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Dr. Phil continues his exclusive interview with 17-year-old Josh Young, who says his father, Joshua Gouker, tried to frame him in the 2011 murder of his stepbrother, Trey Zwicker -- only to later confess to the murder himself. Josh -- who spent two years in a juvenile correction facility before he was acquitted of any involvement in the crime -- attempts to set the record straight on what he says happened the night he last saw Trey, and why he says he has never trusted his father. Is the right man behind bars? Then, Trey’s father, Terry, says he believes both men were involved in his son’s death. Find out what he thinks happened and why he feels justice has not been served. Plus, hear from Josh’s cousin, Cassi, who testified that she was woken up that night to help dispose of a weapon and bloody clothing -- and did not report it to authorities when she learned Trey was dead. Why does she say she kept it a secret for so long? And, has she changed her story? As Dr. Phil drills down on Cassi, will he get to the truth? And, Josh and Cassi agree to take a polygraph test. What will the results reveal?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dream28b on Mar 18, 2014, 8:20AM - In reply to woonie
Cassi made a weird comment when Dr. Phil asked her if she was drunk or smoked dope and she said she didn't remember doing something like that. That's an odd answer. You would remember. And if you don't smoke dope you would say I don't do that kind of stuff. I truly think that she was somehow under the influence and is again afraid to admit something illegal like driving drunk or drugs. She needs to prioritize her lies. Tell the truth about doing drugs that night and it can help credit that her memories are distorted but she is not intentionally lying.
Replied By: dream28b on Mar 18, 2014, 8:15AM
I am so atonished that so many people would casually lie about a child's murder. And it seems to me to be common sense that the more you lie the more you just hurt yourself. One of the dumbest "players" is Cassi who should have come forward immeadiately after knowing a child really did die. What she claims doesn't make sense, any of her "truths" don't make sense. Regardless, here is a missed fact that I wish Dr. Phil touched on:

She says that night that someone came in her bedroom and stated that Trey had been killed. It sounds like there was never a moment Big Josh came in alone. So if the statement was made, and it wasn't by Little Josh, then Big Josh had to have said it with Little Josh in the room. So Josh Young can say he wasn't a part of the murder but he knew Trey was killed that night because he was in Cassi's bedroom when Josh G. said Trey was killed.

Josh Young claims that he had no idea of the murder when he was first questioned once found/arrested for the kidnapping incident. Even if he didn't do it and wasn't there, he knew about it. My guess is his dad came to Cassi's that night, admited the murder, Little Josh then knew and maybe even visited the crime scene but did not do anything to alert someone or out his dad. He just hid that he knew and even went to see the body. I do not think he was there when the crime was commited.
Replied By: paulab12 on Mar 13, 2014, 5:49AM
Why would anyone with a brain take a lie detector on something as stressful as a tv show with a father who left his son to be with another woman.  If he had stayed with his son he would not have been in that situation now he wants to destroy the life of a boy found not guilty disgusting man
Replied By: KateBauer on Mar 3, 2014, 5:50PM
You have not had a fair hand of a good life or childhood.  However, when you refused to take the polygraph I knew you were quilty.  It is going to follow you through your life if you don't get honest and admit what part you played in that young boy's senseless death.  Shame on your father for being such an idiot.  Get help - you greatly need it or you will find yourself in your father's jail cell.
Replied By: seren001 on Mar 1, 2014, 12:42PM
In the end the joke is on Josh Gouker.
Replied By: seren001 on Mar 1, 2014, 12:36PM - In reply to jennyla82
I agree,  I believe Cassie and Dr. Phil should pursue her story after all  experts agree polygraphs are not 100% accurate.
Replied By: jennyla82 on Mar 1, 2014, 12:40AM
This is my first time ever posting a comment.  I joined this message board because of the show I saw today.  I have been a long time Dr. Phil viewer, but that might soon change.  I was EXTREMELY  dissapointed by the way Dr. Phil treated Cassie on the show.  Little Josh obviously had something to do with Trey's murder, if not the murder itself.  But Dr. Phil seemed to have so much anger towards Cassie and was extremely rude and attacked her the whole show.  This is the first time EVER I have still believed someone even after they have failed their polygraph.  I have always been really good at reading people and I truly believe her!  Yes she might not be the brightest girl, and she might have some of her facts "confused" but I know I'm not the only one who thinks she's telling the truth!!!  I was so dissapointed with this episode and my heart really goes out to Trey's father and family.  I hope Dr. Phil can get to the bottom of this.  God bless.
Replied By: woonie on Feb 28, 2014, 10:33AM
I was in the studio audience the day polygraph results were disclosed.  Since that day, I have viewed episodes one and two.  I believe young Josh was somehow involved in the murder of young Trey.  The fact that he refused a polygraph spoke volumes.  I also believe Cassie is terrified of Josh Sr. .. how he might retaliate, and that it's possible she was 'under the influence' the night of the murder.  All the way round, a tragedy. There was no way to stop tears from flowing as Trey's father Terry described the heartbreaking anguish of losing his boy.
Replied By: bearden1015 on Feb 28, 2014, 7:39AM
I think the right man is in prison. You have a monster that laughed on the stand when talking about it. You have a women who has nothing but lied and then you have a 17 yr old boy cought in the middle.i dont think he did it i dont think he had any part in it!!!!! I think big josh scared him into taken tve wrap bc he thought his son wouldn't get big boy time!!!
Replied By: summerh8r on Feb 27, 2014, 6:22PM
When was it stated that Josh Sr. and Cassi were involved?  I watched both shows, and I didn't hear that.
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