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For the past eight years, Pam says her ex-husband, Ed, has been enabling their 23-year-old daughter, Andee, by giving her money for drugs -- and even driving her to drug houses -- which she believes is helping to send Andee to an early grave. Pam says that since the age of 15, her daughter has been in and out of six rehab facilities and claims that Ed sabotaged any progress she would have made by continuing to pay all of Andee’s bills. Ed admits that he has allowed his daughter to manipulate him out of more than $200,000 over the years but says he loves her, and he’s afraid she’ll resort to drastic measures, such as prostitution -- or worse -- if he cuts her off. Can Dr. Phil help him change his approach? Plus, why does Ed blame Pam for his daughter’s addiction? Then, hear from Andee, who admits that she lost custody of her 5-year-old daughter because of her drug use. How does she describe her relationship with her father? With the addiction overpowering her life, will she grab onto the lifeline that Dr. Phil offers and commit to getting clean? (OAD: 2-12-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: xxxbruin on Jul 29, 2014, 4:29PM
Is there going to be an update for Andee and her family? I would really like to know if they were successful in their journey.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jun 24, 2014, 2:04AM - In reply to freelandsm
I hate when that happens!
Replied By: freelandsm on Jun 22, 2014, 6:48AM - In reply to alwaysaskeptic
i was talking about the guy who was accusing his wife of cheating............ended up on the wrong chat page!
Replied By: loyalalways on Jun 22, 2014, 4:09AM - In reply to sassysandy64
Have you called CPS? This is negligence and endangering these children. He would get into huge trouble. If they found out that your daughter allowed it, she, too, would be in trouble. You can report it anonimously. Someone needs to protect these children. Let it be you. It must break your heart to see that happening.

The mother on this show made me angry. She was constantly belittling the father. Everything he did, he did out of love for his daughter. It was the wrong thing to do, but he meant well and thought he was helping her. The mother had her own issues, but, instead of admitting her part in this, she tried to make the father look like the only problem. I was really happy when Dr. Phil ended up putting her in her place. She needed to hear that. The girl is also old enough to make her own decisions. She was in rehab many times and it was her decision to go back to drugs. You can't help someone if they don't try to help themselves.
Replied By: candyfish on Jun 21, 2014, 4:36PM
I can totally relate to this dad, this girl has him wrapped around her finger. He loves his daughter so much that he would do absolutely anything for her. Their relationship reminded me so much of me and my son. He gets so angry and says hurtful things because he is doing things that he doesn't Agee with and doesn't want to do, but he loves her that much. I agree it's counterproductive  I'm just saying love this strong is a strange thing. I've done some questionable things for my son out of love too
Replied By: candyfish on Jun 21, 2014, 4:25PM
I can totally relate to this father.this girl has him wrapped around her finger, this story reminded me so much of me and my sons relationship.this father loves his daughter so much that he would do absolutely anything for her and he gets so mad and says hurtful things because he is doing things that he doesn't agree with or doesn't want to do. I've done some questionable things for my son too. Hang in there dad
Replied By: caitiej64 on Jun 20, 2014, 11:15PM - In reply to alwaysaskeptic
These are my thoughts: What makes this girl so special. She looks like she's ready to go to the prom. I really don't get the point of this story unless it is about enabling. Weird show. 
Replied By: icomearoundnow on Jun 20, 2014, 6:59PM
..no one can change this girl but her, it should NEVER matter what anyone says to you, no one has the power to change how you feel about yourself and where you are going. People know this exestensially, and there is no need to pay someone large sums of money, just so they can tell you this. Drug counselors profit from drug addiction too.
Replied By: icomearoundnow on Jun 20, 2014, 6:42PM
Her father loves his daughter, he never put the drugs in front of her, if she got her life together, which is up to her! he can't make that happen, he would still give her money, and she could go to school and get a degree..and a life. It's up to her! Msg to daughter: stop feeling guilty and the hell with your dad and get it together. I bet your dad will still help you, you are the one who is buying the drugs, he isn't buying the drugs. I don't blame the father for driving her to the drug house when she was going through withdrawls, that was an act of love. She was going through withdrawls! I like that her father doesn't give up on her even when she is in drug withdrawls...So, again, if she stops taking drugs, dad still helps her get her life together. but it's up to her! The buck stops with her. Ever wonder why rehab hardly ever sticks?
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Jun 20, 2014, 6:41PM - In reply to freelandsm
freelandsm, your comments are usually a bit more level-headed but a "straitjacket" and "unbelievably sick" are more than a little over the top. Amy the helicopter mom sure manifested her personal problems with some pretty outrageous behaviours but I read no posts suggesting she should be thrown into the rubber room without the offer of some treatment. This dad has been over his head for eight years but he loves his daughter and has been coping the only way he knows how. She'd be using drugs with or without his money and she was alive at the time of taping the program, so cut the guy a bit of slack and hope the entire family gets the help they need.
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