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Marie, a divorced mother of four, says that she has been living on the run for the past two months -- facing up to 45 years in prison for attempted murder -- after breaking into her ex-husband, Carson’s, home and attempting to attack him with a hammer. Recalling the day of the incident, she says she swung and missed her ex and instead struck his current wife in the collarbone. Marie sits down with Dr. Phil to set the record straight. Hear what she says caused her to carry out the violent act. And, her ex-husband, Carson speaks out -- how does he describe Marie’s actions? Plus, Marie’s family urges her to stop running from the law and turn herself in. Will she surrender?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: audra73 on Apr 19, 2014, 5:29AM - In reply to upsydasy
Again if it's not a good test why is Dr. Phil offering it. So the man could have said no. Don't announce on tv he will. He only wanted to bash his x and lie to the audiance. What did he have to back his word nothing. I belive he just sat n lied on tv. Marie came and took on the world criticizing her n judging her n did what she said she came to do. Turn her self in. She didn't want to miss her grand child's birth. I think I could completely understand that when she's leaving for 45 yrs. But she's a bad mother for that to?. She jepordized herself for her child Again. And was in the roon with her daughter giving birth. It's on her Facebook. I belive there are 3 sides to every story. Hers his and the truth. But u are all ignoring her side. She turned to Dr. Phil to make sure her daughter was safe before she went to jail. She asked him for his professional opinion n sat n took it and left in hand cuffs after being on the run so she could be there when her grandson was born. She sounds like a brave woman To me. She walked into jail facing 45 yrs n her last act was her grandson n asking Dr. Phil to help her kids and family. She didn't ask for legal assistance. She seemed to stay focused as the world judged her n her x bashed her. So she knew her daughter was safe while she goes to spend the rest of her life in jail. For an act that sounded provoct. She said she did it. N is doing her time. I'd feel less likely to belive her if she was denying it. The woman seemed raw n real. Unlike her x. She pleaded for her family to be reunited with her daughter. Nothing else.
Replied By: virginian on Mar 12, 2014, 5:36PM - In reply to mom2014
Another voice of reason and sanity! Yes you are correct, the house and car were his.
Replied By: virginian on Mar 12, 2014, 5:31PM - In reply to newsmom
Sorry newsmom here in the US a person is Innocent until proven guilty. Just because a person takes the advice of his attorney and doesn't take a polygraph which have known at times to be flawed, that doesn't automatically make him guilty! Carson had already been cleared by the NJ CPS of all the allegations brought by Marie. Dr. Phil after reading the records of the case agreed as such. He told Marie this several times during the show and that quite possibly she was wrong and ought to let the whole thing go.
Replied By: virginian on Mar 12, 2014, 5:19PM - In reply to upsydasy
Finally someone with a bit of common sense! Carson, who I happened to know personally and have for some 35 years, was advised by counsel to forego the polygraph. He had already been investigated by the NJ CPS and the allegations brought by Marie were found to have no basis in fact. There was no medical evidence from the child to support her claims either. Just like you said polygraph's are not admissable in court so regardless of the outcome you have proven nothing. If a person hires an attorney to represent them in legal matters then why would anyone with half of a brain go against their own counsel in matters such as this anyway. I think basically what you have here is a vindictive ex-spouse who lost custody of a child due to her own instability and now just wants to extract some sort of revenge to satisfy her own self needs. And who is the victim here, the child and Carson's new wife!
Replied By: paulab12 on Mar 2, 2014, 12:05PM
The only thing telling is that she could have taken the child and run, she chose not to do that but try and kill the new wife and the ex husband.  That is all she wanted nothing to protect the child just her ego.
Replied By: seren001 on Feb 28, 2014, 7:03PM
Funny, her ex husband Carson told Dr. Phil he would gladly take a polygraph to prove he had not molested his daughter but at the end of the show he declined the polygraph.  Telling isn't it.
Replied By: swnsassy on Feb 28, 2014, 12:38AM - In reply to narcology
Lawyers tell their clients to do, not to do, that doesn't mean their guilty.. Did you actually listen to the forensic evidence???? NO evidence. There's none because he didn't harm his child. The ex wife, unfortunately, was wrong and acted wrong. I feel sorry for her because she now committed a crime that furthers her from her child. He didn't molest her. As a person who was molested by my sisters father and then made to stay with him, no,no, the child wasn't molested by him, please trust me on that.
Replied By: swnsassy on Feb 28, 2014, 12:30AM - In reply to goodswin
I agree, many have missed the point, she committed a crime and should be jailed for the crime she committed. I've worked with lawyers, because this one told his client not to take the polygraph doesn't mean he's guilty, he's not, even Dr. Phil , because of the evidence, can see, he's innocent. Her anger stems from getting back for the divorce and happily with someone else.
Replied By: mom2014 on Feb 25, 2014, 11:22PM
Below is Marie's "About Me" Posting on a social media website which is viewable by the public. I am not a member of the site. This site was updated just a few months ago. The caption under her photo reads "Loving Life". This sounds like a gold digger to me. Where is the distraught mother here?

"I want someone who can enjoy the moment!! If u are not secure with urself. And need constant attention and reassurance. I'm not ur girl. I am very family oriented. My kids are grown but still come first.

I Just want to see what's out there and move forward in life. I want a Simple kind of man, if u dont know the song u prob shouldnt email Not Kidding...

I love the outdoors camping, hiking, caving, bonfires, boating, riding, beaches and fishing are my favorite things to do. I love motorcycles and tattoos but I also like to put on heels and be treated like a lady and be wined and dined and spoiled. I fix my own car, mow my own grass and bait my own hook. I don't need a man.... I want to want the man I'm with.

I am very old fashion Italian and do believe a woman should Cook and keep her man fed. He can cook on the grill..I never actually seen a man cook in the kitchen so if you want, you can be my first and show me. I like it when a man opens my door. and holds my hand. I am very affectionate..SO>>If your a nice, cute rich guy who wants me to stay home and not work.. I wouldnt say no.. LOL .. Joking but not really... so if u want to hang out n have fun well see where it goes "
Replied By: goodswin on Feb 25, 2014, 3:25PM
I have just watched your show about the mother on the run. I have just read some of the post about this show and i feel everyone is missing the point. She committ a crime that is fact. I was sexuly abused when i was young so i know how angry it can make you but she was a grown lady and she should of known better. if her child was being abused when she broke in to the house why did she not just take the child and went on the run with her if i hought myhubby was abusing my kids i would get them far away as i could. i don't know or not if the dad has done anything or not but she is no better than him by using vilance .
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