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Francesca says her husband of two years, Hawk, recently filed for divorce and is building a case of lies against her, in an effort to gain full custody of their 10-month-old son. She claims he constantly calls police and falsely accuses her of domestic violence every time they have a disagreement -- which is usually about who gets to spend time with their child. She also says Hawk is controlling and jealous of her bond with their baby -- but could she be preventing their son from bonding with his father? Hawk says Francesca is violent, unstable, and won’t let him spend any time with their son, which is why he says he’ll go to extreme lengths to get custody. He admits to calling the police during their disputes but says it’s to keep the situation from escalating. Francesca’s mother, Debra, says her son-in-law is a “sociopath” who cannot be trusted, and she fears for the safety of her daughter and grandson. Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words about the risks this couple is taking with their behavior. Can they stop the mudslinging and learn to peacefully co-parent for the sake of their child? (OAD: 2-27-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jesspea on Feb 19, 2015, 5:33AM
I don't know for sure if this guy has narcissistic personality disorder but I do know that he seems A LOT like my ex who does have NPD.  Watching this woman definitely made me feel like I was back in my situation and I really feel for her. I hope she gets away from this guy and learns how to protect her child from his poison.
Replied By: naturemum on Jul 12, 2014, 8:56AM
Obviously this guy has no clue about the change in family dynamics once a child is part of the the family. He's NOT the centre of her universerse anymore and is definitely not adjusting to that. Definitely sounds like he's building a case but it could very well backfire on him due to the idiotic police reports etc. Besides, his son would end up like him if he had custody which would be the saddest thing in the world.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 12, 2014, 8:34AM - In reply to cvmiller
That is exactly what I've been trying to say. If he'd grow up and stop being a bully and a first-class jerk, she would have no problem letting him see his child. She is terrified he is going to take her son from her, and rightfully so. I'm shocked that Dr.Phil didn't understand that. He just ignored her when she told him that and just scolded  her about her message to him about her son being missing. Granted, I agree that that's not a reason to call the police, but Dr. Phil ignored her again when she tried to tel him that she didn't ask for them to come to her house. She just wanted advice. It was so obvious to me that is her huge fear is losing her babby. She has reason to fear, too.

Hawk actually thinks that he did absolutely nothing wrong. In that contract that he wrote up, EVERYTHING on there was for HER to improve, NOT him. I didn't hear him once admit anything. Everything was put on her. He didn't even get it when Dr. Phil was being sarcastic when he commented on Hawk's claim that a social worker told him that his child was being abused. He's as bright as a burned out light bulb.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 12, 2014, 1:26AM - In reply to cdrens
This girl is terrified that when Hawk takes the baby, he's not going to bring him back. She even said that she doesn't trust him or his family. I can see why she's afraid with all the stupid things he's doing. He is trying to take the child from her. She is a mother and taking a child from it's mother is beyond devastating. I truly believe that she used breastfeeding as an excuse because she was caught off guard with that question. She's very young. She really believes that one of these times, she will not see her son again. It may seem crazy to some people, but she's young mother. I wouldn't puit anything past that narcissistic jerk.

I don't know  how anyone can't see how this man truly is controlling and manipulative. He even tried to bully Dr. Phil. He also tried to manipulate and bully her mother. Yeah, he's a victim, alright. A victim like a king cobra!!
Replied By: cvmiller on Jul 11, 2014, 9:32PM - In reply to suzyq554
I would agree that she is horrible bully after all she threw a pair of stretchy pants at him, so he called the police!  He was a fine example of what a true man doesn't look like..... If she was the worst wife in history he still looks like a crybaby.  His name should not be Hawk more like crow!
Replied By: suzyq554 on Jul 11, 2014, 7:28PM - In reply to riannaman
LOVED your comments!!
Replied By: suzyq554 on Jul 11, 2014, 7:27PM - In reply to buddhamom74
I can't understand why the majority of you take the woman's side- first of all, she NEVER shut up! Whenever he was trying to say something, she ALWAYS interrupted him! Then, Dr Phil attacks the hell out of the guy, but makes her crimes seem like nothing. Like at least they had proof of her nasty, controlling texts! And they were very threatening, for heaven's sake!  And she kept calling the baby "HER baby, HER son. Dr Phil never once addressed the fact that the child was BOTH their kids! She is what I call a true "passive aggressive." She makes (almost) sure that her ugliness is never seen in public! He was honest and forthright. All she did was over-talk him, and nothing was said about that. I actually screamed at the tv for her to SHUT UP for a change!!  And when she hid his car keys? Is THAT not passive agressive and bullying? And what about how she said he wouldn't let her in the home? No, he was being smart, but that was overlooked too! What he SAID, was that there would be a  3rd party there. And SHE didn't like it! So she comes off as "poor me." Surprised that Dr Phil didn't catch on. And it just showed how manipulative SHE is! She wanted to come across as "poor me" and never admitted to any crimes other than the ones she was CAUGHT in! Oh, and by the way, HE was working 2 jobs to support them, as she didn't want to get her lazy butt out there and get a job! LOTS of women work after having babies! So he was judged by working to hard?? REALLY!!!
Replied By: cvmiller on Jul 11, 2014, 7:19PM
I always watch Dr. Phil and I sometimes worry that he is going to be sucked into  the wrong side.... I don't know why I worry he always gets it spot on.

This young women may come across as clingy, but really she is just terrified that she will lose her son.  The mere fact that he has gone to such great lengths to log everything makes me feel for her.  He is setting her up!  She is so very young and he is so controlling I understand the fear that Francesca's mother is feeling because he just may be controlling enough to really hurt her if he loses his custody fight.  I could see him as a flight risk with there child.   I know people will think that I feel children should be with their mothers but that is so far from the truth.  I have 23 years in a social service background, and in the divorce between my own daughter and her husband I actually told the judge the children should be in the custody of their father.  

I hope this has a happier ending but the guy gives me the feeling that if you look up the word manipulative his picture would be there!

Replied By: dorkface5 on Jul 11, 2014, 6:43PM - In reply to feral_woman
i get what he is doing in most states the law does not help men when they are trying to get there own kids.. and they have to show a ton of proof that the mother is not right in the head. and does not care for the child.. and so i see what he is doing by calling the cops every time they had an issue.. also i bet it also had to do with who calls cops is who goes to jail in the state they are from.. so i bet he is thinking that if he has enough proof then it will look better in the courts and before a judge.. and also keeps him out of jail.. cause he is beting her to the pouch if you will. i bet she is not the shy sweet looking little girl she tried to come off as on the show.. her tears dryed up really fast .. if they had been real then i bet they would have lasted longer.. so its a game.. and she did everything she could to look like the innocent one when you know its a tit for tat kind of game she is playing.. and when she does not get her own way then its war... 

that being said she has to grow up cause she is going to one day find her match and when she does her wide eye looks wont work and she will be undateable she is pretty close to it now.. 

feel really bad for the kid cause that kid is going to be messed up.. totally messed up.. i pray that the father does pull his head out of his backside and movs on cause she is going to be out for blood once he starts dating and when she does not have a man in her life well that kid and her ex are going to pay the price.. 

just bet me on this one.. 

that mother needs to stay out of it and let her kid grow up and learn that there will always be someone smarter and prettier then her kid.. its life.. 

Replied By: cfgreen on Jul 11, 2014, 6:34PM - In reply to mikesb
Hawk's own descriiption of the "abuse" makes it laughable because he is making a mountain out of a molehill.  He was alluding to matters escalating and therefore he was welll within reason to call the cops. This is apparently based on previous experience of being abused after the altercation escaladed to violence. BUT... and this is important... he had no explanation of the previous incident or incidents which I am sure he would have gone on about if they had existed. The most he could come up with was that she got really pissed and shouted. He is trying to make a case against her and it is ridiculous.

She is not innocent in this at all but one thought I had about this couple was that the husband is teaching his less worldly wife how to behave when they have a dispute. After the husband made 14 calls in a very short time to the police about questionable domestic violence the wife finally called the cops about something stupid. They have come to her house so often she feels like they can counsel her.

Having a third party assist in this situation is going to be much more beneficial to the wife than the husband. He beleives he is absolutely in the right and she will now have another person's views to help her negotiate through this messy divorce and custody battle. I believe she will also take Dr. Phil's advice while I am equally convinced the husband will not.

This child is going to have a very rough time with such an unbending father and if his mother doesn't grow up right now he doesn't stand a chance.

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