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Reagan says his wife of two years, Sara, refuses to have sex with him, and the lack of attention has forced him to turn to gambling and other women “for an adrenaline rush.” He admits that he’s cheated twice, including a recent “sexting” affair with a woman, which prompted Sara to take their two kids and move out. Hear the shocking way she says she discovered the racy texts. Sara says she wants to fix their relationship, but she needs Reagan to stop acting like an impulsive teenager -- and work harder to meet her emotional needs. Dr. Phil reviews the couple’s history, which includes allegations of physical abuse on both sides, as well as numerous break-ups and make-ups. Is this marriage worth saving? And, when Sara makes a confession of her own, will Reagan still want to reconcile? Then after only a year of marriage, Skyla and Ryan say they are at a sexual standoff that has pushed them to the brink of divorce. Skyla says Ryan acts like a child when she says “no” to sex -- throwing tantrums that include yelling, slamming doors and punching walls. Ryan says their sex life has gone from very active to almost nonexistent, and he admits his frustration has pushed him to the edge. Can Dr. Phil help Ryan learn to control his temper -- and help these newlyweds rekindle their relationship?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: highonfire2010 on Apr 5, 2014, 6:46AM - In reply to deblynch2
Replied By: psdunne on Mar 29, 2014, 3:07PM - In reply to imperatrice
Good call.
Replied By: deblynch2 on Mar 29, 2014, 8:12AM
that one couple said when they were dating they had sex six times a day. that's a  problem right there. anyone who needs sex six times a day has a problem with sex. that is just weird
Replied By: keithster on Mar 28, 2014, 11:35PM - In reply to loyalalways
 I'm sorry but if she's comfartable enough after being sexually abused "all her life" to walk around the house nude then she shouldn't act all weirded out if her husband gets turned on by it.

 I have sympathy for her or any woman who's been abused in any way but if she's that uncomfortable around the man she went as far as to marry and share a house with then she's not ready for a marriage yet and that is sending mixed signals to the man. It's not always the man who's at fault when a marriage fails.

 I hear alot about what the woman needs but being married involves a man AND a woman and not just what the woman needs.I truley think some women want the security of being with a man but can't commit entirely to the other things that comes with being married. A man is going to want sex and if the woman is unable or unwilling to give it to her husband without making him out an SOB because he wants it once in awhile then she should cut him loose so he can go find a "woman" and she can go look for a daddy.

 As for women not liking men who abuse them ,some dont but a great many must. I've known quite a few over the years that will be in an abusive relationship and keep right on going back. They will leave for awhile and even get with a nice guy that treats them kind but they usually end up leaving the nice guy and going back to the creep.

 This fellow in the Dr. Phil episode didn't seem like a bad boy to me. He works and stated he loves his wife and was pretty forgiving about his wife being up in the middle of the night talking to some jerk and viewing photos of his bod but you gals always want to call the man a pervert. Sounds like she wants sex too just not from her husband.

He was more forgiving than me. I would have put her out on the road !
Replied By: cheriebengal on Mar 28, 2014, 9:37PM
Dr. Phil told Ryan that he wasn't responding to his wife's pain and her needs. But I understand why Ryan wasn't. He was saying he himself had needs that weren't being met, so he didn't want to address hers. He didn't want to say he understood her when she didn't understand what his issues were. I kind of agree with him. Yes, he looked at pornography. That's bad. But what about her and this other guy in his underwear? Is he now out of the picture? It was a specific person, maybe a friend? I can see why Ryan is upset. He also said she's on the Internet all day long. She didn't dispute that. She also needs to be checked by a doctor because she says she has pain with sex, so she avoids it.
Replied By: nyknicks on Mar 28, 2014, 8:04PM
looks like the guy didn't like his end of the TAT, he going to be on the losing end
Replied By: pattyb928 on Mar 27, 2014, 3:59PM
Growing up my father always said to me(as a young woman in a relationship that he believed a man should never hit a woman, but others might not have been raised with that type of thinking. 

So, I should never hit a man either. But if I do, be prepared for the man to hit back! I think that advice has served me well throughout the years. I haven't raised my hand to anyone, in fact I never even spanked my kids! Just not how I was raised....
Replied By: imperatrice on Mar 27, 2014, 2:32PM - In reply to proudmommyof5
That certainly explains the "7 kids between us" :-)  I agree …. A healthy, vibrant, creative and satisfying sex life is essential to a happy relationship/marriage - imho.
Replied By: imperatrice on Mar 27, 2014, 2:24PM - In reply to drsensai
I love your comment !!!!  EXACTLY !!!
Replied By: imperatrice on Mar 27, 2014, 2:12PM - In reply to mike1965
Sometimes it's essential to spend a lot of time alone to clear the bad experiences out of our beings so that we can make room for something healthy.  How to know when that is done?  I think it is when you no longer feel angry towards the past, and those in it - it is when you no longer feel the need to see all the potential objects of your affection as enemies but rather seeing them as worthy of care and attention and positivity rather than any negativity, anger, hatred, contempt, judgement, and most of all bitterness at a particular population (in this case modern women).  You have to be a man of quality to attract a woman in kind.  Perhaps work on yourself to become that and in time you will attract those women that you so desire (but that currently steer clear of you and avoid you at all costs as any quality woman of course would).

Wish you good fortune in your search - as Gandhi said "BE the change you want to see in the world" 
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