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In 2010, Tommy’s 19-month-old son, Darby, and 4-year-old stepdaughter, Kiera, mysteriously died three months apart -- and he says he believes his ex-wife, Julia, and her new husband, Codey, killed them. Although Julia and Codey vehemently deny any wrongdoing, they say Tommy and his mother, Cheryl, have engaged in a massive crusade online and in the media, labeling them as “baby killers.” The couple face their accusers on Dr. Phil’s stage. How do Julia and Codey explain what happened to Darby and Kiera? Don’t miss part two tomorrow, when forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht reviews the children’s autopsies -- what does he conclude? And, will Julia and Codey agree to take polygraph tests?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: isitjustmeor on Sep 8, 2014, 7:51AM
I think this may be one of those rare-as-hens-teeth cases where the indominatable Dr Phil may have missed a mark or two.  Whilst bursting with admiration for Dr Phil's exceptional skills, this case left me very uncomfortable, primarily due to the poor/narrow choice of experts.  True expertise requires piercing critical thought and proactive updating of knowledge - more than just clocking up hours of experience or securing good job titles. 

There are sound scientific reasons to suspect hemorrhage and fractures due to other rarer causes (too many to detail here), as well as the involvement of multi-valent vaccine preparations given in the weeks prior.  The right specialists could have spoken to these issues, creating a much more balanced case and informing the direction (either way) of further investigations.

I feel sorry for the mother, whose strong instincts were clearly irreconcilable with the opinions of the selected experts.  It was painful watching her trying so hard to accomodate the information, while every ounce of her being was pushing back in favor of a deeper kind of knowing.

I do wish the pair of them had taken the test, but can understand their fear under the circumstances.
Replied By: daphilu on Aug 21, 2014, 9:33AM
This show reduced me to tears.  God gave Tommy strength, I know I would've wanted to demonstrate on Codey what Blunt Force Trauma was At the time he declined a polygraph. If I'd lost 2 of my babies I think I'd die of a broken heart.  I do hope we hear of arrests in the very near future. Thank you Dr.Phil for bringing these subjects to the forefront and always protecting our young. Love your work xx
Replied By: kylily on Aug 21, 2014, 7:48AM
I can't understand this woman. I believe the new husband is guilty for sure, he did a lot of hard swallowing when confronted with evidence by experts contrary to what they were saying and when asked to do a polygraph straight out without thought said no! Then changed the mothers mind when she had agreed. Something very nasty going on in that family. Poor little kids and the poor biological father and family.
Replied By: strine on Aug 21, 2014, 12:13AM
I noticed when she was confronted about the broken bones that she changed to defending herself and him rather than questioning who could have done it (like a normal caring parents would do if they just found out their children had broken bones).

She was so emotionally removed from her children that she didn't even care if they were killed, she cares more about herself and him and the facade they have built around themselves to not face the consequences of their crimes.

She knows what happened to her children, but she will lie as long as she and he are together. Even if they break up, she will lie and pin it all on him. Or he will kill her so she isn't alive to pin it all on him. She deserves whatever is coming to her and so does he, they deserve to be scared that something will happen to them just like the kids were. No justice for her kids because she is a narcissistic individual like Casey Anthony.
Replied By: aristocrat56 on Aug 20, 2014, 11:11PM - In reply to forresa
So "Forresa"  you're assuming that Dr Phil and the experts don't have the credentials or the knowledge to make a judgement?   Their good name is at stake -  they would have made a very careful analysis of the facts before they opened their mouths.  They have decades of learning and experience in their chosen fields.  So, because you don't believe any of it, you would do your own autopsy?
Replied By: jenamarie686 on Jul 1, 2014, 12:13PM
How in the world could you say no to a polygraph concerning your children!!!! And I seriously hope the police is working so hard to investigate and get justice for those 2 babies!! I feel awful for the dad, you can see his pain!! False autoposy?? This is just ridiculous!! They have experts telling her the injuries to the body and all she can do is shake her head and say their wrong?! That's crazy!!!! I hope you'll do a update as soon as you know something!!
Replied By: samsnewplace on May 31, 2014, 10:27PM
I would love an update on this and I hope these two are one day put in prison for the rest of their lives. I will have faith in the officials involved and the courts once they are on trial. They are both guilty, either in actions or knowledge of actions done by one and silenced by the other. Please keep us informed for the justice of those two babies.
Replied By: samsnewplace on May 31, 2014, 10:20PM - In reply to clv2jdh
Dr. Phil, please make sure to update us on this story. Any parent who would decline a polygraph is guilty as hell! It may never be proven, but they are both guilty either in actions or knowledge of actions.
Replied By: lauraspears on May 25, 2014, 12:38PM - In reply to gbc_1001
I also would like an update on the case , where the children died 3 mos apart. I think the name was Darcy.
Replied By: milasmom06 on May 24, 2014, 9:19PM - In reply to freelandsm
Vaccines do not cause the types of injuries that took the lives of these poor is not possible for a vaccine to cause an injury equivalent to a three story fall...I mean use some common sense!
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