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Eric says his two-year marriage to his now-estranged wife, Melissa, has been like “living a nightmare.” He claims Melissa has grown so violent during their fights that the police have been called to their home at least eight times. He also says she once hit him with his car -- an incident he caught on video. Melissa completely disagrees and says Eric is to blame and needs to take responsibility for his actions. She claims he has raped, kidnapped and abused her -- which he vehemently denies. When it comes time to sit down with Dr. Phil, why is she a no-show? Then, hear from Eric’s 20-year-old son, Nico -- whom does he blame for the turmoil? When Dr. Phil sorts through the allegations against Eric, including six restraining orders from past relationships, will he take ownership of the situation? And, can this marriage be saved?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: ocean5368 on May 25, 2014, 12:38PM
Eric buried his oldest son last week from suicide. What a shame.....
Replied By: sss920 on Apr 26, 2014, 2:00PM
Hey Dr. Phil.
Could you please do me a favor? If anymore of your “Guests” throw out the term "Borderline Personality Disorder" as something they are qualified to diagnose another person with, could you please NOT ALLOW IT?
Generally, when people make statements about another person's mental state you are quick to object to their "name calling" or “labeling”. I am personally offended when I hear people say it and you don't correct them. I have a clinical diagnosis of this disorder and I can't recall a time that I planked on my Husband's car when he was trying to leave. I don't recall ever threatening him that if he didn't do what I want, I would tell people he raped me. Or have I ever withheld anything from him because he was 1 minute late to something. All of the 3 examples I just stated were from 2 different shows where 2 different Men/Husband’s said, repeatedly, that their Wive’s had BPD and that’s why they were behaving in such illogical ways.
I spoke to my therapist about it and asked what I was missing...why you would allow it. I also asked if that's even the behavior of someone with my disorder. She did clarify that BPD is a spectrum, just like Autism, some are more severe than others. So, I felt better after she clarified my horror in that maybe I behaved this way and didn't know it, which was/is NOT THE CASE!
Back to the point, Dr. Phil, would you PLEASE correct or disqualify your guests from future self-diagnosis or diagnosing others with BPD without an actual clinical diagnosis? I am so offended by people saying, "Oh she/he has Borderline Personality Disorder, that's why she's acting like a psycho." That's crap. It's rude. As a "PhD" you have a responsibility to disallow those without a doctorate to label people with mental illness and/or disorders!!
I sincerely hope this ends up in someone's hands that will take this concern to whomever to get you to clear it up, in one way or another, and not allow any further misuse of the BPD 'term'.
Thank You,

Replied By: leogorky on Mar 17, 2014, 2:02PM - In reply to dstluke
She was as crazy as a loon. Didn't think either should be a parent, but she was a real psycho.
Replied By: sporten on Mar 14, 2014, 4:16PM
I have to say I knew Melissa in our childhood years thru high school and it's said that some things never change having to be all show make up clothes tan the list goes on along with being a victim. She is going to screw up her own kid too it's sad. I hope that someday she may find true happiness and just stop with the craziness.
Replied By: summerh8r on Mar 9, 2014, 2:29PM - In reply to dubragh
Eric needs to get out and get a restraining order against Melissa.  She seems to be out of her mind crazy.  I don't think I believe everything he's saying either, but she's showing very crazy behaviour, like going to his new place, after he allegedly raped, beat and kidnapped her.  If I were a kidnapper, I'd return her in a hurry!
Replied By: dstluke on Mar 7, 2014, 5:29PM
I cannot believe you are buying this guy's crap at all!! The guy has given three different stories in five minutes. Please get this woman a lawyer to stop this guy's manipulation.
Replied By: sammimasters on Mar 6, 2014, 8:51PM
What I found most interesting about Eric was that he said he'd been diagnosed with PTSD from childhood abuse. I was diagnosed with this too. What I would like to say to Eric is this: Turn your life around from being a victim of childhood abuse and become a triumpant survivor. There's only one way to diminish and overcome the symptoms of the PTSD, and I'm surprised that Dr. Phil didn't mention this: Turn all of this over to Christ. Before I turned my PTSD over to Christ, I was caught up in all the symptomology and couldn't see that I'd ever be healed. But between Christ and the Holy Spirit with the aid of two very good counselors, one a Christian counselor and the other that deals specifically with PTSD, I have learned very good skill sets for the PTSD and I'm healing. What Dr. Phil said about "You can't fix what you don't acknowledge..." is so true. I denied and hid what was wrong with me because I didn't know what it specifically was. Once the counselors gave a name to it, a huge pressure inside me was relieved.

I'd like to say that there is hope, Eric. I hope that the counselor that Dr. Phil arranges for you to work through the PTSD symptoms with has significant training in PTSD. Seek Christian counseling as well....
Replied By: carole2cats on Mar 6, 2014, 5:37PM - In reply to strongsista
Thank you!!  She surely seems to be BPD, and they are EVIL.  They will stop at nothing!!  I think the show should report more on her, and be more empathic to what Eric is going through, while securing him the help & support he needs!
Replied By: carole2cats on Mar 6, 2014, 5:31PM - In reply to silentforpeace
I agree with you!!  I felt that Dr. Phil got sucked in by this evil woman.  Sure, she had tears, but I didn't think they were real.  I once read that there are many actresses that are BPD, because they are so good!!

I felt Dr. Phil could have exposed more of her issues, sure, no doubt he has some, BUT, he, at least appeared on the show.  BPD's LOVE the drama!!  and the attention.  She left the hospital, to "go get a tan"?  Excuse me?  

Dr. Phil, you needed to show more empathy for Eric, while getting him help.  Can't believe you thought there was any truth in her accusations.  They seemed too dramatic to me.  And, then she doesn't show up?  Come on!!!  Are you just like everyone else? the poor, helpless woman... so sad... (yeah, right!!)
Replied By: carole2cats on Mar 6, 2014, 5:22PM
OMG, this woman is crazy!!  And, I don't believe a word she says.  I'm sure he has issues, & needs some help.  But, abuse against men is REAL & tragic!  BPD women are so manipulative & in are control, playing the victim, and because they are supposed to be the "fragile" ones, use that to turn everything around to always blame the other person.  And, who would believe the guy anyway?  They use their cards!  

How do I know?  My son is married to a woman, presumably a BPD.  I pray somehow he will seek & get some help for himself!  He remains isolated from all friends & family.  And, they have moved at least 15 times in their 10+ year marriage.  So, how can he get any support?  He actually has given up everything for this woman, his career, his finances, and everyone that was always important to him.  What IS wrong with him?!!

I would like to see this guy get out of this marriage with Melissa!  I hope there is a followup to this story!
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