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Fifty-six-year-old widow Sebrina says she’s in love with her overseas boyfriend of one year, “James,” whom she has talked to online and over the phone but has never met in person. Sebrina admits she has sent “James” more than $250,000 -- emptying her life savings -- but believes he will pay her back, as promised, when he pays off business debt, returns to the United States and marries her. Sebrina’s daughter, Sarah, says she’s at her wits’ end trying to convince her mother that she’s being scammed -- and says she has even shown her evidence to prove it -- but Sebrina continues to send “James” money. Is Sebrina in denial, or is Sarah on the wrong track? Dr. Phil enlists the help of private investigator Doug Kane to look into “James’” claims and find the truth. Has Sebrina fallen victim to a catfish? Plus, don’t miss what happens when Dr. Phil confronts “James” over the phone!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: nzder110 on Jun 25, 2014, 12:17AM
I am sorry you were scammed by this horrible man.  I can feel and understand your daughters intense frustration that you wouldn't listen to her warnings.  I believe you wanted it to be true so badly that you let his lies overturn your intelligence and better judgement.  I do think it was very good of you to go on the show, because without shows like this on Dr Phil the message of how these con artists work wouldn't get out there.  So you have helped people today.  DON'T SEND ANYONE ANY MONEY!  never never never.  Just the fact that they have asked for money should ring a very loud warning bell.  The very moment some ""stranger" asks for money, you can bet it is a con artist.  And his "french/german accent sounded African to me.  So many scams come out of Nigeria that it would be a surprise to me if there were any honest people who actually lived there at all.  But that aside, never trust anyone you haven't met in person, and known for a long period of time.
Replied By: dontakeit on Jun 18, 2014, 7:01PM
sorry to bother yawl just seeking wisdom. I've tried tracking his IP and he's spoofed it to CA, He keeps tracking me. He's in nigeria and claiming to have always lived there now. All the funds that I've sent him he now has NO planns of ever returning to me like promised. He's NOW also again saying he's never lied to me YET I keep catching him in lies while he's talking and he then goes away. NOW has changed his name which is new and his age and saying hes' done all that cus he was mad at me. Yet he doesn't get the law is that he can't pick up and WU without ID which means he'd have to have Mathew's ID OR be HIM. THIS is why I don't sleep and why i'm having seizures all the time. Trying to dealing with my own yucks and this crazy stuff. Then he tells me to put my name on his ticket I sent him last year it now cost him $400 to do so WHICH IS another lie. Nigeria is the largest CON contury out here. So I then printed off what the meanings of his new name is said to mean he sent me and he ripped me for that. WHEN it claims to say he's to be calm LOL YEAH RIGHT he needs a chill pill. So I seriously need help getting my 8 thousand plus back from him WHEN he took all my money which I need now for legal stuff of my own. THAT I've been informed I have to pay for CUS this is how my family is and they have said I pick between them or my kids. WHICH they have pulled this bad word before and ITS flippin STUPID to ever be in this ROLL. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR WHEn I have to be at a toliet for 9 months with each of them listening to the folks with each of them. YELL AT me at how wrong I WAS and everything was my fault. I'm SICK of always being wrong and being torn down about everything. GOOD LORD just shut up,. I don't mean to be a bad word but PUT A SOCK IN IT. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR you honk me off. NOW MR, MATHEW is demanding more money and that he's NOW  24 not 39. BOYS are flippin STUPID and I don't mean that about my boys sorry if you read this later., JUST  I advise you to LEARN HOW TO RESEPCT A WOMAN AND VAULE HER. KNOW that a relationship takes 2 nothing is 1 sided and commuicationis key. GOD must always be your center. HOW do I fix this mess when I've done all I'm suppose to do with reporting him with the Nigerian government and THEY are doing nothing about this issue? Then his number is going to an IPAD VM so you never GET him directly.
Replied By: dontakeit on Apr 17, 2014, 2:40PM - In reply to ochukookotie18
The sad thing about this is I spoke this his said aunt. He was said to be born in NEB. The thing with his folks is they are a mix couple. He's from overseas and she was an American. Apparently he told me again I know this is third party information and until I have the horse hear. It's hard to take. However when I have asked for the passport number I get being personal info and I don't know him from boo. Totally understand why he wouldn't want to share that with me so I called Nigeria and spoke with the consulate over there about this and told them everything about him. Where he was, sent them his pic everything and gave them his phone number. Then he bugged out on me saying I was trying to kill him. As another thing over there as an American you have to register with them if your over there within X amount of days of being there. Well the country has been holding him. These workers are planting seeds in his head of fear that anyone he talks to is bad and evil and he can't trust anyone. Again if this is a country he's never been to work. WHY wouldn't he be scared and fearful? I'm trying to also view this from when my ex was over in IRAQ and how they got treated. SEE they treat American wicked bad and do all they can to CON you. Now it helps that he's bilingual. However this should also tell him how UNTRUTHFUL they are. SO this is what makes reading him so wicked hard. When he's written me any emails His writing is perfect American therefore NOTHING like the Nigerian scam sites have warned you on. He speaks perfect American in writing yet on the phone again from his family his English is good but accent as well. Nothing to strong that I'm awful worried with you know. As I have an accent to and I'm American cus I'm from out east see what I mean. OH and this is anything to THROUGH you off. Since his fam. is this way and being overseas with the weather like is it is over there. See this is just really really HARD when I'm no longer helping him and I've given him all the resources to get home FREE. AS the government over there has told me of what I needed to do. SO I feel I did everything in the best interest of me and this said person.
Replied By: dontakeit on Apr 16, 2014, 3:24PM - In reply to daughterofgod
did you check him on pigbusters? I reported my guy there. WHICH honked him the bad word off. THEN he still had trads to still keep asking me for still saying he was in trouble. I said you will call me on a REAL phone and you wlll PROVE  IT. he keeps getting burn phones and doesn't understand that i went to school for Forensic's so I'm tracing him the best I can.I keep in touch with the government over there and the said place where he is to be staying. I want my$ back. HE will make this right and I'm tired of his girl stories of stupid.Ii'll see him soon and show him some stupid. WHERE is he with GOD as he claims left and right to be a Christian and his folks died. YET as their to live back here in the states. NOPE did my checks there. NO ONE DIED here under that name. NOT even where he is did they die. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sick of STUPID.
Replied By: dontakeit on Apr 15, 2014, 11:53AM - In reply to big43dog
how do you track the ip? please if you could tell me then I will do that to my person. thanks.
Replied By: dontakeit on Apr 15, 2014, 11:48AM - In reply to KateBauer
thank you for this. I have from the get been doing all my checking. Yet see his aunt lives back here in the states which makes this difficult to know what's real and what's not. When there was no trust to begin with you know. Esp. when this was  NOT a norm situation of courting or anything. YEt all my  legal things I've done to protect him and he will NOt trust me. THIS grrrrrrrrrrrrr is stupid. He's done all he can to believe these Nigeria's over there which are con's and I  have reported them. As they have sent and told him he has to buy new tickets when he never has. YET he had to buy 6 more. THEN this case is the exact same thing he's not trusting me as I've done all the leg work I've called over seas and spoken with their government as this was my job. This place is an american place and he called me once NOW he's reniging on everything. SO this is stupid. He's running and hiding from something. He refuses to answer anything I have and ask him. Along with me watching him on the web as to who he's talking to. He's lying left and right so he's trying to hide but he's NOT. THIS is so wicked hard I juse need all my funds back cus I need my kids back. AS he made me loose my kids and I'm honked as all get out. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I'm rippin honked like any mom would be then he's a girl about it blaming me it's all my fault. WHICH he will NOT get away with reverse psych on me. NOr does it bond well with me that he's not honest about being a christian and talking with this bi person talking with them to create a relationship. WHICH is whatever. I will fight til my death for my kids and fight DHS for their illegal actions no matter how sick this makes me. I've been assualted put in jail the whole 9 yards all because my county is in EVIL roots with illegal actions WHICH is WRONG and corrupt.
Replied By: strine on Apr 10, 2014, 11:11PM
These scammers keep getting away with this because people like her (men and women) are gambling on catching someone rich/ young and attractive with a high flying lifestyle. I feel for her, but it's hard to feel sorry for a gambler. She's a gambler.
Replied By: daughterofgod on Feb 18, 2014, 1:58PM - In reply to mltryrmncscams
Thank you for your comment on these scammers. What you said was soooo true about them being trained so well and having an answer for everything! I, too, was recently scammed after being on a Christian dating site for a short time. I am a widow also, my husband being deceased for almost two years. I can say that I am a half-way intelligent person but when you are dealing with a raw, vulnerable heart, everything else seems to go out the window. A close friend that I have confided in has best described this as an "emotional rape". I can also see how naive I was and what a learning experience this is for me. I don't care about the money, but if I can save one person from going through what I did, it would make it all worth it. The consolation I have is that there is an ultimate judgement day for everyone.
Replied By: daughterofgod on Feb 18, 2014, 1:46PM - In reply to taliajohns
Thank you for your post here about this show. I, too, am a widow who was recenty scammed by these people. He used the name Justin Puckett and his daughter Emily Puckett. Now that I have realized this, I see my heart for what it really is...lonely and vulnerable , and someone took advantage of it. I, too, will not let him steal my life and give this entire situation and the evil people involved over to God. The satisfaction that I have is that I know that there is a judgement day for everyone.

Replied By: daughterofgod on Feb 18, 2014, 1:38PM - In reply to kfish2612
Thank you for your comment about this show. Intellegent people are still able to be scammed. This happened to me recently. I am a widow, my husband has been gone for almost two years now. The combination of loneliness and a raw, vulnerable heart made me easy prey.
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