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Dr. Phil continues his intervention with 18-year-old Sara, who is seven months pregnant and admits to smoking cigarettes and marijuana daily and using crack and heroin. She says she’s not addicted and claims her 20-year-old sister, Sadie, who is also abusing drugs, is a bad influence on her. When Dr. Phil presses Sara for answers, she confesses that she and her sister used cocaine the night before the show. How does she explain her choices? Does she realize the effect her drug use could have on her unborn child? Dr. Phil shows Sara shocking video of babies who were born addicted -- will it make an impact? Then, Dr. Charles Sophy, director of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, and Areva Martin, attorney and child advocate, have words of warning for the expectant mom. Will they serve as a wake-up call before she loses her baby or ends up in jail? Plus, Dr. Phil issues the siblings an ultimatum -- what will they choose? (OAD: 1-28-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: sallyjo1959 on Jan 28, 2014, 4:02PM
would love to have an update down the road on at least the baby.
Replied By: up2ualso on Jan 28, 2014, 4:00PM
Telling them they can leave the program after 2 days, if they want to..........make no sense to even send Sadie if that's her option.  Also, when do members of your audience - on and off the show ever hear about the outcome of any of these people.  You have "teams of experts" coming/going on your show but what's the success ratio - I'd like to know.  How about doing a whole segment on "success or No sucess stories"?
Replied By: seriouslywtf on Jan 28, 2014, 4:00PM - In reply to amac56
It's not his POWER... it's his RESPONSIBILITY to report this idiot. She either belongs in that rehab or she belongs in jail.
Replied By: estara243 on Jan 28, 2014, 3:57PM
what a waste of precious resources on these two.
Replied By: mmaus16 on Jan 28, 2014, 3:56PM
I agree with the author that states that these girls are very manipulative.  I also want to add that I have worked as a correctional officer and the degree of selfishness, minimizing, and the capacity for criminal behaviour exhibiting by these two sisters is extremely disturbing.  Not taking help is indicative of  the level of narrow mindness and I would venture to say at least one of them is sociopathic.   they have abused everyone in their lives and the good people in their lives are paying for them emotionally, physically, financially, and I know of what I speak.  Our criminal justice system is truly broken, but jail is sometimes the only wakeup call that a young man or women gets.  Believe me, even this isn't enough to provoke thought and change in those that don't care about anyone but themselves.
Replied By: danwhom on Jan 28, 2014, 3:53PM
I think she is a doll and seems so sweet just got on wrong path. Give her my info and my devotion to her and child will pull her out. She needs love and I will give it
Replied By: slcjac on Jan 28, 2014, 3:53PM
I have to say I cannot even continue to watch this show. Part of the reason "young" people are the way they are, is because somewhere along the way everyone became afraid to "hurt their feelings". Believe me this girl,and every other pregnant woman, knows the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. Thirty four years ago we new the dangers of even over the counter drugs, let alone prescription, and illegal drugs and alcohol. Do you know what I was told by my OB 34 years ago, that I couldn't even take an asprin without his permission, if I had a headache to "suck it up". Because it could be a danger to my unborn child. She should be in prison, the same as if this was a one year old baby she was giving drugs too. There is no excuse for her behavior, and there is no helping people like this.
Replied By: danwhom on Jan 28, 2014, 3:48PM
Hi Dr Phil give her my email address and I will help her and care for her and baby its a part of her. Please give her my info.
Replied By: kiddinla on Jan 28, 2014, 3:44PM
She is experienced in getting out of making a decision. She will never answer a question. She'll deflect, throw a smoke bomb, and try to talk around it like "i don't know anything about the program". She's stalling and deceiving. If someone talking to her is not laser focused, this girl come out on top every time. I've watched her for 2 days. Every time a question is asked , you can see the wheels turning. She is good at it. I have to give that to her.
Replied By: mattier2137 on Jan 28, 2014, 3:42PM
Dr. Phil, I was seriously moved today with the program. My heart cried out for the sister's who are dealing with their addiction. Especially the one that's pregnant.  I wanted so bad to speak to her, I was born an addict because of my mothers use of drugs. I weighed 2 lbs at birth, they had to feed me through my ankles because I didn't have the strength to eat on my own. As well as kick cold turkey! Well, I wound up being a user as well of cocaine when I became a teenager, and this behavior continued until I was faced with going to jail in 1989.  But instead I was allowed by the judge to go into Teen Challenge, in Philadelphia. I graduated that program in October of 1990. Today, I am the Co-Pastor of The Well Worship Center. Oh, how I wish that I could have showed them both just how good God is!
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