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Minny claims that after her “troubled” son, Andrue, tried to commit suicide in 2012, his biological father, David, kidnapped him from the hospital and then “brainwashed” him against her -- allegations David denies. Andrue confronts Minny and his stepfather, Lon, about the physical and mental abuse he claims he suffered growing up, claims Minny and Lon both adamantly deny. Why does Andrue say he made the desperate decision to shoot himself? And, how does Minny respond? Plus, Minny is now suing David and his wife, along with the hospital and several other parties in connection with claims that David kidnapped Andrue. David says Minny has harassed and even threatened his family in her “obsessive” quest to get Andrue back -- and she needs to back off. Does Andrue, now 18, want to have a relationship with his mother? And, how does he say the ongoing conflict between Minny and David has affected him? Is Minny willing to reconsider her lawsuits and take a step back -- for the sake of Andrue’s happiness? Don’t miss the emotional conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: sialiatje1 on Nov 15, 2015, 1:51PM
Why hasn't it been considered that the child might have lied to be with his father and his mother. Young boys are sometimes not that logical. And perhaps he wanted to shoot himself in the shoulder to get father's attention. Foolisher things have happened. I wanted to run to my biological dad when i was a kid and lied to be with him. Hated my stephdad, but he is an absolute beautiful man who raised me strict but fair. But as a child you don't see that, the new guy in your house with your mom, that's just wrong. Also I think that the dad is stupid. He should have talked to the authorities before just running off with the kid. Don't really belief that he was abused. A childhood lie can grow to be reality. But mom needs to relax and maybe the relationship may grow in time. Parenting of the father must have been very good. truly marvelous young adult!
Replied By: nzder110 on Jun 30, 2014, 6:01AM
I watched the show today prepared to believe that this son was kidnapped and brainwashed, and to feel horrified by it.  What I saw though was a very mature well adjusted articule young man in charge of his life and his choices, living with a family who clearly cares for him, and provides him with a loving and happy home.  As a mother, I tried to understand that Minnies outbursts and threatening emails where the result of a desperate person who was feeling frustrated and powerless.  But what I saw was a women who had difficulty listening to her son at all, and who was so filled with rage and hate, that she couldn't think straight.  I saw a women who uses litigation as a way of seeking revenge, and perhaps a big payout?  Because at the end of the day if her only care was Andrue's wellbeing, she would see that her son is doing great, and if she wasn't being so aggressive and threatening and suing David, thereby causing harm and distress to Andrue, then perhaps Andrue would wish to have a relationship with his mom.
Replied By: bhmsympatico on Feb 28, 2014, 9:53AM
It's sad that a child has to be manipulated like that as it's clear that the father manipulated him into lying about his mother because there were so many holes in his story. The bio-father caused this rift in the family and had A. lived at home he would have finished high school and probably learned to drive and had a girl friend. The bio-father should be ashamed of the damage he did.
Replied By: valadezta on Feb 25, 2014, 9:08AM - In reply to andruegf
I think he came off a spoiled little kid that threw one tantrum too many because he thought it was eaier than just shaping up and now he has been coached by a family that ALL OF A SUDDEN gives him what he wants! he comes off ungrateful and spoiled
Replied By: valadezta on Feb 25, 2014, 9:05AM - In reply to andrue
I do not know your home life nor do I know, or will ANYONE, really know how you feel in any given situation (a person's perception IS their reality), but I know that you will never KNOW WHAT being a mother is like. Perhaps your mother was over protective but she had you when she had no one else. you were her first born and like with any parent we tend to hold on too tightly. I will be honest and say that perhaps one day when you have children you will understand that a parent will stop at no means to protect their children, and by that same token you will also see that when you have children sometimes what a child percieves as unfair and abusive is not either but just simply being a parent.

Love your mother she is the only one you will ever have SHE, Minny, raised you she fed you clothed you and loved you. she kissed your hurts when you were a baby and she tried to make you a better man. She is not perfect she is a mother and a mother that has human flaws. Your affect came across very distant when you spoke with her and that was disgusting to me not she did what she thought was best as yoru mother and your resposnse came off very spoiled to me, and im sure that one day you will realize when you have children of yoru own that they will not be able to do everything they want to do when they want to do it.
Replied By: andrue on Feb 24, 2014, 8:17PM
hey guys  i just want to thank you for all your comments and suport you have no idea how much hearing all these uplifting and suportive comments mean to me. i would just like to thank everyone for being so great and taking time out of your day to share your opinion on here. i would just like you all to know that i am doing wonderfull now my life has completly turned around. growing up my parents convinced me i would either end up dead, in prision, or homeless with no future. but that is not the case at all now. my lfe started the day i attempted sucide. the andrue frank  i knew and everyone else knew diead november 9th 2012. this is me being who i want to be living life the way it was meant to be lived. alot of you are probably thinking i was an ungreatfull kid who wanted everything and wanted to sneak out and party and do drugs but that is not the case at all. when i say i can do what i want to now i mean i can work a real job, go to school, drive, go to church, have firends, leave the house, etc. all i ever wanted to do was make positive choices and be sucesfull in life. i never wanted to drop out of school or do drugs or attempt sucide. these are things that happened because of the way my parents treated me. none of you can understand how my life has been or how things with minny and lon were. only i do and that is all that matters. i am not mad or trying to blame anyone and i am certainly not trying to turn this forum into a pitty andrue party. what i hoped to achive by going on this show was not to blame or make everyone pity me i just wanted to reach out to my mother and get to leave me and my family alone. anyway if any of you want to continue this conversation you can type in andrue on dr phil and continue to post positvie comments and show suport. i want you all to know that   i am moving in a very positive direction with my life i have choices and options i am living a normal life now.
Replied By: hazeld12 on Feb 22, 2014, 3:15AM - In reply to jacquee4
Dr Phil does, has a problem with women!
Replied By: andruegf on Feb 21, 2014, 11:24PM - In reply to library_girl
Hi, I'm actually Andrue's girlfriend. I didn't have a mother who labeled me, but I'll share my knowledge with you and my personal opinions. No, it's not normal. I know that Andrue also believed that something was wrong with him because he was constantly told there was and it made life very hard for him. And I'm very sorry you had to go through that. I can't imagine how tough that would be! 

Why they do it? Maybe to feel better about themselves consciously or more subconsciously? Maybe they like an explaination for things or too completely pick someone apart? Maybe they are just looking for things that are wrong with people? Maybe it's a part of who they are? In Minny's (Andrue's mom) case she wanted money, wanted him to be dependent on her and to feel powerful... I think everyone probably has different reasons.

How can you HEAL from it? That's tough, but that's my favorite quesiton! :) I have been there and back in life. I lost my parents at 12, lived with different families, was abused and mistreated, always babysat kids, had medical issues, car accident, etc. TIME is a great healer. Learning to love others and forgive... but that is hard! I don't know if I can say this, but what has got me through it all is GOD. Turning to my Savior who died for me and knows everything I have gone through and knows what it feels like. It helps so much to turn to the Lord. He will help you. I promise :) You can email me if you want and we can talk more kagsmileyface@gmail.com :D
Replied By: andruegf on Feb 21, 2014, 11:13PM - In reply to upsydasy
I'm trying to help people understand and despite me replying a  100 times, I'm still being overlooked and missed. I have been so disgusted, sad and hurt that people don't believe Andrue, especially with Minny's little show. He thinks I'm ridiculous for trying to stick up for him. He doesn't care what people think.. He really only went on the show to try and get his mom to stop sueing people.

I know your comments don't change us or the future we hold, but I just want people to know the truth. I hate knowing the truth and watching others go without it. The truth sets you free. I am SOOO glad my comments don't come across angery or negatively! I know text can often be misinterrupted, but I'm just trying to inform and help. I'm not mad that people don't know or understand. All I want to do is help people and in this case to help them understand Andrue and this situation. :) Oh, he knows how lucky he is! And we have great success and happiness ahead! I know it! Thank you very much! You are so sweet and made me feel so good! :) I wish you the best of luck! Thanks again!!! :D 
Replied By: andruegf on Feb 21, 2014, 10:57PM - In reply to laurajc
Dave isn't getting a check or any money or any support for his son. He is taking care of him like any normal father. :)
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