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Marie says her husband of 8 years, Ron, has a violent temper, and she’s afraid for her safety and the safety of their 4-year-old daughter. She says Ron’s mood can change within seconds and claims he has become verbally and physically abusive. She alleges Ron has pushed her down the stairs and hit her in the head and claims he has threatened to do much worse, recently even writing “kill” on the bathroom mirror. Ron adamantly denies ever physically or verbally abusing Marie. He claims she is a compulsive liar who often mixes her prescription medications with alcohol and says she is the one with anger problems. How does Marie respond? Is she telling the full truth about her husband’s behaviors -- and her own? Dr. Phil sorts through the allegations and looks at video from Dr. Phil cameras placed inside the family’s home -- what did they capture? Can Dr. Phil help this couple stop fighting and start communicating -- for the sake of their child? (OAD: 2-6-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: remcogeelen on Feb 20, 2015, 11:39AM - In reply to peacefield
Hi there, "piecefield".

Just like you recognized your ex-partner in this show, in this lady, so did I. Living in the Netherlands, the show apparently aired today. Yet, the content is valid in any day or decade, I'm affraid. 

I recognized my ex too. Found this forum, or comment board. And found your pretty eloquent response. Showing your calmness, righteousness, decency. Only mentioning your ex after this and that. And keeping it pretty clean. Where you could have stated she honestly wrecked your life, and yourself, back in the days. 

Which you didn't. Which made me recognize YOUR story even more than the show's one. I see my ex, in my mind. Her eyes. The theatrical stuff. The looking away when you wouldn't. The looking straight at you when you wouldn't. And 3678 other pieces of anti-logic. Which I'd been dealing with for 18 months, 'till I ran. Just like your advise. I ran. And I'm glad you did too. 

I still love her. I can't help it. I think I'll never even get rid of her completely, on the inside of me. But it's okay. It's okay to agree to disagree. It's okay to accept that you won't ever fully accept. To understand you won't ever fully understand. And with that, letting it be what it was. But heck, the impact she made. The loving and caring she unleashed in me. Wow... It wasn't the first big thing to happen in my life. But darn... this IS BIG stuff. Firstly positive. And later sooooo beyond negative. It eats you. In so many ways it does. 

So. Anyway :) Thought I'd let you know of my heavy nodding. My "Yes! Yes! That's exactly it!". I have a great deal of respect for all those people having to deal (or dealt) with this cluster-B type of misery. No matter the label. The impact is just so gigantic. And my sincerest of congrats to all who've managed to RUN!!! 
Replied By: oceanentity on Aug 28, 2014, 9:42AM - In reply to alwaysaskeptic
oh ok ... i thought he had said also he had been to war and actually HAD PTSD.
Replied By: oceanentity on Aug 28, 2014, 9:39AM
woh .. this guy is a huge handful , i felt when you saw this woman on tape she was quite volitile and quiet in fromt of DR Phil. very frustrating watching this man talk and see how he thinks ....
Replied By: raj_nayar on Aug 17, 2014, 1:44AM
The woman shows classic textbook signs of cluster B (BPD, NPD, ASPD) personality disorders. I feel terribly bad for the guy and I can relate to the immense pain the guy went through as I too went through the similar situation for 5+ years. I genuinely sincerely hope that dr. Phil was able to help him for the best interest of the child. Dont know what happened to this case further..
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Aug 5, 2014, 12:46PM - In reply to loyalalways
This poster misinterpreted Ron's comment about his home life being akin to a war zone, therefore believing he had served in the military and been in combat. Building on this mistake, this poster then jumps to the conclusion, using her board-certified professional expertise (not), that Ron is "obviously suffering from PTSD", then makes several more posts about PTSD to bolster her "diagnosis", all based on hearing him incorrectly.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Aug 5, 2014, 12:34PM - In reply to munchkin171
Marie is so not afraid of Ron. She's as combative as he is and loves to get in his face and escalate the arguments. There's no fear whatsoever, even when she claimed he just hit her. Her voice was angry, not fearful. Her "victim" performance on-stage, with her frowny face and squeaky, scared voice deserved an Oscar.
Replied By: alwaysaskeptic on Aug 5, 2014, 12:30PM - In reply to loyalalways
At what point in the show did Ron say he had PTSD? I missed that claim but intend to watch the show again. And you needn't have served in the military and gone to war to suffer from PTSD.
Replied By: peacefield on Aug 4, 2014, 11:18AM - In reply to loyalalways
You are mistaking my comments.  I don't "know" that Marie is a liar.  But based on my own experiences and what we witnessed on the show including behavior that was completely inconsistent with what she had to say on stage, I think it's likely that Marie is lying.  More important than that, she may have a real problem with lying as the nature, extent, and motivation for such lies was pretty troubling.

If it's true that Marie is a liar, and maybe even a pathological liar, no amount of counseling around the topic of "communication" will save this relationship.  It's impossible to be in a successful relationship with a chronic liar.  First things first and addressing someone who can't or won't be truthful has to be first; nothing else matters if this can't be overcome.

One of my points was, however, that we don't really know who was lying as Phil didn't fully explore this.  Why?  Because he wasted 1/3 of the program looking for Ron to answer a question that simply wasn't worth that kind of time. 

It seemed to me that Phil knew that Marie was not being honest about a number of things including the mirror.  BUT, he didn't explore that as we were out of time so he punted and went with basic communcation skills solution; something that will fall far short of what this couple needs.

Hopefully, that follow-up counseling will get to the much bigger and harder to solve issues that remained unaddressed on the show.
Replied By: cinheart on Aug 1, 2014, 3:45PM
These two creeps made my skin crawl.  Don't even care which one was lying the most - they were each contributing 100% to the situation.  

I sensed Dr. Phil could not get away from them fast enough.  He's had some disgusting guests before, but this is one show that looked like he just wanted to be over.  Ha!  
Replied By: loyalalways on Aug 1, 2014, 2:36PM - In reply to peacefield
So, you're going to believve that Marie is a liar and totally to blame just because Ron said so??? The guy clearly has problems. What makes ou think that HE's not the one who's lying? As far as he was concerned, he did absolutely nothing wrong. When one person won't take ANY responsibility, I question them. It takes TWO to have problems and he is also to blame, not just her.  Like Dr. Phil said, he's a know-it-all. Dr. Phil even had problems gettng him to communicate with him. I can just imagine how frustrated Marie gets with him, having to live with him on a daily basis. They BOTH need help, not just Marie.
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