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In 2010, Tommy’s 19-month-old son, Darby, and 4-year-old stepdaughter, Kiera, mysteriously died three months apart -- and he says he believes his ex-wife, Julia, and her new husband, Codey, killed them. Although Julia and Codey vehemently deny any wrongdoing, they say Tommy and his mother, Cheryl, have engaged in a massive crusade online and in the media, labeling them as “baby killers.” The couple face their accusers on Dr. Phil’s stage. How do Julia and Codey explain what happened to Darby and Kiera? Don’t miss part two tomorrow, when forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht reviews the children’s autopsies -- what does he conclude? And, will Julia and Codey agree to take polygraph tests?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: findashadegree on Jun 22, 2015, 6:38PM
This episode where two children died of supposed 'vaccinations' sickens me to no end. I'm left wondering why law enforcement didn't demand answers of these two--especially the mother of these children--when those autopsies were reported. All the abrasions documented had to raise the provervial 'red flags' all the way to the jailhouse.

What was law enforcement thinking? Unless the ME reported both deaths being an 'accident by vaccine,' the cause of death should have been homicide; there's no way to  claim BOTH deaths as undetermined.

Unless law enforcement steps in, here's my prediction: There will be justice--but not unil Darby and Kiera's mother and the stepfather split. Only then will the children's mother come forward with what she 'thinks' that monster did with her children. Whether Mom had anything to do with it or not, she was at least willing to take a polygraph (until her then boyfriend stepped in to help change her mind). 

The split has to happen first.
Replied By: stevenk1972 on Apr 20, 2015, 1:17PM
Interesting case, sad story - a few things went wrong in my opinion here though:

1. The couple Julia and Cody need to explain WHY the don't want to do the polygraph test??? And do one.

2. Does Cody has any history of violence towards children - anyone who knows?

3. The pathologist who was there through video link - obviously that's the WRONG GUY - of COURSE the pathologist who did the autopsy himself would be sitting there - anything other is a scam and a really bad way of investigation the truth. Bizarre.

4. Put in another "expert"-doctor - the doctor from "Doctor on demand" obviosly haven't read one bit of how long time afterwards side-effects from vaccines can appear. Side-effects does NOT only occur the next hours after a vaccine shot. There is plenty of evidence showing that.

5. Julia's Mom should definitvly take an polygraph test as well - for the fact if she saw/heard anything that might happened to the children - and why or IF she is trying to deny/hide that the autopsy was done - then every human being (except if one is blind) cannot miss that a body has been going through an autopsy, then a bodies thorax is cut whole open with a big Y-scar and the head is scalped up and the skullbone is cut whole thorugh with a saw - that scars can't be mistaken from a person with proper sight (leads us back to no. 3)

I hope ALL of these things is done in a proper police investigation, then we will be much closer to the truth. Otherwise if they don't,  they can (the officers who is doing this investigation) just as well throw it in the same garbage can as the report form the murder 1963.

And I hope that these things gave and helped "both sides" in a fair way to come up with the truth, or at least closer to it.

Best regards
Replied By: amphioxys on Mar 6, 2015, 4:47PM - In reply to redthorns
I also watched the shows in Denmark. Almost a year has passed and I would really like to know what happened!
Replied By: redthorns on Mar 3, 2015, 5:14AM
I would love an Update on this one. Just Saw it here in Denmark and really Want to know what has happend since this aired.

Cant you force people to take those liedetector tests? 
Replied By: maxikaika on Jan 14, 2015, 8:06AM
This story had me in tears and I truly believe the mother and her husband are guilty of killing these children.

I've looked online for any update to see if the parents have been arrested yet but I can't find anything.  Does anyone know any info on this case?
Replied By: nederland1963 on Nov 27, 2014, 4:01AM - In reply to krista8527
I don't believe she's kill her kids, it's the stepfather for sure, she knows that but she's afraid of that creepy guy with no feelings, when the questions are coming he looks tot the ground, she knows he has done it but she is afraid tot to the lie-detector-test cause he don't want to do this test, in my opinion is she also quilty as he, i am shocked, i am father to!
Replied By: marysirish on Nov 24, 2014, 5:08PM
The doctor said that sids most likely occur during the 2 months and 4 months, well I know 3 people, one has lost their child at the age of 6 weeks and the other has lost their kids at the age of 13 months and the last one has lost their child at the age of 18 months, so it don't only happening between the 2 and 4 months.
Replied By: hollybarr on Oct 14, 2014, 11:21AM
My heart goes out to them two angels, it is so obvious to the world what happened. the devil has two more souls on the way.
Replied By: anitafrydenlun on Oct 9, 2014, 9:14AM
I must say i am in chok, the whole World Can see who is right and wrong, if they want the world to belive them they should have taken the liedetector test, i hope that the police is doing all they Can to build a strong case and give Tommy and his mom some peace, and some Rights for these beautiful children. I hope we get an opdate om this show.
Replied By: qsfromlola on Oct 2, 2014, 12:35AM
Curious as to why most everyone is shifting the blame or the bulk of blame onto the shifty step dad, and not Julia ?? I cannot dispute he is one creepy dude. He gave me the willies. But I have studied mothers with  Münchausen syndrome and Munchausen by Proxy ( BTW, they are two different disorders). Based on the testimony of the ex during their time together, I think she fits the bill.

He mentioned her fake stomach tumor and claiming to have chronic illnesses like Lupus, which she seemed to be cured of randomly. Lupus causes great suffering in those afflicted by the disease, and certainly, folks who are bedridden all day cannot bounce back by night to go and party, as her ex intimated. I really dislike people who claim to have chronic illnesses that can or cannot be confirmed, other than through doctor's opinion and possibly, a set of qualitative tests ( like fibromyalgia and the trigger pain point test &/or questionnaire rating the average pain scale).  Too many people falsely claim to have this diagnosis, making those truly afflicted even more stigmatized.

According to Wikipedia, Münchausen syndrome, is a psychiatric factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves.  True Münchausen syndrome fits within the subclass of factitious disorder & they also have a history of recurrent, dramatic, untrue, and extremely improbable tales of their past experience (yes, yes & yes).

Münchausen syndrome is related to Münchausen syndrome by proxy, which refers to the abuse of another person, typically a child, in order to seek attention or sympathy for the abuser. 

Her ex mentioned hearing the baby cry suddenly when Julia was alone with him and claiming the baby fell. Certainly if she slept all day, she was neglecting her parental responsibilities. I understand what prescription pill addiction is and how one can lose sight of their responsibilities. Since she doctor shopped to get all of those scripts, and she confirmed she had an issue, in fairness, that was probably a big contributor. But that same behavior is part of Münchausen syndrome and the addiction could have been her excuse for her neglect in the eyes of others, again looking for sympathy at her plight.

Anyway, I think the step dad and Julia know what happened. I just don't excuse Julia from the equation like many others on this forum. She didn't cry a genuine tear until she was "embarrassed" by the audience's reaction to her not believing the pathology expert. 

The police seem the most incompetent in this case. I've never heard of the parents getting off like this except under cases of Münchausen because the mother can act the role of grieving parent so well that it fools some police into thinking they are not culpable.

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