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Chandra and her three siblings say their mother, Pamela’s, hoarding is so out of control that nearly every inch of her 9,000-square-foot home is filled with “junk.” The siblings say that growing up, Pamela would pick through their garbage to save items, which forced them to sneak trash out of the house. They say as they got older, her hoarding became progressively worse, prompting them to stage an intervention in 2012, which escalated to the point that police were called. Pamela says she feels her family unfairly “ganged up” on her and insists she’s not a hoarder -- so, how does she explain the mess? Plus, Pamela’s husband, Richard, moved out of the house two years ago -- he says because of the hoarding, but she says otherwise. Hear why Pamela claims Richard is equally to blame for the family’s problems. Can Dr. Phil help Pamela get rid of her clutter -- and help this family get back on track? (OAD: 5-15-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: northbridgegal on Apr 1, 2015, 10:17AM
Robbed,  Children of hoarders are robbed.  My very smart huband. Now middle aged was robbed of several things. A education. Public school (which is free) and of course a college education.  Self esteem. Basic life skills. Empathy. His father earned 6 figures in the early 80's and 5 children lived in squalor.  Cock roach infested house.  Inferior plumming.  The bath tub did not drain. The toilet did not flush. One bathroom in a very nice suburban NJ neighborhood, Bergen county. To shower you had to empty the bathtub with a bucket and dump the water in the toilet.  The sink in the bathroom did not work at all. The kitchen sink leaked hot water 24/7.  A gallon jug would be filled with screaming hotwater in about 3-5 minutes. The water and gas bills were astronomical. The six figure income went to wasted utilites, booze and cigarettes. Out of 5 children 2 graduated highschool. That is because the laws started to change. My mother in law made truancy an issue all by herself. His mother hoarded junk mail.  The entire house was filled with useless paper. I get that this is a disease.  In my opinion hoarders only care about themselves, That is the root of the disorder.
Replied By: metalman_too on Sep 7, 2014, 1:57PM - In reply to ppcrdh
I've been interested in cars my whole life. Just as this woman's children complained she loved her clutter more then them my wife once complained to her father that I loved cars more then I loved her, which was probably true. To my surprise her father asked her what was the matter with her. Guys he worked with were in the bar and out with other women all the time. At least she knew where I was all the time. After that she worked with me on cars but she wasn't in to my clutter. I made my living working on cars and I was heavily into Corvettes which involved making a lot of my own parts to repair them. One time she cleaned my shop and threw out some parts that I was making because they looked like clutter to her. With my time and material I had invested in making these parts throwing them out hurt my income used to support our family. Even though that doesn't directly apply to this woman it is an example of not taking her side of what was going on in the issue of what was seen as clutter. As I aged I've learned that many people are bothered by my clutter which has taught me to love my own life living alone without upsetting others and making being creative more of a priority in my life. To me I honestly would hope this woman could find the same gift was presented to her in her life. This is the only life she'll ever have to live so why not live it her own way without any distractions from those who can't accept her just the way she is!
Replied By: ppcrdh on Sep 6, 2014, 12:46PM
This poor woman needs to write a book about her life.  It would be shocking no doubt.  Can you help her with that Dr. Phil??
Replied By: metalman_too on Aug 30, 2014, 1:11PM
I am 100% in favor of this human being. For starters I am also considered a hoarder and the beauty of this is the way our society is, I'll take living in my house that's a mess any day over joining in with those who want her to clean her house. Even if she did clean her home those same people would then find something stupid thing about her that they want to change. If Pam reads this remember God will never give you more then you can handle which means God has faith in you to handle what you're going through. Plus there is not one thing wrong with you even though I believe God puts you through something like this to expose what's wrong with others. I mean you gave your love through sex to a man and he made a case about he's scared of you. Unbelieveable! Remember it takes a woman to make a man but this male never stepped up to the plate to become a man because he professes his fear of you instead of supportting you so you can feel secure in life. As far as your children go when I seen them laughing at what you expressed as value in things you brought to the show I would count my blessing this happened in front of the viewers. I seen you express how you want to create things from what they see as junk. Who's really got the problem here? You who want to create or them who can only see what's wrong in life? As for Dr. Phil's offer to have you evaluated, I would not buy into that in any way if I was you. If they want to see you as wrong let that be their problem and appreciate your life and who you are just the way you are! Being creative is mentally healthy more then those who see what's wrong with you ever will be! There is nothing wrong with you and my house is also a mess. The belssing of that mess is there's no room for those who want to contcentrate on what they see as a mess and what's wrong with me in my house. I'm old enough to fully understand others are bothered by my mess and actually appreciate my mess because that keeps them out of my life so I can spend my time being creative. Here's hoping you can understand you have the same blessing in your life.
Replied By: upsydasy on Aug 30, 2014, 9:22AM - In reply to d1anaw
Her family isn’t cold.  They’re fed up and are probably at their wits end with her hording and just want her to stop accumulating junk.  Imagine having to hide and sneak garbage out of the house on your way to school in the morning while growing up. Clearly she’s been at this for quite some time.  In other words BEFORE her children moved out and her husband finally left her. Yet she chooses her junk over her family to this day.  It’s strange how everybody’s blaming the family for abandoning her, when she’s the one who pushes everyone away with her need to keep all that junk around.  She said herself that she doesn’t even use her kitchen for cooking anymore.  There’s simply no room for anyone else in her huge house or her life.  In this day and age no hospital would strap a patient to a bed if they didn’t present a danger to themselves or to others.  If her family just left her there it’s probably because they were told to wait until the sedatives kicked in, they were just too embarrassed to expose that side of her personality on TV.

The “show and tell segment”, where she happily described every useless item contained in the plastic trash bag, was very telling.  I was frustrated by her non answers too and found her tearful over the top responses to Dr. Phil’s questions aggravating.  She made me want to scream: “stop feeling sorry for yourself”, which was all she seemed to want to do.  Not once did she express love or sympathy for her family, just herself and her rubbish.  Every so-called craft idea she had were only excuses to hang on to her junk and will never be realized or we would have seen a lot more homemade items such as quilts, pillows and rag rugs displayed.  Instead all we saw was a painted mason jar from long ago and a fork/spoon bracelet that she doesn’t even wear.

I hope that she gets the help she needs. If her family didn't care, they wouldn't have been on stage with her, including her estranged husband.
Replied By: caringkarla on Aug 29, 2014, 10:56PM
I was directing a not-for-profit preschool for 32 years and hold  a dual M.A ( Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology) and would encourage her to take a lot of her "treasures" to a preschool where the children and their creative teachers will turn every piece int a new and much loved treasure. 

Replied By: cymbeline on Aug 29, 2014, 10:13PM
This poor woman is obviously suffering from abandonment and empty nest issues. Her husband is a jackass. He said he was afraid of her,  yet he purposely provoked her to get a protective order against her!  If I'm afraid of someone the LAST thing I'm going to do is provoke them! I believe this sensitive,  kind,  creative soul has been a doormat to her family so long she doesn't know whether to scratch her watch or wind her ass! It broke my heart to hear about her humiliating experience in the hospital.  She was cuffed to a bed handand foot and nnobody in her family had the heart or empathy to help?  What a bunch of mean-spirited, spiteful jerks! Shame on you all! I'm so glad Dr. Phil helped her.  She first and foremost needs to know someone is on her side.
Replied By: rose112233 on Aug 29, 2014, 8:50PM - In reply to showmegal
Her children are cold towards her and it is obvious she made her children a priority as best as she could when they were growing up.  Her husband is a major jerk and an emotional abuser who should get professional help for the way he treated her.  Maybe he can apologize and be remorseful and be responsible for his part in this whole situation.  It is possible that Pamela has ADD and gets overwhelmed easier.  She has so many creative ideas, but has difficulty following through.  I wish Pamela the best and hope her family starts to support her instead of tearing her down, it broke  my heart to watch that happen.
Replied By: pattyclemens1 on Aug 29, 2014, 8:34PM
She is a very loving and caring person.  I hope her children realize this.  She has put up with alot of headache.   

Hopefully,  the Dr Phil show will help her and her family get to a better place.  Praying for you♡
Replied By: wansmit on Aug 29, 2014, 8:10PM
I watched this episode with great interest as I have seen this type of behavior throughout the small town I live in at the present time.  I believe her problem probably started over ten years ago and was ignored by her family.  She was definitely very defiant and at the same time felt very hurt by her family and I hope whatever happens is that she gets help before her home is classified as a fire and health issue and is then condemned.  Thank you for a great show.
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