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Sandie says she desperately hopes to win back her ex-husband, Chris, so they can be a family again with their adopted 11-year-old daughter, but Chris’ ex-girlfriend, Aileen, will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Sandie says Aileen is stalking and harassing her, making false reports of abuse and neglect to CPS, and even created a fake profile on Facebook to talk trash about her -- and she wants Aileen prosecuted. Sandie says she and Chris have filed a total of nine peace orders against Aileen, but only the last one filed by Chris was granted, protecting him -- but not Sandie or their daughter. Aileen admits to intentionally causing trouble but says Sandie deserves it, because she destroyed Aileen’s relationship with Chris -- and she also wants him back. Chris says he’s tired of being caught in the middle of his exes and isn’t interested in a relationship with either one, other than co-parenting with Sandie -- but is he sending mixed messages? Can this trio reach a truce and learn to respect boundaries? (OAD: 2-14-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jul 25, 2014, 1:20PM - In reply to upsydasy
I think Sandie's FB posts were more delusional than aimed at taunting Aileen but maybe not. Sandie certainly could have unplugged from FB to avoid Aileen's caustic commentary. Funny how people think there is no option to plastering every detail of their pathetic lives on Facebook and other sites. Unplug! I'm not interested in a picture of your half-eaten Big Mac! Both of these women have problems but Aileen is certainly the dangerous and vindictive one.
Replied By: upsydasy on Jul 25, 2014, 9:49AM - In reply to alwaysaskeptic
Although Aileen was the worst Facebook offender, Sandie also enjoyed taunting Aileen by bragging about being fed breakfast in bed, etc., knowing full well that her nemisis was reading everything she wrote.   I can’t even imagine 2 grown women behaving so maliciously and losing all perspective over such a wishy-washy wet noodle of a man.  Bleah!

Replied By: elouise251 on Jul 23, 2014, 8:12PM
It was surprising to me how lightly it seemed that this matter had been taken.   There was laughter throughout particularly when posted messages and the consequential nasty responses were discussed.  Dr. Phil  dropped the  proverbial ball by not conveying the seriousness of such hateful speech and nasty behaviors.  It seemed that in the end it was one sad joke.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jul 23, 2014, 5:58PM - In reply to loyalalways
It was Aileen who posted the nasty messages and comments on Facebook, under her own and a fake name.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jul 23, 2014, 5:38PM - In reply to masport
Who says these women are "lowering themselves" in this situation? There is an equal possibility that this is exactly who they are.
Replied By: loyalalways on Jul 23, 2014, 11:38AM - In reply to ozwonk
Maybe she seemed  the most stable to you, but, I believe she deliberately posted those things on Facebook to hurt Aileen. If she's so stable then why is she getting so much enjoyment out of someone else's pain? Aileen obviously has self esteem kissues, but, to put up with this guy, Sandy must also have these issues, too.
Replied By: masport on Jul 22, 2014, 10:21PM
OMG, are these women for real?  Do they realize how stupid and desperate this makes them look? NO man is worth lowering yourself like that. In my opinion if the relationship starts out like this it will not be better once either one of them gets him.
Replied By: bluesparkles on Jul 22, 2014, 4:02PM
This is truly amazing. I have never seen a man of Chris'age so indeceisive as he is. He has no idea what or who he wants in his life. Obviously if he cannot make a decision on the Dr. Phil show or stand his own ground between these two woman, than he most certainly is not a man worth putting so much effort into. I think both woman need to let this man go, get on with your own lives. There is not a a man out there that is worth fighting over, life is far too short to have a mess in your life like this one is.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jul 22, 2014, 4:02PM - In reply to jackie_o
What games is Chris playing with Aileen? They are no longer together, he states that he is no longer interested in her and has an order of protection against her. It is delusional Aileen who lives the twisted fantasy of having him back some day, while "making his life a living hell" (her words). Chris may be mumble-mouthed but Aileen is the one playing games here, as is her long-established habit.
Replied By: cdrens on Jul 22, 2014, 3:41PM
Was all I could take of these pathetic people! they embarassed me and in general made me weep for the human race. That they have procreatred and  have perpetuated the gene line is truely sad. Like the morons that "fall in love" on line they derseve what they get!!!! And each other but keep them out of the dating pool!

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