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Minny says that in November 2012, her then 17-year-old son, Andrue, shot himself at point-blank range in the chest. Andrue survived, but Minny claims that while he was hospitalized, his biological father, David -- who had never been part of his life -- kidnapped him and put him in what she calls a Mormon “cult.” Minny alleges that David has since “brainwashed” Andrue against her and her husband, Lon, who she insists was always the real father figure in her son’s life. She’s now suing David, along with several other parties, who she claims conspired to take Andrue away from her. Emotions run high when Minny confronts David on Dr. Phil’s stage -- how does he respond to her accusations? Did he take Andrue without permission -- or is there more to the story? Then, after months without seeing or speaking to his mother, Andrue faces Minny to tell his side of the story. Where does Andrue want to live? Hear his shocking accusations against Minny and Lon -- and their response. Plus, don’t miss Part 2 on Tuesday, when Andrue opens up about his suicide attempt and makes a plea to Minny for peace -- will she hear him, or continue to push for her day in court with David?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: margareta8 on Sep 1, 2014, 6:07PM
Dr. PHIL, I'm just thinking, why don't you offer Andrue a job at the show to help other kids in the same situation? He would be brilliant, together with his father!!! I would LOVE to see him (them both) turning his pain into power. Like you did with Brandon & his mother. They are doing an excellent job. ANDRUE & MR. DAVID WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THIS!!!!! xxx
Replied By: margareta8 on Sep 1, 2014, 6:02PM - In reply to rbailey001
Thank you for the explanation. Dr. Phil should have done many things different in this show.... I've only seen one part of it (tomorrow the next) but I was wondering why there was no intro on this faith. Many of us know nothing about it. They probably gave the title because of those are the "mother's words".... Either way, the boy is doing well, he has a balanced life... it's clear to see! You are right!! Maybe he is not even practising that faith.. I don't know. Mr. David is a great guy for stepping in right away. Bless him!!
Replied By: margareta8 on Sep 1, 2014, 5:53PM - In reply to strine
No no, he was asking BACK.... to get Ian say WHY he was grounded, WHY he was beaten etc.. It's a actually technique to get someone admit the truth eventually. They use it in court. You keep asking back and you actually go "backwards" in time, until you the truth comes out. The obviously KNEW that Ian was lying, that why he kept on asking the quesitons. The boy was clearly upset, this was his time to question his stepfather AND get his *own* power back!!!! The boy is genuine. You can tell!
Replied By: margareta8 on Sep 1, 2014, 5:47PM
I've just seen the show in The Netherlands and I have never heard anyone NOT telling a father that he had a child. How is that possible?? That lady kept his child a secret for YEARS. Dr. Phil, what is wrong with you lately...? Why don't you go into that? You are giving a hard time for much less to your other guests, but such act you let go without a word? I can't even imagine Mr. David's pain!!!! Hearing it after YEARS that he had a child... OMG! And that lady was missing the point while his son was talking in the video. He said that he shot himself because he was SO unhappy!!! Did she miss that part? Dr. Phil why didn't you remind her that? She kept defending herself instead of being concerned about her son. What a LOVELY SON!!! Very very nice boy! Thank God that Mr. David stepped in RIGHT AWAY after his son was released from the hospital. Thank God that he took him into his new family and given him a life, a future, to make up for the times he missed with him growing up. That's a REAL MAN right there. Bravo Mr David!!!! ~ Greetings from Amsterdam x
Replied By: jenamarie686 on Jul 8, 2014, 9:00AM
I don't know if the kid is lying or if the mom is lying but none of it seems to make sense!! I don't think either of them are being 100% truthful!!
Replied By: strine on May 18, 2014, 11:54PM
When he was talking about his mother and step-father beating him, his mother said "we didn't beat you we only ground you"- then he said, "why did you ground me?". He changed from saying he was beaten to going down the being ground path i.e. he was lying about being beaten. When he was talking about the beatings etc (the things he was lying about), his voice was all excited and he was obviously reaching for things to say (would someone who was really beaten need to think about it or would they know it happened?).

Seems Daddy is giving him freedom and material goods to keep him around. I'd be thanking my lucky stars he was out of my house if I was them. Why did his father turn up out of the blue after deserting his son for years??
Replied By: rahimaali82 on Mar 2, 2014, 4:08AM
Did the mother and stepfather want a psychiatric diagnosis for their son so they could collect SSI checks for him?  Was this ever looked into?  It should be.

        Thanks,      Rahima
Replied By: elemon on Feb 23, 2014, 7:19PM - In reply to bethanie04
Did anyone notice every time a hard question was put to this woman she would pretend to cry. Never any tears. She had an excuse for everything and seems to be drunk a lot.
Replied By: bethanie04 on Feb 19, 2014, 4:52PM
This woman was clearly lying and I could barely stand to watch her!  She is an ugly person and Im so glad that her son is AWAY from her!!  He is an amazing young man and I wish the best for him!
Replied By: sriphi54 on Feb 17, 2014, 10:57PM
It is possible that the policies and regulations for students in the public schools in Las Vegas, NV are different than here in Idaho, but I doubt it.  That being said, my comment is about Minny-mom wanting medical proof of her son's health, etc. after his so-called abduction.

Any time my son or one of my neices or nephews wwanted to participate in sports they had to get an athletic clearance from the either the family physician or a sports medicine doctor on school referral.  If any physical problems were found then the child wouldn't be allowed to participate.

Another comment.  To Minny.  If you continue on this path of destruction to the family that took Andrue into their home and brought him to this point in his life (high school grad, faith committed, positive social life), I think you will alienate this young man.  He will view you as an enemy to his family and thinking only of yourself and not about the big picture.  In the coming years he will marry and have children.  But you will not be the grandmother to his children.  He will view you as toxic and will keep his children away from you.
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