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Jeffrey admits he cheated on his wife, Gwynne, two years ago, with their once-close friend and bridesmaid, Amy -- who got pregnant with his son. Jeffrey claims that Amy has since waged a custody battle by falsely accusing him of rape and trying to move their son to a different state -- which he says is out of revenge for him not leaving his wife. Amy insists Jeffrey forced himself on her and claims he’s a control freak who is dragging her through the courts in an attempt to take her son away from her. What does she say happened during a recent custody exchange that caused her to take out a protective order against Jeffrey? And, why hasn’t she filed rape charges against him? Gwynne says she believes Amy is unstable and got pregnant intentionally because she wants Jeffrey for herself. How does Amy respond? Sparks fly when Dr. Phil sits everyone down in search of answers. Can these former friends resolve their differences and learn how to peacefully co-parent for the sake of the child?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Jul 23, 2014, 12:04AM
So, for many months the child was considered a child of a consensual relationship and then suddenly when it suits her to claim rape (i.e. she wants full custody so she can skip town with the kid and his support money), she does claim it.

I don't believe her and I doubt any court would believe her if they aren't completely biased against fathers.

She gave him a key to her place. Who gives their friend's husband a key to their place for no reason?

 I don't believe her, and once again, any court that does believe her is completely biased against fathers and the father should take it further. I’m sure he has proof of an ongoing consensual relationship if he is willing to be honest with his wife for the sake of his son.

Replied By: mellb001 on Jul 22, 2014, 10:24PM - In reply to morris0313
Very well put and I just wanted to tell you you are spot on
Replied By: mellb001 on Jul 22, 2014, 10:20PM - In reply to kkmiausa
In the past Dr Phil had said that if there is any suggestion a child is being hurt then it should be taken seriously.  They barely went over this at all.
Replied By: mellb001 on Jul 22, 2014, 10:10PM - In reply to akeiko
I am completely frustated by this show too. The points you raised were exactly what I saw too
Replied By: mellb001 on Jul 22, 2014, 10:06PM - In reply to akeiko
yes and what is it with the arm crossing, surely that body language in his line of work is a bit wrong. He talks about people having to be right but he is also doing that. He doesn't know those people so how does he know what he thinks is 100% right. It's just his opinion too.
Replied By: lmg2357 on May 28, 2014, 7:20PM - In reply to akeiko
He appeared to have NO patience with the couple in this show.  He talked about how he is a forensic psychiatrist and that courts are trained to deal with people who constantly bring people to court on false NOT true!!   There is not enough $$ for the courts to do this and way too many times, people are drug into court to make their cases look better.   This "other woman" was obviously out to get the father of her son and yet the father and his wife (who accepted a child that she didn't have to) were constantly reprimanded.   I'm totally disappointed and I felt terrible for the wife.
Replied By: akeiko on May 12, 2014, 9:36AM - In reply to morris0313
I agree with your comments about the wife in this situation.  Dr. McGraw pokes at people who don't exhibit a high degree of emotionality when "confronting" their spouses have behaved very dishonorably (often because they are: overwhelmed, worn down, tired of saying the same thing over and over, in shock because of new revelation, in front of a large studio audience, etc.).  But when this wife has pertinant contributions, emotions, and frustrations - he treat's her like a child who should be seen and not heard....until spoken to.

I also really cringe when he makes eye contact with and talks to the camera while making snide remarks to a guest.  He has certainly gotten away from what he says is his philosophy about being a television show host, [<something to the effect of>]  "I am here to help people.  That's what I do. If they want to make a show around/about it, that's fine.  But I'm here to help people."
Replied By: akeiko on May 12, 2014, 9:28AM - In reply to newsmom
"I really believe that Dr Phil has deep compassion and want to help the people on his show. I wish he would go back to the more humbe Dr Phil that he was in the early years."

I think that's part of the reason I keep watching. I do see it shine through once in a while.  And from what I understand, he really has helped hundreds of people to step off the destructive/painful path they were on.

I wish he really would treat all of his guests with dignity as he claims to do. (Not demeaning, calling out of name, "Oh, give me a break, *lady*. Etc.", not raising his voice.  I still can't get over the power struggle he had with the young female guest who was on for her addiction, and wanted to take a break to use the restroom.  He totally humiliated her.  That was a new level of unsavory behaviour.  Trying to shame an adult for needing to tend to a bodily function.  Perhaps he felt that he was "calling an addicts bluff', but that was the worng point to stand on. I don't care if she had a tendancy to manipulate or try to put things of or procrastinate.  It just made him seem mean. I totally gave her kuddos for taking care of herself in spite of his treatment.  (I also believe she really needed to go.  But that's besides the point.)

Maybe he's burnt out on dealing with people's poor choices and unwillingness/inability to be accountable.  If that's the case, he needs to quit, or go to doing special interviews/interventions instead of a daily show.
Replied By: akeiko on May 12, 2014, 9:17AM
People sure are something - making multiple poor choices with another and then being astonished that the person they made the choices with goes on to make more outrageous choices. *All* of the kiddos deserve to have some sort of resolution so that they can be raised with as little damage as possible.


1) Dr. McGraw introduces salacious facts, brings up and stirs up things and feelings, acts as though resloving the different versions of  stories is at least *a* goal during the 45 minutes of his show, and then about 2/3-3/4 of the way through, states with self-righteous indignation that he can't believe that [people who *clearly* are in the midst of conflict and apparently haven't had real communication since the 'rape/forced upon' statement was made in a deposition] want to spend time arguing about those different versions.  Really?  I think it's exactly what he expects - seeing as it tends to be the template for similar shows.  And why allow the guests (who are non professional, highly agitated and upset) dictate the way the show is run?  He wouldn't allow it if it didn't suit his purpose.

2) Dr. Mcgraw: "No one has asked what's in the best interest of the child." (or some such stock phrase) - Actually, I heard the child's welfare brought up many time, "Let's get to the bottom of this so that we can coparent." "I want to be near my parents and his parents so that I can have some support [presumably with the baby]" .  (Of course, how honest and heartfelt these statements are, I can't judge - I'm not the person makeing them. But they *were* made.  Multiple times.)

3) Dr. Martin: "Dad wants to be right about the 'so-called' rape."  Um ....yes - whether or not my son was a product of my raping/forcing myself on his mother would be a priority for me to clarify if I were the dad too.  And it is also in the best interest of the baby, the mom, the stepmom, the dad, the grandparents, and CPS to get that sorted out.
Replied By: newsmom on May 11, 2014, 5:59PM - In reply to loyalalways

Dr Phil's bullying guests sometimes borders on totally unprofessional conduct. Plus, his ego gets in the way. yes, we get it, you have multiple degrees, no one can get anyting over on you yada yada.

And ENOUGH with the plugs for firends and family members! Tha show is starting to resemble a commercial.

I really believe that Dr Phil has deep compassion and want to help the people on his show. I wish he would go back to the more humbe Dr Phil that he was in the early years. I hope he hasn't "jumped the shark."

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