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Dr. Phil continues his interview with Tommy, who accuses his ex-wife, Julia, and her new husband, Codey, of killing his 19-month-old son, Darby, and 4-year-old stepdaughter, Kiera -- an allegation the couple vehemently deny. Dr. Phil enlists the help of forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht to examine the autopsy reports of Darby and Kiera, who died three months apart, while in the care of Julia and Codey. What are his findings? And, hear from police -- are the investigations still open? Julia and Codey say they’re tired of being falsely accused, and they want to prove their innocence. When offered the opportunity to take polygraph tests to clear their names, will they accept?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: tvphan on Apr 3, 2016, 1:03AM
Based on the information given during the show, the two children were clearly abused, and over a period of time. And the perpetrators must have been their mother and/or stepfather. But then why haven’t they been arrested? Are the police that incompetent? I think it’s not as clear-cut as was made out on the show. Experts often disagree. If there is an alternative interpretation of the evidence - and some of the previous comments state there is - then it should have been given.

I don’t like the strong emphasis Dr Phil places on polygraphs. They get it right more often than not, but they often get it wrong. Suppose you are innocent, and so agree to his polygraph, and are then told you failed. Because this was one of the times the polygraph was wrong. You are branded guilty on national television. And by the famous Dr Phil, no less. People will forever think of you as guilty.
Replied By: thomassweden on Apr 21, 2015, 11:09AM
Hello Dr Phil I am from sweden. Me and my wife see your show every day an we both are a big fan of you (sorry if it,s bad english).

We have just seen the second part of Julia and Cody and we wonder if there gonna be a "follow up" on this sad story.  I think that a good idea shold be if you can get ONLY Julia to the show. I am sure that she will tell us what happened to Darby and Kiera if Cody not around.

// Thomas
Replied By: stevenk1972 on Apr 20, 2015, 12:41PM
Saw the show in my homecountry today ( about one year after here) A sad story. Someone is obviously lying. Really sad that Julia and Cody didn't do the polygraph test, that could have straightened some question marks out.

To try to put on some more fact in the case though (as an investigator I thought that was missing) - the biggest liar here is probably Julia's mother. Because she said there was NO autopsy done - and as a regular autopsy is done (read link) they must open up her whole thorax and "scalp" up her head - and that FOR SURE would be visible even to an amateur. So, then, Julia's mother are lying here to protect her daughter (or there was no autopsy done) she can't miss a "scalped up" body (read the link about how post-mortem autopsy is done in cases like this):


And even though I don't exclude in anyway, that Julia and Cody in some way might be responsible for the death (how could I know) - but there is actually a theory that should not at all be excluded, because scientist and doctors nowadays have seen this correspondence: "A growing base of raw material statistics from the USA and Japan showing clear time-based relationships between childhood vaccine schedules and incidences of subdural hemorrhages"


Noone can't exclude these theories if this is going to be a fair investigation regarding to what the so called "experts" are saying about what "vaccines can do or not" (obviously she has no clue) and what the pathologist is saying (he didn't do the autopsy anyway - AND it might not occur or is hidden from the fact that it was by Julias mother to protect her (them) . Why the h*** didn't they bring the guy who did the autopsy = BIG TIME ERROR. With all respect, someone isn't doing their correct investigation work here!

I'm not saying to say "it wasn't them who killed the children" (who am I to know) I just wanted to say it because - wake up folks!!! You need trustworthy evidence because you accuse someone to murder their children!!!
Replied By: natasja1 on Mar 28, 2015, 8:08AM
Dear Dr. Phil,

I am living in BELGIUM and I follow all your programs on TV. Deeply respect for you and your family !

I have followed the case as mentioned above. I will not judge anyone but one thing is for sure : this is really cruel and I am very surprised that this case is still not resolved after 4 years ??? I have my thoughts about this but as said "who am I am to judge".  I would however appreciate if I (and a lot of people) can read an update and result.

Kind regards Kathleen from BELGIUM
Replied By: ladygoodsweet on Feb 22, 2015, 12:25AM
I would really love to see an update on this case. Personally, I think they should at least be ruled out by use of the polygraph.  Please show an update and to the father of Darby, please do not ever give up trying to get justice for these precious angels.
Replied By: ana1515 on Feb 21, 2015, 4:33AM
Have there been any arrests made on this case yet?
Replied By: ladyd1979 on Nov 27, 2014, 5:34AM
He looks very cold. I believe he is guity. And somehow the lady is being psychologicaly manipulated by him not to tell. She is scared of something.
Replied By: peter1964 on Nov 26, 2014, 1:36PM
I also watched part 2 of this episode today on Dutch television. If the authopsy report had mentioned the bloodtest results and specifically the plasma vitamin C level and the whole blood histamin level it would have given a clue whether the vaccination was at the basis of the trauma that lead eventually to the death of these poor children. Scientists that have researched the shaken baby syndrom found that vitamin C was completely depleted and the child, s immune system was taking vitamin C from the collageen from the body, in other words, the skeleton. This causes the bones to weaken and eventually break. If this was the case here, why did the mother not take the polygraph test?
Replied By: mojo1504 on Nov 26, 2014, 11:20AM
Don't be foolish btanne. It is obvious that these children are the victim of abuse. Vaccinations are not the cause of this type of subdural hematoma.  Stop using these poor children to make your point. These children have suffered a great deal of pain, and it is not because of the vaccinations. Sure, vaccinations can have some side-effects, but no side-effects of this matter.

There are many different types of hematomas. Are you seriously saying that you know it better than two doctors who have studied and studies to find out what happens in the human body? That they are more than a 100 percent sure that these types of subdural hematomas can absolutely not be caused by vaccinations, but by a blow to the head with a significant force? Are you really saying that they are wrong and a stupid shot causes a blow to the head which causes blunt trauma? If you don't want your kids vaccinated, thats fine, let them be sick, that's up to you. But don't use the death of these children to make your point. This is no time for propaganda, only time for the truth which the two pathologists and one pediatrician have explained to us. So be against vaccinations, fine. But leave these poor, abused, children out of it. By the way, the website you're directing to here.. I've read it and it is also pure propaganda. It doesn't even BEGIN to  raise questions about the performed autopsies or their conclusions, so once again stop it. There are NO vaccinations that cause this type of subdural hematoma, broken ribs,dozens of bruises and two burnmarks. Those are symptoms of abuse, not shots.

These poor children never even had a chance. Their lives were cut short way too early. I hope for the dad that the truth will come out soon.

If you ask me, the stepdad is highly suspect. He was very detached, did not seem to care at all, put on his pokerface. The blow to the head that caused the hematoma happened within two hours before they tried to wake Kiera up, and the only ones there were the mom and stepdad. I think the stepfather abused the children severely. I also think his wife knew but is also being abused by him and is therefore in his power. Which is why he could so very easily talk her out of a polygraph test. What normal mother would not want to fully cooperate to finding the cause of their childrens death? I can only hope that the truth will come out very soon..
Replied By: mojo1504 on Nov 26, 2014, 11:07AM - In reply to btanne
Come on now, dont be stupid. is is a scientific fact that Kiera died because of a blow to the head with significant force. It is excluded that this can be the result of vaccinations. Just so you know, there are many types of hematomas, do you really think that you know it better than both doctors who performed and assessed the autopsy?

Stop treating vaccinations like leathal weapons and face the facts. Don't use these children to make your own point about vaccinations, that is just a discrase. If you don't want your kids to be vaccinated, fine, that's on you, let them get sick. However don't use the terrible death of two infants to prove your point. Their injuries (multiple) cannot be the result of vaccinations, period.

I'd love to see the vaccinations that cause broken ribs, this type of subdural hematoma, two burnmarks en dozens of bruises.

These poor children have been abused severely and it is very, very sad that their lives had to end so young. Hopefully the dad will find out who killed his children. But it is ibvious that it isn't because of vaccinations, but because of blunt headtrauma due to a blow to the head with significant force.

If you ask me, the stepfather is highly suspect. My bet is he abused the children and also abuses his wife, and therefore has her in his power so she'll go with everything he says.

Poor babies..
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