to deal with it, and Shara became depressed. Luke will feed off of her and the negativity is overwhelming and volatile. No motivation or support will cause this marriage to crumble, and they are there.
Replied By: shivara on Aug 27, 2014, 12:48PM
When I watched Luke's responses and his body language, it is clear to see that he is lying. He is a control freak and will not give up his control. Dr. Phil is right that it's like a parent child relationship. If Luke had a perfect wife he would find fault with her as well. He is unhappy about himself and in turn makes his wife miserable. He enjoys being condescending to his wife. What also has to be addressed is Shara's depression. She needs to address that as well. They both do. That can cause things to happen where you don't feel like doing anything and when your spouse isn't supportive and does what Luke does, it makes it worse.

When I heard he was sitting in the lobby of where his wife works that shows he is not trusting and a control freak. I mean come on, if he is diabetic, he needs medical attention if he had major problem. She got fired because of it. I feel so sorry for her.

I know there are two sides to this coin. I mean, Dr. Phil couldn't get past who was lying. Shara says she didn't hit him. And he has a black belt? He had her arrested for domestic abuse after she had the cops do the same thing for him. And he says it wasn't because of revenge. That is bull.

These two were not meant to be together. I think Luke wanted to have a wife he could exact control on. He was probaby so charming in the beginning, but once they got married, he changed. They didn't know eachother too well before they got married.  I think that Shara would be happier without him. Maybe she wouldn't be depressed so much.
Replied By: loyalalways on Aug 27, 2014, 2:55AM - In reply to niceguyx1
It was very nice of you to post that. I hope that Shara reads it. She deserves something positive for a change.

As for her husband, he's an arrogant, self-centred, conceited know-it-all. The reason she stays in bed so much is because she's VERY depressed by his constant put-downs. Depression drags you down and zaps you of your energy. He has absolutely no insight.

I really hope that the help Dr. Phil has provided for them will work. She deserves better than that. Once that happens, he, too, will finally be happy. But, his "motivation" has to stop, as he put it, "right here, right now" or he will be divorced yet again. He most  likely did the same thing to his other wife because he seems to think that he's above others.
Replied By: tfitzge1 on Aug 26, 2014, 8:34PM
If I were watching an interview of an Alien from outer space for the first time, I wouldn't be as intriged as I am watching this "YO-YO."
Replied By: starsfallen on Aug 26, 2014, 6:34PM
I don't understand these two. I see no love or like between the two. Are they fighting for their marriage or just fighting?
Replied By: niceguyx1 on Aug 26, 2014, 6:06PM - In reply to kquickg
Sadly enough, I think Dr. Phil was just trying to stay somewhat nuetral on the DV, and hit more on all the troubles between the two of them & point out to them both that they have issues & either stop the BS (not just the violence) or get a Divorce.....
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