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Dr. Phil enlists the help of a private investigator to sort through some of Tracy’s painful memories from her childhood that she says recently came flooding back. Was she molested by her now-deceased father? And, did her mother, Donna, kill a young girl and bury her in their backyard? Donna vehemently denies the claims and says she feels Tracy is in need of psychiatric help. After previously taking a polygraph test, Donna agrees to take another in an effort to clear her name. What will the results reveal? Are Tracy’s memories real? Plus, how can this family move forward? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: thereshegoes1 on Nov 19, 2015, 8:39AM - In reply to laknewjersey
I suffered from anorexia and sexual trauma and was at Castlewood for 4 months. The false memories they implanted in me were  detailed, graphic and terrifying.  They convinced me that I had dissociative identity disorder.   I had frightening flashbacks  that were not even real.  I would scream at the top of my lungs terrified, stuck in these flashbacks unable to get out.   I was paralyzed .   When they discharged me I didn't have any coping skills.   I was far worse off than I was when I was admitted.  I quickly relapsed  and reached out to them immediately.  After all, they promised they would always be there to help me.  Thank goodness they had a long waiting list and I sought help somewhere  else.   I am happy to say that I've been in recovery for three years.  I am still dealing with the memories that they have possibly implanted in me.  It will be a lifelong struggle.
Replied By: ludivin on Sep 9, 2014, 7:08PM - In reply to effwalkingdead
True, and in the end it was concluded she was abused by her grandfather. So something did happen. Strange how everything was mad ridiculous, when there was something, and which could have instigated all the false memories together with the hypnosis.
Replied By: ludivin on Sep 9, 2014, 7:06PM
Just so this episode here in Europa. Really don't like how this was handled. Ok the daughter might have False Memory Syndrom, and no people were murdered, nor were there sex parties, but doesn't mean she wasn't sexuals abused at all. Tracy’s FMS possible started when she was hypnotized by her therapist in the past.

But just terrible how the show ended. Like dr Phill said by the way you were unapropriatly touched by your grandfather. Hello wasn't this whole show supposted to be about the sexual abuse. Only at the end we discover what actual happened. This is were the whole show should have been about. Also why wasn't the mother interrogated by what the grandfather did. 

Dr. Phil was way too biased. Also saying how in his 10 years of his private practice he hasn't encountered one person that had repressed memories because of sexual abuse. Sorry I heard tons of stories about this happening with people who were abused in the past. Also how many people with repressed memories did he treat I would like to know for a start (was it 1,5 or 100, that kind of makes a difference)?

In the end Dr. Phil says something about the father. Reading a letter about how he was a good naval officer and did much for his country. Helloooo, it is very much known that people who have a career, high rank, or wear a uniform doesn’t mean they don’t kill and rape at home. It’s like because they do something for their country doesn’t mean they can’t be guilty of crimes. There have been many cases were police officers, or soldiers did rape or murder their children/wives. I know from other people's experiences that people in the navy or army can be very harsh, cold, take their aggression back to their home and alway disciplining their children. 

I think dr Phil has too much trust in authority, like the FBI, police, military, the state etc. CIA has several researches done on humans about mind control, something that very much hurt themselves and their lives. So authorities can and do hurt people.

I also want to know more about the lie detector test. Like what kind of questions were there asked, besides the 2 mentions.

On the other side Tracy didn’t seem genuine, behaved a bit childish, seed a bit like overacting. Also the mood swings were strange, like laughing one moment, and then crying the next. Instinctively it didn’t feel like she was a real victim. But perhaps that has something to do with her mental illness. I don’t think she is intentionally hurting her family but has a mental illness. I DID think she was relieved about the lie detector test and really wanted to hug her mother. Finally didn’t like her husband, also how he held his wife the whole time, it looks like he is controlling her. But perhaps he just really wanted to protect her, but it instictively it didn't feel right. 
Replied By: ludivin on Sep 9, 2014, 6:36PM - In reply to alih5308
well sorry but you can't compare the 2 situations. Also was the situation with the satanic parents ever investigated? Because you don't give any information. There have been found Satanic families living in the US killing babies, so it can happen. Not saying the girl was right. But just becaus it sounds bizarre, doens't mean it didn't happen.
Replied By: goldenbeach on May 23, 2014, 1:12AM
I found the sister (fifty with a teenage hairdo) to be very unkind.  Whereas the mother seemed to have a caring attitude, the sister did not.  I wonder if they will ever be close again.
Replied By: beckysd on Feb 24, 2014, 9:29AM - In reply to lepasley
Thank you for mentioning the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.   I too have found them to be a wonderful resource for information and advice.    

Replied By: effwalkingdead on Feb 22, 2014, 3:38PM
Why was the polygraph limited to only one question? What about anything else related to the actual sexual abuse Tracy claims she suffered at the hands of her grandfather and father, with her mother's knowledge, and even by her mother? Even if Tracy is delusional when it comes to whether a murder occurred in her house or whether a body was ever buried in the backyard, that doesn't automatically discount the possibility that she actually was the victim of sexual abuse in which her mother was complicit.
Replied By: effwalkingdead on Feb 22, 2014, 3:38PM - In reply to rbuff1
Dr. Phil proclaimed that he has not encountered even one instance of a legitimate repressed memory in all of his 30 years of practice. How is this a logically sound argument by itself? He did not offer to what degree his practice or expertise involved repressed memory patients - because that would be a critical component of the argument he is indirectly making. That's like me stating, I have not encountered one blue whale in all of my 30 years on this planet - what's the merit of that argument? Just because he hasn't encountered a specific event professionally or personally, does that necessarily impact its legitimacy or likelihood in this case? Wouldn't making that kind of overly broad proclamation already betray his position and bias at the outset of evaluating this situation?
Replied By: effwalkingdead on Feb 22, 2014, 3:33PM
Dr. Phil seemed to espouse the idea that discrediting Tracy's claim that a body had been buried in her backyard would automatically negate all of her other claims. That's illogical. Proving any one of Tracy's memories to be unreliable does not in itself disprove all of her allegations. Even if Tracy is experiencing delusions, these delusions can themselves be byproducts of sexual abuse that in fact occurred, and not solely because of therapist hypnotic inducement and/or drug use, which was implied by a show expert.
While not all of Tracy's allegations may be credible or reliable, one false memory does not equal all false memories. Also, Dr. Phil and his expert repeatedly alluded to Tracy's drug use as a factor in discrediting her memories. While drug use may indeed have physiological consequences, it seems highly irresponsible and a dangerous, slippery slope to suggest that individuals who have used drugs can no longer reliably defend claims of childhood sexual abuse.
Replied By: effwalkingdead on Feb 22, 2014, 3:32PM - In reply to kareneaston36
Tracy's sister, Kelly, was caught in a blatant lie. At first, Kelly vehemently claimed that none of Tracy's recollections ever happened. However, when confronted by an inconsistency in this argument by Tracy's husband, Kelly admitted that she did witness their grandfather with his hands down Tracy's pants as a child, but "only that one time." Dr Phil seemed to have fallen asleep at the wheel here. Although he made a bare minimum acknowledgment that hands down the pants would "not be right," he totally failed to adequately handle Kelly's admission which exposed many issues. An adult's hands down a child's pants is not merely "not right," it's highly inappropriate, seems indicative of child abuse and supports at least one of Tracy's claims. How could this have been so readily dismissed!? Also, Kelly's credibility was immediately suspect. Never was it raised that Kelly may have had a motive to suppress the truth because corroborating Tracy's account would mean exposing Kelly's own victimization - something many victims will go out of their way to keep hidden, even by lying to cover it up.

Kelly's admission supported Tracy's account that she had been sexually molested by her grandfather. Dr. Phil should have immediately put Tracy's mother, Donna, on the spot about her take on the grandfather's behavior and relationship with her children. This line of questioning was never entered into! If Donna responded that she was not aware of any such misconduct, and Donna's supporter, Kelly, has already admittedly witnessed at least one incident, than how many other incidents could there have been? Dr. Phil never explored these signposts that could have possibly resulted in information supporting Tracy's allegations.
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