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Twenty-three-year-old Mercedes says her 38-year-old mother, Sueann, has been partying and drinking several days a week for the past 18 years -- forcing Mercedes to become a mother figure to her four younger siblings. Mercedes says when she was a child, her mother often returned home intoxicated and initiated arguments -- if she came home at all -- and even took her to a bar when she was 15. Mercedes says despite an alcohol-related arrest and a mandatory rehab stint, her mother continues to drink excessively, and she’s at her wits’ end. Sueann admits she goes out partying every week and sometimes drinks until she blacks out, but she insists she has always been a good mother. So, how does she explain losing custody of her 13-year-old son? Plus, hear from Sueann’s 15-year-old daughter, Destiny, who got pregnant at just 12 years old. Why does she say she blames her mother? Can Dr. Phil help Sueann realize the damage her choices are causing her family? And, is Sueann willing to stop the drinking and partying -- and be a mom? (OAD: 3-5-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Jul 23, 2014, 11:27PM
She feels like her kids deserted HER? WHAT??? She goes out partying pretending to be single and young without kids and theydeserted her? She seems to "figure" a lot that doesn't make sense.

My daughter is dying slowly of a heart condition which was caused by a virus and just thinking of this woman leaving her kids to raise themselves makes me ANGRY. She doesn't own anything she does and doesn't think her deserting her kids has lead to their problems (drinking criminal activity, pregnancy at 12?? (really?)).

She wants to be young and have fun again while her kids are lost without a mother. Even if she took her younger kids back and straightened out her life, her kids wouldn't respect her, "You did drugs and drank, why can't I?"

She is full of lame excuses so I doubt anything will change...after all "I was so stressed...". What a loser - one day she will realise what she has lost and she will be alone without drinking buddies or her kids.
Replied By: KateBauer on Mar 13, 2014, 10:10PM
I would be interested in knowing if she really did go to rehab?  I think once the camera was off she changed her mind.  I have never seen such a selfish and out of touch mother.  Five children to 4 different men is nothing to be proud of.  Sadly, your baby daughter had a baby herself at 12.  If nothing else you should be in jail for this.  Where are all the fathers in this mess?  Mercedes deserves a metal but more importantly an education.  She is not the mother here and should not have had to give up her childhood.
Replied By: naturemum on Mar 12, 2014, 8:19PM
There is absolutely no excuse for the neglect of these kids!! Even if all 5 have different fathers, she's the mum so if you're not going to really raise & educate your children, then stop having them, especially if none of the fathers are in the picture! I have a friend who has 5 kids with different fathers and they're all respectful, well-mannered and doing well in school. Yes, it's a stressful situation but the kids come first,  not a beer bottle. I am so proud of my girl and the awesome job she's done with her kids, on her own, with help from people who actually help and she's younger than this idiot!!
Replied By: hankeskay on Mar 8, 2014, 11:41PM - In reply to tuscanyave
In this radical feminist driven society, women have been brainwashed so badly that they begin to institutionalize infants by leaving them in the hands of strangers- then wonder why there is no sense of "family.
A very wise elderly Canadian Senator once said in a conference on the status of Fathers and our families;
'there are about 500 very highly placed **radical** feminists with the sole motivation of destroying the family and our society as we know it".

She went on to strongly criticizing how women have developed a sense of "entitlement", as far as putting their own selfish needs ahead of the families and especially their children.

I have met several dads who have had to fight false allegations, destructive and nefarious legal manoeuvers etc, all with the intent of crippling good and dedicated dads.

As a very involved dad of 5 kids ( b+b+g+b+g) my ex-wife learned of all the social services she would be entitled to if she were "a single mother". That was when the start of her campaign to rid herself of me, so she could get tax free child support, all kinds of social benefits, child allowances etc...and wouldn't need to sacrifice or discuss with me. And she did it all "first class".

Even when "Social Services" knew mom actually battered the kids, they did everyting possible to prevent dad from getting custody of the kids. Further, they knew full well mom and her divorce lawyer had fabricated a campaign to smear me as an alleged wife/child batterer,....but they never made any effort to dissuade her or her attorney.

Only after I found my agenda where my ex had written "to God" how badly she had beaten my 4 1/2 year old boy did I realize how ill she was. Where was I? Brainwashed to work 3 jobs and still bring my kids to sports activities,....because kids are "best raised by moms" ( what a fool !!!)

Even when she cut another sons head with a belt buckle, just one inch above his eye.....I reported the incident to Youth Protection, with the backing of the elementary schools' Vice Principal.

DYP response:?
The old hag ( whose salary I pay through taxes) outright told me to stop attacking my ex, and let her raise "her" children.

Even worse, her divorce lawyer saw the document, told me I had forged it ( has it authenticated by a friend with our Federal Police Force) and threatened to "destroy " me if I presented this in court. Therefore she was an accomplice to child abuse and endangering my children.

When she saw I had every intention to present this to a judge, and other testimony from ethical witnesses ( how mom systematically overdosed with Ritalin, the son she beat the most, etc) she put in place a whole plethora of delay and diversionary tactics. It took 6 years to get divorced.

After having (illegally) blocked my kids access to their dad for nearly 5 years, having made them falsely I had abandoned them and had no interest etc,.....

-she threw my 14 year old daughter out 5 years ago,....then my 17 year old son out 3 years ago,
 and FINALLY one ethical Youth Protection Officer called to inform my 3rd son was in "danger" living with mom,....and would I take him (gladly).

So,.....I pay child support for 5 kids, based on my ex not working ( she began full time teaching less than 2 months after the initial divorce judgement), live with 3 kids in a small apartment, while she lives in a large 3 floor home which I had purchased with my own funds ( savings + inheritance).

I can not afford the time, energy or money to go to court to modify the ill gotten initial judgement,...but I will do it eventually. My kids are much happier with me, and I am workingso hard to fix the deep serious mental scars their mother and the divorce system caused my kids.

Through my struggles, I have met countless fathers who dedicated every grain of themselves to making the children happy,.....but couldn't please their wives ( wanted more vacations, newer vehicules, bigger houses, etc etc etc ) so they were unceremoniously dumped,...and most, with false accusations to guarantee a favourable result for mom in divorce court.

I am in no way broad brushing all women ( my soulmate / girlfriend of 6 years is an angel and selfless loving woman),.....but sadly, more and more girls/women are acting so much **worse** than the men they would criticize.

So,...Where are the dads?
Some are ignorant hormone driven "children" who are simply fulfilling the voracious advances of the sexually aggressive moderrn day girl/woman.
Some are products of broken homes who do not know what it is to be a father, nor do they have the ability, knowledge, maturity or desire to be rersponsible.
While others who **try ** to be good dads are disposed of / dumped for a variety of selfish reasons,..
some of which will lose hope, be war torn and battered, suicidal ( Quebec Canada 3 - 5 men kill themselves daily, but as long as its men dying, society doesn't really care-until its your son/brother/dad/friend) etc etc etc....

So,....where are the fathers???
You tell me......

peace & prayers

Montreal, Canada
Replied By: darkjedihillz on Mar 7, 2014, 3:36AM
its geneology..   so and so begat..    we need to focus on intellect..  getting our kids on board anf then pushing the envelope..   only way we can survive

Replied By: birger on Mar 6, 2014, 9:14PM
What a sad and devastating story.  The girls are amazing and my hopes and prayers are with this family.  I am so glad that the mom is going to go into treatment, she needs it and those kids deserve it.  Stay strong mom.  You can do this for your children.
Replied By: tuscanyave on Mar 6, 2014, 8:25PM
This mother was bashed and judged right and left.  Not that she didn't deserve it but no one addressed the guidance or absence of the fathers of all her kids.  There was a minor mention of child support and how some of that went to buying beer.  Used as another opportunity to solely blame the mother but that's it.  Where is the father of the girl who got pregnant at age 12?  Or the fathers of the boys who now have criminal records?  The oldest daughter dropped out of school in the 8th grade to take care of her siblings and now cares for them as well as her own three children.  Where are their fathers?   This woman is obviously not a model mom and I'm glad she's getting help.  But I think the show missed the mark by not addressing the roles of the fathers, whether actively or negligently, in their children's live and issues.
Replied By: tirrali2 on Mar 6, 2014, 8:02PM
If this woman does not take the help that Dr. Phil is offering her, she is going to die just like my grandfather did. Alone, homeless, alcoholic. If she isn't serious about this her kids need to part ways with her. It's hard but my father and his sister have proven that NO ONE needs that kind of person in their lives.
Replied By: d_julia on Mar 6, 2014, 6:12PM
It's very hard to summon up any empathy, sympathy for the party "mom". Irregardless of her own trauma and past, she had a very, very real responsiblity to step up and do whatever necessary to provide a loving, safe, caring, nurturing home for her children. She did NONE of that. She chose to drink and party and abandon her children to raise themselves. She could have, at any time, chosen to seek help for her drinking and lack of parenting skills. But, no, she chose to be selfish, irresponsible, and criminal in her attitude and care for her children. I sat on my sofa and yelled at the screen because I was so angry with her and her apparent lack of any real remorse for what she has done to those children. Frankly, I believe it will be a miracle if Origins gets through to her. And, regardless, a whole lot of damage has already been done. 
I don't understand, why CPS. or whatever agency is active in her state, has not been involved throughout this horrible situation and has not jailed this woman. She only agreed to Origins when she finally realized that she might very well be headed to prison. The level of her neglect screams for some kind of serious, serious consequences.
Replied By: jaredforrest on Mar 6, 2014, 2:44PM
i don't know what state they live in but as Dr. Sophy said from DCFS, they would have been reported and those kids would have been removed promptly!  She was NEGLECTING them, and that is a form of child abuse! Not to mention the emotional abuse that they all have endured. Mercedes dropping out of school in or after the 8th grade, her 12yo sister becoming pregnant; where do they live that no one reported them to protective family services?  I am a mandated reporter, and if they were in my presence a phone call would have been made by me immediately for any of these issues.  This mother was more interested in getting drunk, having sex, (c'mon now, don't be naive, she had 5 kids with 4 different fathers!) and taking care of her own needs rather than her children's needs.
This was a sad episode, hard to watch those beautiful young women looking so sad.  I only hope that the partying mother completes her time at Origins and becomes a better mother and person for herself and her family.  And bless all 5 of those kids (and now young adults), my heart goes out to you!
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