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Last month, authorities found a severely malnourished 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer -- who reportedly weighed just 29 pounds -- after he was allegedly locked inside a small closet under the stairs of a Houston home. His father, Bradley, and stepmother, Tammi, were arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. In a Dr. Phil exclusive, the boy’s biological mother, Windy Hall, shares her side of the story -- including how she says she fought tirelessly to save her son, whom she claims was kept from her for two years. And, Windy opens up about the moment she first saw her emaciated child. What has Jordan told her about life with his father? Watch as Dr. Phil cameras offer a firsthand look inside the closet where the boy was allegedly held and nearly starved to death. How was he found? And, hear Tammi’s side of the story. Why does she say she’s innocent and had no idea Jordan was being abused? Plus, hear from police, who are calling this the worst case of child endangerment they’ve seen in years. How is Jordan doing now?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: katwilson on May 20, 2014, 3:56PM - In reply to suzannesrs
She should have tried harder!!!
Replied By: doglover50 on May 1, 2014, 11:29AM
This show was truly heart breaking. How this father and step ... I cannot use the word "mother" here...could do this to this child is just oh, unbearable. I hope they put these people Under the prison! The teenage son showed such courage in calling the police and uncovering this abuse. Children are such a gift, so many people adopt go through painful and expensive procedures to have a child, I cannot imagine doing these things to a gift from God. and these people have six children combined? Too too sad. I hope that this young boy can receive the help he needs and go on to live a healthy and happy life.
Replied By: coffeebeanhot on Apr 28, 2014, 3:45PM
The reason this situation was brought to light was the assault of the father upon his teenage stepson. The fact a step father would physically assault his stepson is example enough of his participation. Then there is the matter of the mother not stepping in to prevent her own 16 yr. old son from being assaulted by this man which to me exemplifies her ability to allow this 5 yr.old to be abused and starved.

I'm more than a little surprised this was not addressed by Dr. Phil, especially to the lawyers for the stepmother.
Replied By: fromthesquare on Apr 28, 2014, 12:31PM
I hate the fact that I could not bear to even watch what precious child had to live through.  I deleted this show from my DVR.  I can still offer my prayers to him and I do.
Replied By: loyalalways on Apr 28, 2014, 6:27AM
I can't believe the stupidity AND the audacity of these two lawyers who think that they can get away with that ridiculous story!!!!! It is SO obvious that the house was staged. I live alone and my place isn't that pristine. Give me a break!! The painting supplies were still in the yard! How did these idiots get their degrees??? I find it absolutely mind boggling that they really think that people are going to believe their hair-brained story! When comics crack jokes about lawyers, these two are who they're talking about. They make me sick. I just hope that the people on the jury in this abuser's trial don't fall for this crap and give the kids back to her. She doesn't deserve to be a mother. Anyone who will stand back and watch a child being abused is just as bad as the abuser!!!! Throw the book at her!!!!!
Replied By: sheenalee on Apr 27, 2014, 2:19PM
 I don’t know how you can do some of the shows you do, but this one really hit my core. I cried so hard after the show as if that baby was mine, I cant stop thinking about that boy and his mom. Being a mother myself and my son has the same name and looks very similar to that child.

 I wish I can help with so much that happens in this world but im just one person and not a powerful one. There has to be something done better in this case, that mother couldn’t get to see your baby for 2 years, how is that ok, how do people get away with that? If that was anyone else they could have handled it very badly. I’m not saying that mother didn’t do everything she could cause she did, Im saying someone could have done serious damage to find there baby. That probably goes for most mothers. I understand she didn’t want to jeoperdize the outcome of getting to be with her child eventually, but what she experienced on the inside I could feel it. Who cares if she smoked pot, that’s the least she could do, she was dying inside that I know.

 Most of all how does that women get out of jail? REALLY. She had every part of what happened to that child and keeping that baby from the mother. I don’t get that, HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THEIR BABY FOR 2 YEARS AND NOTHING BE DONE?? What if that child was not alive for 2 years!! There needs to be better legal rights for children cause that child had no rights to say “I want my mom” and get to see his mom. It should be automatic, someone is keeping someone from someone and they go to get help with that and nothing. That is NOT OK. They should have the right to see and talk to that child ALONE to see if they are ok, as long as that person is legally able to see that person. I wish that mother had more rights in this case.

 I believe that child should be with his mother full custody. She is not doing anything wrong and hasn’t done anything wrong. I am so happy that poor boy is doing better and I hope his recovery through his life is a happy and fulfilling journey.
Replied By: maimyo on Apr 27, 2014, 8:25AM

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I couldn't watch this show without tears in my eyes. I wrote this song back in 2011. It was about someone close to my heart.
Replied By: maimyo on Apr 27, 2014, 8:17AM
I watched the show and it brought me to rears.  I am a songwriter and I have a song I wrote back in 2011 that goes with this show.  I will post it.
Replied By: ecjones1104 on Apr 26, 2014, 4:33PM - In reply to gregorysukull
I don' t believe the officer meant it the way you think. He wasn't reffering to third world countries being notorious for locking their children under the stairs and torturing them. He was referring to the fact that this child was starving, like a child in a third world country. 

It wasn't meant to be offensive, but I understand your view point. No one needs to start believing that just because certain countries are poor they are savages like these two wastes of skin that tortured a five year old.
Replied By: ecjones1104 on Apr 26, 2014, 4:25PM - In reply to smartship18
You're right the step-mother is a liar and anyone with some common sense would see right through it.

She says she wasn't living with the man and went to get divorce papers at the hotel. She says her 16 year old is lying because he doesn't like the step-dad....but if they were getting a divorce and they weren't all living together than why would the step-son lie? The step-dad is gone, out of the house, out of the picture and apprently going to go through a divorce?? Right.

Yeah this mother is disgusting...throwing her own children under the bus to escape her neglect? So her two older kids can grow up as known liars and her youngest children are obviously being manipulated as well. What stupid attornies....why is the 5 year old and the other child saying this, saying that. They're 5! There is no credibility in their testimony. Children are not known to lie however they can be manipulated and played like game pieces. How can they even bother using those young children as a defense? Seems like some desperate moves being made by a completely desperate and guiltly person.
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