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Kristin says she’s desperate for an intervention for her 18-year-old daughter, Sara, who is seven months pregnant and admits to smoking cigarettes and marijuana daily as well as using cocaine and heroin. Kristin says she not only fears for Sara’s life but is also terrified for the welfare of her unborn grandson -- and she doesn’t know what to do. Sara says she’s not worried about her drug use, because she has seen other expectant mothers do the same, and “their babies are fine.” She says she’s not an addict and insists she only makes bad choices when she’s around her 20-year-old sister, Sadie, who is also abusing drugs. The siblings claim they haven’t used any drugs in two weeks, except for marijuana. What will their drug tests reveal? And, Dr. Phil uncovers shocking details about their childhoods -- is there a family legacy that needs to be broken? Plus, will Sara realize the dangers her unborn child could be facing? Don’t miss this gripping two-part story. (OAD: 1-27-14)

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: adoptivemom2 on Feb 7, 2014, 8:53AM
It is impossible to articulate what a family experiences when raising “at risk” children  (children whose mothers used drugs or alcohol during pregnancy). 


I am the mother of 2 adopted biological siblings.   I adopted my first child at birth and while she did have methamphetamine in her system, the adoption agency said, “don’t worry your child will grow up normal”. 


18 months later when I received a call from CPS I was told, “your daughter has a biological sister in the hospital”, can you raise the girls together?  We did not hesitate.  Again I was told, “don’t worry, your kids will be fine”.


At the time my husband and I had worked hard, we thought our financial future was secure. Our future was so bright, and optimistic.  Never in a million years would I guess what the next 13 years would entail.


A child exposed to drugs inutero (especially methamphetamine), is guaranteed to have learning disabilities, emotional & psychological issues.  The amount of time and resources associated with taking care of the children is so massive it is humanly impossible for one family to do it all.  Let alone 2 at risk babies.   Within 5 years of the adoption we learned just how much we were lied to…the birth parents were long term addicts and had given birth to 10 addicted babies.   I had to quit my job and within a short time was sleeping 4 hours a night b/c of the demands.  I fell asleep while driving and broke my bac, neck and sustained a brain trauma.   The girls suffered even more while I was recovering.  By this time our life savings had been depleted and our house was foreclosing.  As my oldest daughter continued to struggle I had a heart attack b/c of the stress of the never ending issues.


Watching a child suffer b/c of another person’s selfish, cruel behavior is heartbreaking and unforgiveable.


Adoptive parents further need to be told the truth and  prepared for the enormous resources, time and life changing events that take place once you adopt “at risk children”.  Our society can do so much more than what we choose to do with these children.   These vulnerable kids should be our highest social priority  and provided all the resources needed to optimize their chance at life.  


Any person using while pregnant should be immediately put in jail, it is the only chance the mother will be forced to stop using.   Additionally, under no circumstance whatsoever should a mother that made such poor, selfish decisions ever be given the right to   be exposed to the child.  The mother should be treated equivalently to a drunk driver that has killed a child or a sex offender that abused a child.  All of these people took risks and RUINED LIVES, FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES. ZERO TOLERANCE AND ZERO FORGIVENESS.  THEY SHOULD PAY RESTIUTION THE REST OF THEIR LIFE.
Replied By: lawless37 on Feb 2, 2014, 9:44AM - In reply to woulduplease
Get a DVR  record ,record  record,cable companies are giving them away (almost)) problem solved
no one can run programs on TV or even the Internet on their own it pays for then if you started a program in the morning you would need sponsors
Replied By: lawless37 on Feb 2, 2014, 9:39AM - In reply to xtrahelp
reply to Xtrahelp---Of course the mother started the cycle ,as pointed out if you drink while pregnant
or use drugs your child has a chance of suffering from the beginning ,the fact that some claim she,mother  is clean and sober now,does not fix what happened then,I will give credit where credit is due as also mentioned  mom, had a bad background growing up and then she didn't really know how to parent,the fact that both daughters feel no compasion for their  mom even now with cancer shows no love (real love that is )  leaving the drugs aside for a minute they to me,are really spoiled to and having a mom drunk  and not caring they were able to do just what they wanted all their lives
I do wish them well but my fear is they will not stay for the whole program and I sure they prove me wrong,I have it on my dvr and go over it time and time again,I see one daughter sitting quietly and they other cannot sit still she looks like she needs a fix,and if Dr Phil didn't say to her ok I will get the police invovled so with that threat  was the only way she decided to let him help thank  god he did that I love you Dr Phil your program has helped sooooooooooooooooo many people:
Replied By: gwynneel on Jan 31, 2014, 2:41PM
If Sara has never seen a baby born addicted to drugs, just like hers will be, she needs to see it firsthand. Her sister Sadie should get dragged along to.

I've seen too many babies in this despicable situation (I called on NICUs and nurseries for years selling baby formula).  It breaks your heart, it made me cry every single time I saw it. They shake, they cry, they are in such pain, with no understanding of what or why this is happening. There are so ill it's disgusting.

I am so very glad you made them watch the footage, but in the future I would TAKE them to the NICU closest to your office and MAKE THEM watch the babies in person.  Please Dr. Phil, it would have a bigger impact. 
Replied By: bobabbouie on Jan 29, 2014, 6:53PM
Dr. Phil, Sarah is a user and a loser when she says she doesnot have a drug problem and she can handle it.  Her sister who is an admitted drug addict doesnot seem to care that her sister is following in her footsteps and it won`t be long before Sarah has caught up to her. However, the biggest loser is the unborn child who needs your protection and the only way I can see this happening is if you send Sarah to a place where she can be watched 24/7 until the baby is born and then the child should be handed over to Child Protective Services. You have both a morale and a legal responsibility Dr. Phil so as hard as it may be to do this you must at least if for no other reason but the unborn child. If Sarah will not go then the Police should be standing by waiting in the wings to arrest her and hand her over to the Courts who will decide the unborn childs fate.  What Sarah does to herself is one thing but to hurt an unborn child who`s life has barely begun is Criminal!!!
Replied By: viviowos on Jan 29, 2014, 4:42PM
I am 4 months pregant and from the day I found out from 5 weeks along, I wanted to know every single thing that was happening to my body and with my babies development. how could you not? Your body goes through so many changes and I was so sick I had to look up every day if this was normal. I  just cannot fathom How in the year 2014, when there are a zillion resources to refer to online,  how this girl didn't know that taking drugs and smoking cigarettes is harmful, especially during the first trimester. You can't keep teens offline and I just think she is not telling the truth about being so ignorant and uneducated about using while pregnant. It is so hard not to come across somethingt that educates a mother on what is and isn't harmful for the fetus. And my biggest frustration is that just about everything is harmful. Even many essential oils were surprisingly toxic. And just about everything over the counter is harmful except for tylenol.  Even rosemary and nice hot baths are toxic for the Developing fetus. This girl seems like a psychopath. No emotio. for anyone but herself. Wow! Free obgyn and prenatal support in a resort like setting in beautiful South Padre Island. This girl couldn't even do that! Well, she somewhat agreed. I just pray for that baby. That innocent little body that has endured so much already. I can't imagine while developing you are put into a drug induced state. It's hard enough for these little babies in a natural and healthy setting. 
Replied By: jennef on Jan 29, 2014, 3:14PM - In reply to xtrahelp
She is clean & sober now and for that she should be congratulated, not kicked while she is down.

Getting clean & sober is hard. You have to take responsibility for your addiction ,which she has most clearly done. I admire her.

Not once when Dr. Phil so harshly berated her time & time & time again for her past drinking did she retaliate with anger or self pity. NOT ONCE ! She nodded respectfully in agreement . Her concern was for her girls & the baby.

She is obviously working a very good AA program, which can make you firm as a rock . She can stand tall as a great recovery example to her girls.

Replied By: woulduplease on Jan 29, 2014, 2:31PM
I know that the commercials help the show keep running but it was exhausting to watch.  Everytime she was going to make a yes or no decision you would cut away to a commercial.  Would it be possible if instead of going back and forth have the guest come to a decision then go to a commercial? the facility where they are going and what exactly the treatment program is about.  Maybe this would inspire other addicts to attend a rehab instead of scaring them away.
Replied By: eviebryans on Jan 29, 2014, 1:28PM - In reply to flyingtheskies
I was wondering about the father too.  Ten to one it was just a one night stand anyway.  I wasalso curious/perturbed that Dr. Phil did not take charge and confront this manipulative liar too.  I thought he also seemed bamboozled by trying to keep the show on the rails.  His guests - the Doctor and the Lawyer showed their concern and anger and knew that this kid did not get it.  Rehab yes but I don't think either of the girls will stick.  I have seen far more deserving and dedicated young people go and would really like to see a "Did They Make It Re-hab" show.  That mother did wrong but as someone pointed out is clean now.  I think they are overwhelmed with the manipulation that addicts can perpetrate.  Good Luck to them all - Take the baby
Replied By: loyalalways on Jan 29, 2014, 8:24AM - In reply to sploozy
How do you know what the girls' mother is thinking? I didn't get that inmpression of the mother at all. I saw a genuinelly concerned mother who is worried sick about her 2 daughters. If you haven't walked in their shoes, you really shouldn't make judgments about them. It's very unbecoming.
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