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Candace claims that her ex-husband, Miguel, is an absentee father, who “dumped” her and their 18-month-old special-needs daughter, Ellie, to be with his new wife, Cynthia. She says Miguel has seen Ellie only six times in the past year -- and not at all in the past four months -- despite her repeatedly begging him to visit. Miguel insists that he is desperate to see Ellie, but claims that Candace and her mother, Leah, have kept him away -- including canceling visits at the last minute and, recently, blocking him from getting information when Ellie was in the hospital. How do Candace and Leah respond to his allegations? Are they alienating Miguel from his daughter -- or is he simply not putting in the effort? Emotions run high when the women face Miguel on Dr. Phil’s stage -- and meet Cynthia for the very first time. Can everyone set aside their animosity long enough to make some progress? (OAD: 4-7-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jenz1973 on Jul 13, 2014, 1:38PM
I could care less about the people.  It's the dog that affected me.  This man deserves no less than what he did to that dog
Replied By: jennifer5383 on Jul 11, 2014, 5:37PM
Miguel definitley needs to step up. He also needs to try not to engage in any arguing. Candice on the other hand needs some major help. She needs to put her daughter first and get over the marriage breaking up. You can't use your child to get back at your ex. One day that cute little girl is going to realize what her mother has done.
Replied By: lilbeanie on Jul 11, 2014, 1:26PM - In reply to lilbeanie
Isn't auto correct fun?
Replied By: lilbeanie on Jul 11, 2014, 12:27PM
The system is designed to enable alienators just like this one!

This story rang true to me, albeit this dad is going through a walk in the park compared to the pure hell my husband (and our family) has endured for nearly 13 years as a target of his Ex's obsessive alienating behaviors. The ONLY WAY an intervention like the one we watched on this show works is if both parents are mentally and emotionally capable of personal accountability, empathy and compromise. What Dr. Phil did not address is what happens when one parent is genuinely pathological/personality-disordered and truly does not demonstrate a capacity to do any of those things. 

We played by the rules, showed up to pick up my step-daughter hundreds of times, only to be stood up. We have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on legal fees, and although she has been found in contempt of the court, she has never seen the harm in her behavior, and hasn't changed. We have had 3 parenting evaluations completed, which recommended us to be the primary caretakers all 3 times. We have a long list of clinical and social work professionals who clearly see her alienation, and yet  this poor girl  (now almost 14) is still very much her mothers emotional and psychological hostage. Therapists tell us to let go to save ourselves emotionally, and leave the door open to her to come and be a part of our family when she chooses to, because cranky, she is so far gone that she has aligned with mom in the campaign of denigration.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 11, 2014, 7:47AM - In reply to sprnanny0819
I don't think she was saying shut up to Dr. Phil. She turned toward the audience when she said that because they were clapping for Miguel. They deserved what they got. Now hopefully they'll know how Miguel has felt for so long being bullied by them. I can't see that mother changing her ways. She needs to grow up as much as her daughter. Neither of them have any insight into their behaviour. That poor little baby being stuck in the middle without a choice.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 11, 2014, 7:35AM - In reply to cheriebengal
I don't sympathizae with them at all. It's their own fault they don't have his help because they bullied him to keep him from his child to get even with him for leaving her. Her mother needs to stay out of her daughter's marriage and business. It's time that girl grew up. I think the mother's interferrence helped break everything up, too. She's a control freak. There is NO way that he'd have peaceful time with his child with those two around. IMHO, they got what they deserved. Now, hopefully they can all get the help they need to keep peace for that little girl's sake. She needs her daddy in her life. That mother had better pray that she doesn't have that child taken away from her for parental alienation. She caused trouble with everyone, including the nurses and the social worker. They're both bullies. Two against one.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 11, 2014, 7:22AM - In reply to jbauer301
First of all, I value your opinion and you really are entitled to it. I have a comment, though. How do you know he left her for another woman? They said they didn't start dating until after the break-up. We really don't know that he cheated on her. Quite frankly, I don't blame him for leaving, period. That mother-in-law would drive me nuts. His ex is no prize, either. She's vindictive and a mean loud mouth. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Actually, I think the main reason Dr. Phil didn't make much of an issue about it is because 1) Miguel said they didn't get together until later and, really, what can you say, and 2) she and her mother were so outrageous and cruel. She was using her daughter to get even with him. You know how Dr. Phil is when it comes to children.

BTW, I HAVE been cheated on, so I know it's hurtful. I also know how much he hurt her when he left, too because I've been there, too. You have to go through it to know how painful it is. But, it's not fair for the rest of us to call him a cheater when we don't know because we weren't there. I'm just saying that we really should take his word for it because there's no proof otherwise. I know it seems strange that they got together so quickly, but, it does happen :-)

Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 11, 2014, 5:54AM
I hope that these two dingbats watch themselves on this show. They made fools of themselves. Talk about vindictive and cruel, not to mention VERY immature. The grandmother is supposed to be the adult in the situation and she's the worst of all. She needs to BUTT OUT and mind her own business.

Grandma says she's changed and doesn't do those immature things anymore, but, the day before the taping she's squawking about him again. Not only that, the way they treat Cynthia is deplorable. They don't even know her, yet they're calling her an alcoholic and all kinds of other nasty things. They have absolutely no insight into their behaviour. They were rude and obnoxious. Then they wonder why people took Miguel's side. He sat there so quietly. It broke my heart when he cried when he saw his little girl. Poor guy!!

The ex-wife is DEFINITELY a woman scorned and has no problem using her little baby as a pawn to get even with her ex. Poor little girl is caught in the crossfire and her mother and grandmother act like 2 year olds. I feel SO sorry for Miguel. She portrays him as this evil person, but, she probably provoked him into yelling at her. Then she tried to make him look like a controller and abuser.

It looks like he had good reason to leave her. He got fed up with her nagging and also her controlling, busybody mother. I'm really happy that he's found someone who will treat him like he deserves to be treated.
Replied By: cdrens on Jul 11, 2014, 12:48AM - In reply to ladyoflogic
There  is a bit of me that would  sympathize with a guy that was scared  of taking on a sick kid in any race but my nest queation i:Where is His family? Which I think goes to the idea that his family may not want anything to do with this kid,

Replied By: jholden on Jul 10, 2014, 9:21PM
Alleination of parental rights can def be a cause for change of custody. I think this mom better get smart and realize she could end up in his shoes. Her daughter might end up six hours away from her. Oh and Mom BUTT OUT!!! you are the grandmother and should something ever happen to your daughter (God forbid) where do you think this little girl would live. 
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