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Marie, a divorced mother of four, says that she has been living on the run for the past two months -- facing up to 45 years in prison for attempted murder -- after breaking into her ex-husband, Carson’s, home and attempting to attack him with a hammer. Recalling the day of the incident, she says she swung and missed her ex and instead struck his current wife in the collarbone. Marie sits down with Dr. Phil to set the record straight. Hear what she says caused her to carry out the violent act. And, her ex-husband, Carson speaks out -- how does he describe Marie’s actions? Plus, Marie’s family urges her to stop running from the law and turn herself in. Will she surrender?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: shakey1106 on Dec 20, 2016, 4:47AM - In reply to virginian
Innocence doesn't hide behind legal representation.  Innocence shouts truths from mountain tops.  Innocence has an uncontrollable desire/need to be made known to all.  To remove any and all doubt.  

   Guilt says little to nothing.  Guilt hides in the shadows.  Guilt hides in plain sight, in crowds and amongst friends. 

   Friends that always say the same thing......Not my friend, I know him.

Replied By: shakey1106 on Dec 20, 2016, 4:33AM - In reply to strine
She didn't have much choice in the matter of leaving the child.  The police took her away in handcuffs.  

   And the reason she is the only one proven to have broken the law is because she explained freely the happenings of that night along with detailed accounts of the circumstances leading up to that night.  

  When one person is unquestionably forthcoming with an answer for any and all questions while the other person reveals nothing, refuses to be 100% cooperative and hides behind the legalities.....If that doesn't tell you something than there's nothing that will sink into such a narrow closed mind.  

   There's not one loving mother anywhere that wouldn't protect their child when our social protection agencies fail to do so.  Shame on NJ Family Services Dept, shame on the criminal father and his sick bastard supporters, shame on the Dr. Phil show and shame on ignorant people such as yourself that only help to enable abusers, rapists and pedophiles.  

Replied By: rusty999 on Sep 22, 2015, 2:45PM
Any man who has nothing to hide would be knocking down doors to clear his name. She was brave enough to get herself on the show as a last resort to highlight the fact that the law and child protection did NOT do their job properly. So , in the eyes of the world--and I am in Europe--this man is guilty unless he does a polygraph to prove his innocence or guilt. Anyone with a brain can see what has gone on there. 

But, the option is still there--Take TheTest !! Thats unless you have something to hide ?   She offered to take the test live in front of millions and that was a genuine offer.  He bluffed his way through the interview in front of millions by saying he would take the test.  Just because his lawyer advised him otherwise means absolutely nothing. His lawyer does not want to be shown up as being wrong. The child protection agency do not want to be shown up as being wrong. The police do not want to be shown up as being wrong.

Take the Test !!  Prove you are not in the wrong Carson !!  Thats if you have nothing to hide !!
Replied By: njoythemoment on Aug 14, 2015, 2:49AM - In reply to cadescove99
cadescove......she got on a plane alone in the world to land in California to be arrested 3 days later by US Marshals and spend 35 days in custody......to lie for attention.     Now read that again and be honest,  do you know how ridiculous that statement is ?
Replied By: shakey1106 on Dec 24, 2014, 7:09PM - In reply to strine
First,  Dr. Phil did more than tell police where she was,  he had US Marshals waiting offstage to apprehend her as soon as tape stopped rolling....Second,  If anyone , any loving parent got that report back pointing every professional finger at Carson,  anyone that did nothing even after the state of New Jersey did nothing,  than that person deserves to not have the Lord God bless them with a child...He's lucky there wasn't an Axe in her backseat and not just a little hammer...The sick bastard needs to die....An innocent man straps himself into that polygraph and demands questions start coming...An innocent man goes above and beyond the "legal requirements" to show the world his true self...I say good for you Marie,  and its a damn shame it even had to come down to that night....Any parent with love in their heart would have done the same...I'd have done worse,  much worse...That little girl is still living that nightmare,  while you people sit back and pass judgment on facts you know nothing of....Marie,  wherever you are,  no matter what the future holds for you,  you can go to your grave knowing that you tried...Dr. Phil put you on that plane, you went all alone and terrified and sat on that stage in a hostile environment knowing full well how it would end...But you did what you knew was right,  and God knows where your heart was,  and on that dreadful night He knows where your heart was....You hang in there,  hold your head up.....You did all you knew to do,  and Carson will get his,  if not in this life then definitely the next...God knows all and he will not escape His wrath....Everyone out there reading this and with a heart,   pray for that little girl....
Replied By: strine on Oct 22, 2014, 11:27PM
I don't even know why Dr Phil mentioned the polygraph at all since he knew the husband had refused it before the show even aired. They should have cut that bit out since it was only left in to make him appear like he was hiding something. Any good lawyer will advise their client not to take one and Dr Phil should know that. The only one proven to have done anything wrong is the mother who attempted to kill someone with a hammer and then left their allegedly abused child behind while going on the lam.

Sounds like she was jealous that he had a life and a new partner and she had the kid to look after. Why would she leave the child behind without a guarantee she wouldn't be with the abuser if she was worried the child was being abused?  She was only worried about herself being prosecuted for attempted murder and I hope Dr Phil told the police where to find her. Using your kid like that to get back at someone is sociopathic.
Replied By: strine on Oct 22, 2014, 11:19PM
I don't even know why Dr Phil mentioned the polygraph at all since he knew the husband had refused it before the show even aired. They should have cut that bit out since it was onlt left in to make him appear like he was hiding something. Any lawyer worth their salt will advise their client not to take one and Dr Phil should know that. The only one proven to have done anything wrong is the mother who kidnapped children and attempted to kill someone with a hammer.

Sounds like she wanted the kids to herself and would do anything to get that.
Replied By: audra73 on Apr 19, 2014, 5:29AM - In reply to upsydasy
Again if it's not a good test why is Dr. Phil offering it. So the man could have said no. Don't announce on tv he will. He only wanted to bash his x and lie to the audiance. What did he have to back his word nothing. I belive he just sat n lied on tv. Marie came and took on the world criticizing her n judging her n did what she said she came to do. Turn her self in. She didn't want to miss her grand child's birth. I think I could completely understand that when she's leaving for 45 yrs. But she's a bad mother for that to?. She jepordized herself for her child Again. And was in the roon with her daughter giving birth. It's on her Facebook. I belive there are 3 sides to every story. Hers his and the truth. But u are all ignoring her side. She turned to Dr. Phil to make sure her daughter was safe before she went to jail. She asked him for his professional opinion n sat n took it and left in hand cuffs after being on the run so she could be there when her grandson was born. She sounds like a brave woman To me. She walked into jail facing 45 yrs n her last act was her grandson n asking Dr. Phil to help her kids and family. She didn't ask for legal assistance. She seemed to stay focused as the world judged her n her x bashed her. So she knew her daughter was safe while she goes to spend the rest of her life in jail. For an act that sounded provoct. She said she did it. N is doing her time. I'd feel less likely to belive her if she was denying it. The woman seemed raw n real. Unlike her x. She pleaded for her family to be reunited with her daughter. Nothing else.
Replied By: virginian on Mar 12, 2014, 5:36PM - In reply to mom2014
Another voice of reason and sanity! Yes you are correct, the house and car were his.
Replied By: virginian on Mar 12, 2014, 5:31PM - In reply to newsmom
Sorry newsmom here in the US a person is Innocent until proven guilty. Just because a person takes the advice of his attorney and doesn't take a polygraph which have known at times to be flawed, that doesn't automatically make him guilty! Carson had already been cleared by the NJ CPS of all the allegations brought by Marie. Dr. Phil after reading the records of the case agreed as such. He told Marie this several times during the show and that quite possibly she was wrong and ought to let the whole thing go.
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