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Chris says he thought he had a strong bond with his adopted daughter, Lynn, 17, until just two months ago, when he says she told an unthinkable lie that ripped apart their once-tight family. Lynn claims Chris sexually abused her three times -- twice at 9 and again at 12 – allegations that Chris adamantly denies. Lynn’s mother, Mandi, says her daughter has a history of lying, and she supports her husband. What does she say happened recently that caused the bad blood between Chris and Lynn? Chris says he feels like he’s the “pariah of the neighborhood” and fears he could end up in jail for a serious crime he didn’t commit. Is this just a rebellious teenager caught up in a lie she can’t get out of, or is Chris guilty of the unthinkable? Tune in for Part 2 tomorrow, when one guest makes a shocking confession!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dragon_rose on Jul 14, 2015, 11:45AM - In reply to keithster
Actually she was doing pot BEFORE he let her do it or did you miss that part.

as to grooming you have no clue what you are talking about as there was way too many cues she was lying out her back side.

being molested myself I know the signs as well not to mention I remember the day, time, weather and the smell of his disgusting old spice and its been almost 30 years since I was molested the last time it had happened before my mother divorced him.

I had been molested for five years so I know what it was like and how dirty it made me feel and not wanting to be touched by anyone let alone men.

to this day I still catch myself flinching at being touched by any guy. 
Replied By: dragon_rose on Jul 14, 2015, 11:34AM
First of all I must say I am irate with that girl, its people like her that makes it hard for those that actually been molsted.

I personally had been molsted and I can remember everything from the disgusting smell of his old spice to the wind blowing hard  right down to the time of night and the very month and day.

to me the father was way forgiving and if it was me in his shoes I would throw her under the bus and make sure she was punished and not babied  as she just learned it was alright to lie.

what will stop her from doing it again & again when she doesn't get her way or if a boyfriend doesn't do what she wants or leaves her?

she needs punishment not protected for almost ruining the poor guy's life & and I hope Dr. Phil did something to protect that man instead of being a jerk!

don't get me wrong I think the father was a jerk for the verbal stuff but Phil OWED him an apology for treating him like garbage the whole time.

Again don't get me wrong he shouldn't have treated her like that(even if she was a brat & lair). 
 and it's people like her which is why I don't believe anyone who accuses someone of being molested until I have evidence which is sad.

Just wanted to get this off my chest after I seen this episode because of how frustrated it made me.   

Replied By: ggbusso on Aug 18, 2014, 12:56AM
I have just finished watching this show here in Australia, as a  molested child myself, I fully understand what this poor kid was about. I think Dr Phil handled it extremely well, to help her  for that moment. I believe that creep Chris did  traumatise her when she was young , and as she said  " he made her feel as though she had been raped"   maybe he started with her so early  that she has some confusion.

i am convinced that some abusers think that if they don't actually put their penis inside a child, it is not "really rape "I know that for years I believed it was my fault that my uncle  abused me and I was always threatened with the phrase that "if you tell....I won't tickle you anymore". I can't remember the first time, but  I can remember being very young , probably  5ish, but i sure remember the  last time.....cos I pulled away and said no......and I ran from him...I was 12

OMG did I just write all that!   Thanks again Dr Phil, you have helped me , even though we have never met.
Replied By: keithster on May 5, 2014, 11:17PM - In reply to jpleasant
 Sounded like grooming to me also.

 The not getting with his wife before turning her on to dope was a dead giveaway to me that he is a creep up to no good but I was attacked in here for picking on poor Chris.

 I dont care what anybody says ,he's a sleeze.
Replied By: amys4boys on May 5, 2014, 9:18AM
I only want to address the part of drinking and smoking with your child,  I dont want any of my children to do drugs or drink, but not only have I said the same thing I know many parents who have said and done the same thing, and maybe its not right, but I know my thoughts as a parent are my childrens safety and being there.  Call it what you may I just wanted to be there for my kids
Replied By: sunstar035 on May 5, 2014, 8:45AM
After watching both episodes of this show several times now, I am convinced that something inappropriate did happen to Lynn---and more than once. While I do not condone her allegations of rape, it's possible that whatever happend to her as a little girl (and the issue not being addressed at the time by her mother) caused her to become so angry that she had to go to excessive lengths to be heard. It's not right, but I do see how it can happen. And I'm glad that she did come clean at the end. Admitting the truth on national TV was punishment enough and I do admire her for doing that. But I also believe this was only because someone was going to finally help her with what REALLY happened. If this had been addressed years ago, it might not have gotten to the point of a rape accusation. 

That being said, the mother was in classic denial. It's so easy to label a child sick and troubled and a liar when you refuse to address something that makes you uncomfortable and may affect your life with your partner. Pure selfishness. We see this over and over again. I don't understand it. If my child came to me and claimed something happened, I would dig until no stone was unturned to get to the truth--no matter what it was. Children often tell or act out the truth and when they aren't believed, the situation can get out of hand. This is due to denial on the part of the adults who should be helping the child. 

Lynn, her mother, and stepfather all played a dysfunctional part in this story. But out of the 3 of them, Lynn was the most mature despite her false allegations. She made a mistake and while excessive, I do believe she was traumatized numerous times and my hope is that she can go forward to live a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Dr. Phil: You worked your magic once again. Kudos to you! 

Replied By: mjensen110 on May 4, 2014, 6:34PM
I was sitting and watching Hoarders.   Season 6 Episode 1 features Debra & Patty.   Chris (the father on the episode w/Dr. Phil) is seen talking about his mom and her hoarding.  He stated he moved out of the house at age 17.   It is extremely probable that his lack of upbringing has prompted his inappropriate decisions regarding his stepdaughter.
Replied By: jpleasant on May 4, 2014, 3:11PM - In reply to jencola
sociopathic tendencies?  wow, I just do not see the narcassistic or sociopathic tendencies people are mentioning.  This girl has been abused and Dr. Phil told her he believed her.  This man "Hurt" her as she said over and over, she screamed for help.  A scream for help is not what can be declared as being a narcassist or a sociopath.
Replied By: jpleasant on May 4, 2014, 3:05PM - In reply to drea32
I agree Dr. Phil believed she was messed with and wanted full truth on rape accusations.  But you saw Dr. Phil jump up and yank his jacket off as he was trying to get her to talk but pissed when the "dad" jumped in.  Dr. Phil wanted her not to be under the torture of living a lie the rest of her life and deal with the truth, but he knew that man was sick and she didnt need anymore of his iiiiickiness on her.
Replied By: jpleasant on May 4, 2014, 2:55PM - In reply to paris83
he didnt really describe what he did he just said uh rolled over and a bunch of adjectives to side track Dr. Phil off and hopefully look like he found no pleasure in it.  I would have went further with him on that.  Like when he has Lynn follow through with each step around the bed.  I would have been like

1.  Did you get up?

2.  Did you and when did you discuss with the mom?

Make him break it down.  If he is really sick you may see some arousal while he talks about it.  They showed his face a lot as she described details and it was scary.  I felt dirty.
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