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Twenty-one-year-old Corey was only 10 when he walked into his sleeping father’s room and killed him with a single gunshot to the head. He claims he was manipulated into committing the unthinkable act by his stepmother, Judith, after allegedly suffering years of horrific mental and physical abuse at her hands. Corey says he told police the shooting was accidental -- and kept the secret for nine years, before finally confiding in teachers. Judith is now serving a life sentence for aggravated murder, child endangerment and insurance fraud. However, Corey says there’s another person he blames for his father’s death -- his birth mother, Wendy, who signed away her parental rights when he was 8. Did she put Corey in harm’s way? Wendy insists that she thought she was giving Corey a stable home -- and had no idea about the abuse he says he suffered. But were there warning signs she may have missed? Can Dr. Phil help this mother and son heal the wounds of the past and rebuild their relationship? Plus, Michelle says her sister, Tashena’s, phone call to Child Protective Services caused her to lose custody of her 6-month-old daughter, who has special medical needs. Tashena denies contacting CPS -- and says Michelle’s irresponsible parenting, including missing several doctor’s appointments, is to blame. Is Michelle really ready to be a mother? What does Dr. Phil say she must do if she wants her daughter back? (OAD: 3-6-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: tashenamarie on Oct 30, 2014, 9:16PM - In reply to loyalalways
The problem was those were goals she set for herself she only needed to complete a patenting class make her visits with Maliyah and the social worker and find a safe place to live.
Replied By: toxicity7 on Aug 7, 2014, 8:18AM
It's sad to see how sometime's kid's are so abused and brainwashed that they don't talk. That's probably why the dad never knew what was going on especially if he was working all the time. The abuser usually makes the victim believe that they deserve the abuse. Fear is definitely a tool that the abuser uses. I feel really bad for this guest. He has to life with this his whole life and it wasn't even his fault. I hope he does find it in himself to forgive himself. I can understand why he blames the mom. The mom isn't to blame for the dad's death but if she would have been a responsible, loving, caring parent, this wouldn't have happened. 

I was happy to see how Dr. Phil was giving her the opportunity to take responsibility for her part in what he went through. She was very reluctant to accept it but at the end of the day he can forgive her with or without her remorse, but it easier to forgive someone who is truly sorry. She should have protected him and done everything that she could to make sure that his life with his dad was a happy life. I hope this guest can one day have a good relationship with his mom. I hope she seeks treatment and finds a way to prove herself as a mother so that they can fix the relationship. 
Replied By: slave2tattoos on Aug 4, 2014, 2:31PM
I'm not even all the way through this show and had to stop to post. I'm so sad for this son and his mother. I feel that the blame is being put on the wrong person. The mother only did what she thought was right for her son. She had to make a very hard decision! I feel that if his mother knew what he was going to be going through that she would never have signed over her rights to him.
Replied By: heartfeltsoul on Aug 3, 2014, 10:00AM
I felt some quistions should have been a factor .How old was this mother when she made thee choice to give custody over ? and was she a singl mother with other children as well that she was factoring in how much care she coud give to her son ? just as adoption is every women that makes a choice to adopt a bad parent? If he had a good child hood would we have praised her ? why does the father whom is the other parent have no responsibility in the care and protction of his son whom he was in thee home with and did take on full resonsibility and custody and then failed imm. in that responsibility until his deatth ? As A younge single struggling mother of more then one child I could understand thinking a son best raised byh his father in a 2 parent stable home ..
Replied By: heartfeltsoul on Aug 3, 2014, 9:48AM
I have to ask myself were does any of the responsibility lie with his father ? I understand not wanting to veiw it this way with his passing but he was the parent in the home that was responsible for lovig  and proteecting his son aand he failed a allowed another to abuse his child he gave power ver and was in the home and had knoledge and did nothing that lead to his death ?
Replied By: birger on Aug 1, 2014, 10:14PM
Cory is angry, and he should be.  But, he wants to rail at his mom and doesn't appear to want to move forward.  I am curious if he has any anger at his father who lived in the same house that he did and who must have witnessed the abuse that he suffered.  It seems that he is directing all the anger that he should be directing at his father and his abuser at his mom.  Did she make the best choice?  Probably not.  Is she sorry that she did?  Obviously.  Did she make what she thought was the best decision for her son at the time?  Undoubtedly.  Does she love her son?  She must love him very much to sit through what she sat through for this show.  

Cory, please find peace with your mother.  Even though you can't understand why she made the choices that she did, please try to forgive her so you can heal and find peace.  You deserve that and so does she.  Best of luck to you. 
Replied By: loyalalways on Aug 1, 2014, 9:48PM - In reply to jackie0998
I agree. The problem with this case is that Dr. Phil didin't even offer this girl help. He just criticized her. Criticizing someone doesn't get very far and Dr. Phil knows that. He's bashed many guests many times for doing just that. He should pracctise what he preaches. He helps kids who throw temper tantrums and threaten to kill their parents, but this girl, who threatened nobody, just got a lecture. This girl needs help. Instead she got nothing. I don't get it. That's not like Dr;. Phil to not offer help.
Replied By: loyalalways on Aug 1, 2014, 8:37PM - In reply to jb1771
He was a child of 10. You can't expect him to think like an adult when he's only a child. Besides, that monster was not at home when he shot his father. She made sure of that. This child was abused physically, emotionally and mentally by this monster. It's easy for an adult to sit back and say, "you should have done this or that". But, when you're a child, you can't think like that. All that kid knew was fear and intimidation. I wish he HAD shot the step mother, but, he felt he had no choice. If he didn't shoot his father, he was going to be abused even more by this witch. He felt  he had NOBODY to protect him. His father did NOT protect  him up until then, so how was he supposed to know that there was anyone else out there who would protect him? He was just a little boy.
Replied By: karyncarl5984 on Aug 1, 2014, 8:30PM - In reply to ann4wilson
Replied By: karyncarl5984 on Aug 1, 2014, 8:30PM
Why are they blaming the biological mother for his behavior.  The father had to know what was going on.  He is more to blame than his biological mother.  Dr. Phil should not be blaming the mother either.  The bio mother did not shape the boys personality, the cruel step mother and, obviously, cruel father did that.  I know what it is like to have a controlling man try to take away your child just because he is the man.  I was almost 30 when it happened to me and it is a scary situation, especially when the fathers lawyer is an expensive one.  The only way that I was able to get a lawyer was because I was in university and the school had a free lawyer program.  (I am sure they probably had it for rich kids who get DUI's).  In my case the father had initially abandoned the child so he had no foot to stand on.  A young mother with no money can be easily intimidated.  The boy in this case needs to move on and take some responsibility as an adult.  Blaming everyone else is not being a mature adult.  Dr.  Phil needs to focus more on that aspect of the relationship instead of blaming.
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